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Chapter 307: Fear Descending Again
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Flame waves blasted the docks again, turning the East Coast spellcasters into charred corpses one after the other.

They were the last bit of resistance of the East Coast mystical realm.

Kieran took deep uncontrollable breaths of astonishment, savoring the feeling of being in Devil form.

He felt powerful! Extremely powerful!

Although Kieran had predicted that [Devil Transformation] would be powerful, he hadn’t thought it would be so outrageously powerful.

[Devil Transformation]

[All Attributes +3]

[Devil Lord Constitution Acquired: High Devil Armor Acquired, Defense automatically set above Powerful; High Devil Body Acquired, +1 Strength; Every attack comes with Powerful Rank Burn Damage, When receiving Damage, Attacker will suffer Extreme Rank Burn Damage; Secondary Elemental Damage Resistance +1, HP +1,000, Stamina +1,000]

[Flame Blast Acquired: By flapping your fiery wings, a 120-degree, 30-meter blast range will be formed before you. Extreme Rank flames, Powerful Rank blast wave, three times per transformation]

[Beheading Flaming Sword Acquired: Summons a great sword made of flames, Powerful Rank Fire Damage and Attack, Duration: one minute, once per transformation]

[Blasphemous Whisper Acquired: Any target you kill will be resurrected temporarily to fight for you, Duration: one minute, once per transformation]

[Sulphuric Scorch Acquired: Any targets burned by your attack will undergo a -2 Constitution authentication, If they fail, they will suffer an extra 150 Poison Damage, Duration: 5 seconds]

[Light of Fear Acquired: Any living target that sees you will have to undergo a B Rank Spirit authentication, If they fail, a Fear Debuff will be induced]


Looking at all the extra attributes and special buffs, Kieran had no doubt that he was outrageously powerful at that moment.

Before he had transformed, he had seen the mystics disembark the ferry and had been worried about whether he would be able to complete this mission or not.

The number of enemies had exceeded his expectations, and none of them looked weak in any aspect.

When he had transformed though, he’d realized that he had read too much into the situation. Maybe he was not on par with Nikorei, who could stop the whole general offense of the East Coast, but using the [Devil Transformation] would suffice for him to stop a smaller invasion.

"This was enough to deter those restless bastards!"

Exactly. This was an act of deterrence.

Kieran instantly understood what Simones had meant.

Kieran was the assistant of Nikorei, the strongest shaman on the West Coast and the God of Earth.

While Nikorei was absent, he was the one representing her. He could not fail, because if he did, people would start to doubt Nikorei, which would cause an undesired chain reaction.

Not only could he not afford to fail, but he also needed to show enough power. Only then would he be able to deter the savage-like invasion coming from the other side.

When Kieran had promised Simones, he’d already had the intention of using [Devil Transformation] or [Desire Summoning]. His thought was solidified after seeing the numbers of the East Coast mystics.

A group of 30 men, all of them elites. Even if Kieran didn’t want to use [Devil Transformation] or [Desire Summoning], as the battle went on and he burned all his tricks, he would be forced to do so.

As for choosing [Devil Transformation] over [Desire Summoning], it had been an easy decision.

Kieran had no confidence that he could get away from the battle unscathed. The lightning strikes from the spellcasters had made him rejoice at his luck though.

If he didn’t use [Devil Transformation] to protect himself with the [Devil Lord Constitution], he would have been turned into a charred corpse instead.

The second reason was the sudden new Sub Mission.

[Sub Mission: Terrorism!]

[Terrorism: Deter the East Coast forces in a powerful, assertive manner! The shorter the battle, the higher your rating will be!]

[Terrorism: Complete!]

[Time: 45 seconds, Result: Marvelous, rating increased!]


Kieran’s Devil form did not stop the notification or his ability to collect the loot.

Dazzling gold, orange and green glows intertwined as Kieran glanced over his loot.

When he saw that there were two gold items, he could not help but get excited.

As he looked at the charred, disemboweled corpses, his excitement caused the flames to burn hotter and brighter, the magmar in his body flowing faster and the chaotic aura and sulphuric odor making one shiver, even though it was not cold.

The car attendants with the guns, who were responsible for welcoming the East Coast mystics, shivered and started to tremble hard. They had been tasked with helping Kieran ambush the East Coast mystics, but...

They could not help but want to run. The truth was, the reason they were still there was because, after laying eyes on Kieran’s Devil form, they had all been induced with the Fear Debuff.

In other words, they had lost control of their bodies. They were unable to move even a single inch.

Philly was also in the same condition. The infamous man from the East Coast could not help but smile bitterly as he watched the huge fiery figure walk among the charred corpses.

The magical item on him allowed him to resist a portion of the [Light of Fear] effect, but all it did was help him keep his sanity.

It was impossible for him to move his body.

"F*ck! Who the f*ck said this was a good opportunity to destroy the West Coast? This was a good opportunity to die! First the God of Earth, and now a Fiery Devil? Even worse, I think I just asked the Devil where to find a brothel! Wait… The Devil is a symbol of chaos… Maybe he likes those kind of places!"

Philly had to rely on his lousy jokes to repel his fear.

It seemed like it was working. His body was slowly able to move.

The devil suddenly appeared before him. Without a second’s delay, Philly knelt before Kieran.

"Oh my graceful Devil Lord! This womanizer is willing to give you his soul! I will obey any order to save my petty life!" Philly declared his compliance out loud shamefully.

Kieran was surprised. It was obvious that he had underestimated Philly.

He did not care much about Philly’s shameless behavior though.

His eyes were fixed at a point farther away. The magmar on his body was rolling, and the flames were burning violently.

Fear reigned again.

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Dess Dess
The almighty powerful devil form but there is still 1 more ace card that will debut soon :)

Bonus Chapter today because is Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all who celebrate it and for those who didn't, celebrate it with this extra chapter!!
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