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The Devil is Cage 289 The Manuscrip

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Chapter 289: The Manuscript
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[Arrogant Word] was radiating its abnormal great sword aura, making the venomous spiders and Hell Fiend Spider freeze.

Kieran did not stop.


He charged straight at the Hell Fiend Spider with a loud shout.

His sudden move made the spider back off straightaway.

The group of smaller venomous spiders threw themselves at Kieran, even though their sharp legs and mouths could not harm him while [Primus Scale] was activated.

That Powerful Defense granted Kieran the defense of multiple layers of armor, without the burden of the weight of real armor.

Kieran was charging ahead fast, closing the distance between him and the Hell Fiend Spider.

Although it was inferior compared to [Reckless Charge], which was still on cooldown ever since Kieran had used it to break through the upper deck, it was more suitable for a situation like this.

The Hell Fiend Spider spit out a mouthful of venomous saliva at Kieran.

Kieran was light as a feather though. A quick jump allowed him to easily dodge the attack.

As he jumped up in mid-air, the Hell Fiend Spider instinctively used its ultimate skill: its spider web!

Legend had it that the spider web of a Hell Fiend Spider was strong enough to drag down stars from the sky.

Although the Hell Fiend Spider before Kieran was a weaker version of the original, and the web it spit out was only three meters long, Kieran was still not willing to be caught in it.

Kieran’s boots shone bright, allowing his body to linger in mid-air without any resistance and jump up to new heights. Kieran jumped over the spider web’s range and adjusted his direction so he appeared above the Hell Fiend Spider.

Then he swung [Arrogant Word] down hard at the spider.

The spider sensed the impending danger above it and quickly shrunk back, spitting out a spider web and covering its whole body, thus providing an extra layer of defense. To Kieran though, it seemed like it was trapping itself inside a cocoon.

The dark red shine of the great sword circled its blade violently. It even felt bewitched at times.

The tensile spider web could not defend the spider against the Extreme Attack of [Arrogant Word] after being buffed up by [Untamed].

Plus, [Arrogant Word] was still in [Arrogance] mode.

Although it only buffed the user’s Strength and Agility by one level after killing an enemy, even the slightest change during a battle could be lethal.

Kieran had received a Strength +1 buff, and boosted his B- Strength level up to B.

If one used enough strength while wielding it, [Arrogant Word] became even more vicious.

The two-handed great sword slashed through the spider web without any delay and cut through the huge body of the spider.

The Hell Fiend Spider was split into two from head to bottom.

The green-black juices inside the spider gushed out like a geyser.

Kieran landed quickly and dodged the splashing poison before it could hit him.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

After the death of the Hell Fiend Spider, the smaller venomous spiders around it started to burst like firecrackers one after the other.

"Were those venomous spiders also a product of the hastened birth of the Hell Fiend Spider? Huh… Without the sulphur river as a breeding place, the spider’s strength and power were divided among the smaller spiders. No wonder the spider only looked powerful!"

Kieran glanced at the exploding spiders and landed on the giant dead carcass.

To be precise, he landed by the glowing equipment that had fallen off the Hell Fiend Spider’s carcass.

It was a black wristband with a spider symbol on it.

[Name: Mardos Arm]

[Type: Armor (Right Hand Wristband)]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Defense: Extreme]

[Attributes: 1. Spider Webbing, 2. Web Binding, 3. Soul Devouring]

[Effects: None]

[Prerequisites: The player has to be the one who killed Mardos]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: Mardos hatched from a Hell Fiend Spider egg left on the Earth, through a special hurried hatching process. It suffered a growth disorder, in addition to losing the intellect, strength and lineage of a Hell Fiend Spider. All it had was a natural predator instinct, yet it was still not a creature to be underestimated.]


[Spider Webbing: You are able to fire a tensile, sticky, retractable spider web up to 20 meters away. The spider web has a Powerful Defense, Target will need to have at least B- Strength to break away from it, Duration: 10 seconds, twice per day]

[Web Binding: You are able to fire a sticky spider web laced with poison within a 30-meter radius, binding multiple targets. The spider web has a Powerful Defense, Target will need to have B Strength to break away. The poison will force the Target to undergo 3 Constitution authentications of C+, B-, B. If Target fails the first authentication, they will receive Average Poison Damage. If Target fails the second authentication, they will receive Strong Poison Damage. If Target fails the third authentication, they will receive Powerful Poison Damage, Duration: 10 seconds, once per day]

[Soul Devouring: Player is able to absorb the soul energy of each Target they kill, replenishing the player’s HP and Stamina, Recovery rate is based on the Target’s soul level]


Kieran strapped [Mardos Arm] on his right wrist without any hesitation.

[Spider Webbing] and [Web Binding] aside, the [Soul Devouring] attribute alone made it necessary for Kieran to put it on.

Absorbing the soul energy of any target he killed and replenishing his own HP and Stamina was a much better attribute than Kieran’s other life-stealing skill, [Primus Greed], as that one required a pre-activation skill.

Even though the recovery rate was based on the target’s soul level, this was not a big problem.

It was still better than nothing.

Kieran swiftly moved over to the man who had been controlling the demons and picked up the golden glowing scroll.

[Name: Fantos Manuscript]

[Type: Contract]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attack/Defense: None]

[Attributes: 1. Demon Contract, 2. Demon Summoning]

[Effects: None]

[Prerequisites: None]

[Remarks: Fantos was only the pseudonym he had used on Earth.]


[Demon Contract: By spending Points, Skill Points, Golden Skill Points, and Golden Attribute Points, you can force different levels of demons to sign a contract with you. Different contracts will result in different levels of consumption. Maximum number of demon contracts: 72, Current number: 0]

[Demon Summoning: By spending 1/4 of the Demon Contract Points, Skill Points, Golden Skill Points, and Golden Attribute Points, you can summon the corresponding demon. The demon will disappear if it dies. If the contractor dies, all demons will be released from their contracts.]


Kieran frowned over the attributes of the Legendary scroll.

He had never thought that the scroll would be the famous [Fantos Manuscript].

Plus, the attributes of the manuscript were really powerful.

"With sufficient Points, Skill Points, Golden Skill Points, and Golden Attribute Points, one could have a demon army by their side..." Kieran muttered.

However, he did not lose his calm over it. The [Fantos Manuscript] had an obvious downside after all.

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