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Chapter 292: Fierce Fight
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Kieran had no idea why the high demon before him would want the [Fusion Heart], but one thing was for sure. If he lost the heart, he would die.

Although Kieran was still having a hard time accepting that the heart fused by the devil and the shards of the Eye of the Chimeras was his, this did not mean that he would just give up his life.

Kieran’s right hand grabbed the high demon’s hand, preventing its finger from plunging deeper. Meanwhile, he took a few steps back to put some distance between them.

He clenched his left fist and punched the high demon hard on the face.

The high demon was suddenly stunned.

Obviously, it had not expected Kieran to be able to free himself from its illusion.

The minor delay had given Kieran a great opportunity though.


A cone-shaped flame engulfed the high demon completely.

The burning flames and the sudden impact forced the high demon to stagger backwards.

After a sharp wail of pain, Kieran picked up [Arrogant Word] and said coldly, "You intimidating ugly bastard! If Rei finds you, you won’t die a painless death! Remember that you are wearing her face!"

As Kieran spoke, the dark red two-handed great sword was swung down on the high demon, who was still burning hot, with a numbing sound.


The demon let out another sharp wail and switched to formless mode, avoiding the slash and shaking off the burning flames. A chain formed by shadows latched onto the high demon like its own shadow.

It was [Spectre Grip, Shadow Chain]!

Although it was shook off within a second, this was enough for Kieran.

He took advantage of that small window of time and spilled the glowing potion [Holy Water VIII] onto the high demon. This was Kieran’s lethal attack.

Kieran, who already knew that this type of demon had the ability to become formless, would not just recklessly swing [Arrogant Word] without any additional buffs.

He had even managed to bluff his way through his words.

The high demon had distinguishable differences from lower-tier demons. Not only was it more powerful, but its intelligence was also on a whole different level.

While a low demon would follow its instinct and act like a cunning beast, a high demon would be smarter than that. They might even be on par with human intelligence.

Bluffing would work quite well against such an enemy.

The high demon’s face and body were emitting white smoke as it was burned by the [Holy Water VIII]. Nikorei’s face melted off fast, revealing its original face, which was a skull with a layer of black skin. Its eyes were almost falling out of their sockets, staring at Kieran with a predatory gaze.

Unlike low demons, the potion only stalled the high demon’s movements and caused some minimal damage. This was just the beginning of Kieran’s attacks though.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The [MI-02] and [Python-W2], which were loaded with [Bullets of Blessing], fired shots repeatedly.

A total of 13 shots were fired into the high demon’s body.

The high demon staggered backwards with an agonizing cry. Kieran had aimed right at its head.

The demon’s eyes were the first thing he shot off, bright red blood splashing all over its black skull.

As the high demon struggled to move, Kieran took out another tube of [Holy Water VIII] and smeared it over [Arrogant Word].

The glow over the dark red sword made it shine brighter and look more bewitching and lethal.

The air-breaking sound that was heard from the great sword once more was different from the previous faint slash. This time, thanks to the buff from [Holy Water VIII], [Arrogant Word] could pose a threat to the high demon.

Even without its eyes, it could clearly feel the burning sensation, that seemed similar to the liquid it had felt before, on the weapon that was about to hurt it.

The high demon instinctively wanted to dodge the attack, but before it could even make a move, lines of spider webs as thin as hair were sprayed over it from Kieran’s right wrist, binding it on the spot.

He was using [Mardos Arm, Spider Webbing]!

The burning pain the high demon felt prevented it from becoming formless again.

The high demon might specialize in illusional attacks and have very sharp fingers, but it was useless against the Powerful Defense spider web produced by [Mardos Arm].

The demon did not even possess B- Level Strength.

It could only watch helplessly as [Arrogant Word] smeared with [Holy Water VIII] slashed at it.

It was like a hot knife slicing through butter.

The glittering dark red sword slashed down at the high demon’s head until the end of its pelvic area, cutting the demon in half. This was not the end though.

Kieran kept wielding [Arrogant Word] around like a whirlwind, slicing and dicing the high demon non stop. He had not seen a death notification yet.

Within a breath, Kieran had dished out at least a dozen slashes at the high demon.

The high demon was sliced into pieces of different sizes. There were at least 20 pieces of it around, yet no death notification had appeared.

Quite the opposite, the pieces of the high demon gathered around slowly and stuck together.

Black lines that looked like veins or tentacles sprung up from the pieces and intertwined, fusing together once more.

Before the demon could take shape though, Kieran slashed down again, preventing it from doing so. The fusing did not stop though, and neither did Kieran’s slashes.

As Kieran continued his relentless attack, the blood tentacles did not stop fusing. Their speed just got slower and slower.

No doubt, the high demon had exceptional regenerational abilities, but this was not to an endless extent. It was not possible considering its tier.

Time passed as Kieran dished out more slashes and splashed another tube of [Holy Water VIII] onto [Arrogant Word].

Kieran became a raging typhoon, assaulting the high demon pieces before him relentlessly.

Only when the fusing almost ceased did Kieran stop. He was panting heavily.

Without the [Untamed] buff, despite Kieran’s extraordinary Strength, he could not wield [Arrogant Word] for a long period of time. It was just too heavy.

Besides, his chest still had a deep wound that almost reached his heart, which had been gushing blood right from the start.

After taking two more deep breaths, Kieran wielded his sword up again. Before he could swing it down though, he heard an eager voice in his ears.

"Spare me! I will sign a contract with you! Spare my poor soul!"

At the sound of the voice, the [Fantos Manuscript] started shining brightly.
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