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Chapter 294: More Rewards
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System notifications kept popping up in Kieran’s vision.

[Sub Mission, Ghost Ferry completed perfectly!]

[Initiated Extra Sub Mission: Hundred Years of Hatred]

[Hundred Years of Hatred: The Sunshine Mary’s disappearance was more than met the eye. People might have thought that the case was long over, but the ripples of the incident did not stop there! Even after over 100 years, some ancient factions were still looking for the ship! By solving the mystery of the Sunshine Mary, you have become their target. You need to prove yourself worthy of the Sunshine Mary’s secret to all the forces watching you!]

[Note: Do not lose the [Fantos Manuscript] before you leave the current dungeon, or you will fail the mission!]


"The mystery of the Sunshine Mary was not just the auction? The [Fantos Manuscript] is also involved?"

Kieran was in shock as he looked over the new Sub Mission’s description and notes.

He realized that his deduction had been incomplete.

It seemed like the Sunshine Mary’s mystery had not been solved completely after all. Only half of its secrets had been discovered.

"An auction venue that had the support of the local government and mystical factions of the time?"

Kieran drew in a deep breath. He could imagine what impact it would have if the mobile auction venue disappeared.

All parties involved would doubt and blame each other, and the small frictions they would experience on a daily basis might even incite a war unknown to the common people.

Now that Kieran had discovered the reason that might have caused the war, what would happen next?

"This is really a pain in the ass!"

Kieran sighed and turned to the man whose head he had blasted off.

"So you are a descendant of the person who plotted everything? Or a descendant of some other lucky fellow?" he muttered.

As Kieran gained more information, he came up with more speculations.

The unlucky mystical individual who had failed to take over the Sunshine Mary had tried to send away the treasure. Had it reached her organization safely though?

This might not be the case. Even though mystical individuals had mysterious powers unknown to common men, their plans might not have gone as expected. The sea often experienced the harshness and ruthlessness of Mother Nature.

The treasures that had been sent away might have drifted through the vast sea and eventually ended up in some lucky fellow’s hands.

That lucky fellow could have used the treasures to make a name for himself anywhere he went.

No matter what had happened, it would only mean more trouble for Kieran.

If the related parties knew the story behind the Sunshine Mary’s disappearance, they would come after Kieran for the [Fantos Manuscript].

Maybe Kieran should consider handing over the [Fantos Manuscript] to appease them?

The related parties might not accept Kieran’s surrender and leave peacefully though, and the fact that Kieran would have to give his own belongings to someone else without resistance was unacceptable to him.

It was impossible to take something from a stingy person. Besides, he still had to complete a Sub Mission related to the manuscript.

Given the circumstances, everything led to an unavoidable battle.

The Shepherd of Death’s invitation was still waiting for Kieran, yet now he had stumbled upon another century-old organization. He shrugged helplessly, a slight grin forming on his face.

"A century-old organization should have a lot of valuables, right?" Kieran mumbled as he jumped down to the third deck.

He needed to find Schmidt.

Ever since Schmidt had gone to look for Boller, he hadn’t heard from him. Something must have happened.

Louver was following Kieran with a lifeless expression. After a quick glance at him, Kieran did not stop him.

He was curious about Louver and the fact that he was categorized as a special demon. He wouldn’t mind studying him more closely.


Schmidt had really stumbled upon trouble this time.

Although he had located Boller, his unconscious friend was trapped inside a cocoon. The cocoon was covering his whole body. His head was the only thing sticking out.

The spider webs were so strong that not even his dagger could cut Boller free.

Schmidt thought about burning them with his lighter, but the webs were very thick and Boller was wrapped up in them, so he gave up on that plan.

He didn’t want his unconscious partner to suffer from heavy burns.

Everything was solved when Kieran came though.

[Arrogant Word] cut through the webs easily, freeing Boller from the cocoon.

Meanwhile, Kieran noticed a lot of treasures and jewellery around the room, which had to be the turbine room of the ferry.

"The Hell Fiend Spider was collecting treasures?" Kieran was puzzled.

He had never read about such an odd spider habit in the books, but this still did not stop him from packing up everything he saw.

There was even an unexpected reward among the treasure.

[Name: Intact Ruby]

[Type: Gemstone]

[Rarity: Great]

[Attributes: Able to be embedded on weapons and armor. Grants 16 - 32 Burn Damage to weapons and 16% - 32% Fire Resistance to armor]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: Its value exceeds that of common jewels!]


A ruby the size of a thumb was lying softly in Kieran’s palm.

"An intact ruby! How lucky!"

Kieran remembered the Blacksmith’s favor.

Even though there was only one piece in that whole pile of treasure, it was enough to comfort Kieran’s broken heart.

He also remembered that there were Magical Rank items and equipment on the Golden Beach.

Because of the sudden appearance of the miasma maze, Keiran had been forced to enter the Sunshine Mary before he could collect all his loot.

Once he remembered that his loot was lying outside unprotected, he sped up and packed up all the common jewels.

He threw Boller over his shoulder and headed out to the Golden Beach.

He didn’t bother taking the stairs. He just leapt off the first deck, Louver following right behind him.

Schmidt rolled his eyes when he saw the height Kieran had jumped from.

"Hey! There is still a common man up here!" he shouted as he got off the ferry the normal way.

When he finally got down, Kieran had already finished collecting his loot.

He had found four Magical Rank pieces of equipment and two potions.

The Magical Rank equipment were all lower-tier weapons and armor that only gave him Armor Penetration, Hiding and Nimbleness attributes.

The two potions were [Elementary Healing Potion]s.

[Name: Elementary Healing Potion]

[Type: Potion]

[Rarity: Great]

[Attributes: Recovers 50 HP instantly and 10 HP during the next 5 seconds]

[Prerequisites: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: This is a potion crafted by Potionology. Its mystical power will save your life in a pinch!]


Although its effect was far inferior compared to a [Medium Healing Potion], Kieran still put it away in his [Potionologist Satchel]. Something was always better than nothing.

"Look at this damned scene! I’m afraid our dear director might lose his position this time. I hope whoever takes his place will not give me more headaches!" Schmidt said with a sigh as he looked at the beach. It was filled with dead bodies.

He called the incident in and then asked Kieran, "You going back to the house? I think Simones is the right man to fix Boller up!"

"Sure thing!" Kieran nodded.

When the other police officers arrived at the scene, they looked at Kieran in concern again. The four of them got back into the car.

However, before they could reach 1st Black Street, Kieran saw an unfamiliar car parked in front of the garden.

"Huh? You have visitors?" Schmidt said in surprise.
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