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Chapter 283: Trap
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Kieran’s face turned serious, not because of the man’s provocative words, but because of the dozens of malicious gazes around him.

Their killing intent was even sharper and more bone-piercing than the winter sea breeze.

Was this a trap?

At the thought, Kieran glanced over at the man that was behaving like a pierret.

The next words that came out of the man’s mouth sounded even more provocative, confirming Kieran’s suspicions.

"Before Nikorei disappeared, she was considered the strongest shaman on the West Coast! Now I, the great Trysker, will become the strongest shaman on the West Coast! It’s only natural that you would become my assistant!" the man named Trysker said relentlessly. He seemed to want to provoke anyone who listened.

Kieran looked like he was staring at Trysker, but he was actually looking at the police officers behind him, who had been scolded by the man.

It was where the malicious gaze was coming from.

"Are they mystics?"

When Kieran noticed the weapons concealed beneath their uniforms, he knew.

Although he was unsure whether they would dare ambush him out in the open, he knew it was time to shut that guy up.

It was not like Kieran to listen to comments like that quietly.

Besides, if their enemies had sent this stupid guy to cause them trouble, they would not just give up like that.


Kieran launched a kick at the man without hesitation.

The kick, which contained Kieran’s full force, landed hard on the guy’s chest.

That horrible face of his was stunned at first, but then his expression turned into extreme delight. That delight did not even last for a fraction of a second though. When Kieran’s boots landed hard against his chest, his delight was replaced by horror.

Crack! Crack!

The force field barrier cracked first, followed by the continuous cracking of his bones. It sounded like the God of Death twittering. Trysker did not understand until he died how his force field barrier, which could even block bullets, was so easily crushed by Kieran’s casual kick.

As a native, Trysker would never understand the formidable power of Transcendence Level [Hand-to-Hand Combat, Kick Combat].

The Transcendence Effect [Kick Combat] granted Kieran’s kicks an additional Strength and Agility buff of +4 temporarily as his kicks landed.

Kieran’s B- Strength and C+ Agility had been boosted up to A and A- respectively in a moment.

That kind of Strength and Agility exceeded the common abilities of a normal being.

Plus, the Transcendence options had also granted him an attack buff of +1.

Even a Powerful Level force field barrier could not withstand that kind of kick, let alone an Average barrier.


Trysker’s body was sent flying, crashing hard by the side of the Sunshine Mary.

A layer of the force field barrier prevented his body from crashing directly against the ferry’s body, but it did not stop Trysker from dying. Instead, it sped up his gruesome death.

The defensive force field barrier was not just hard. It also had the power to bounce the body back. When Trysker’s body crashed against the force field barrier, the rebounding force pushed his body back with a force stronger than the force of impact.

Thanks to the two additional forces of pressure, his dying body, which was already suffering from broken bones and crushed organs, was crushed completely.

He was like beans being poured into a stone grinder. As the grinder moved, the beans were mashed with a clear cracking noise.

Blood poured down like rain along with pieces of flesh.

The other mystical individuals that were harboring ill intentions were all overwhelmed by what they were seeing. They never would have thought that things would go south.

Trysker had been chosen to provoke Kieran because he was a mystical consultant and his magical items could withstand a bullet.

Trysker relied on his items to promote his magical career on the West Coast. Who would have thought that he would get killed by Kieran with only one kick, his whole body getting destroyed in the process.

Instantly, every other mystical individual present felt chills going down their spines. Some of them regretted being there. They had taken that bastard’s word for it and turned up, but it was too late for them now.

Kieran was already dashing towards them with [Arrogant Word].

The dark red great sword was whipped up with an air-breaking slash, aimed directly towards them as Kieran wielded it skillfully.

The first three mystics that were the closest to Kieran were all slashed in half from the waist up, followed closely by those behind them.

Kieran had no intention of sparing anyone, or giving them even a second to breathe.

Enemies were always better dead, especially enemies from the mystical realm.

The slightest misstep would allow them to counterattack with an unknown method.

Therefore, Kieran had decided to surprise them with a one-sided massacre.

After about 20 seconds, the entire Golden Beach was dyed red.

The bodies of the mystics that had been disguised as police officers were scattered all over the beach, a green glow shining over them.

Schmidt widened his eyes at the astonishing scene. He was no idiot after all.

When Trysker had provoked Kieran, he had felt that something was off. When Kieran had attacked the uniformed police officers, he had realized they were not his subordinates.

It had been a trap! A trap set up specifically for Kieran.

Schmidt wanted to walk forward instinctively, but as soon as he lifted his leg, he was stopped by Kieran.

"STOP! Get away from the beach!" he shouted at Schmidt.

Kieran quickly glanced over the beach. The people he had killed had not been the masterminds of the attack. After the incident the day before, if they had not had sufficient confidence, they would not have dared attack him.

The strength they had displayed did not justify having such confidence, so there must have been someone who had given them the confidence to attack.

"Who is this person?"

As Kieran thought about it, his expression became even more vigilant. He was holding [Arrogant Word] horizontally, maintaining a vigilant stance.

Schmidt quickly backed off, his trust for Kieran making him listen to his words without hesitation, even though he had doubts in his heart.

As reality had proved, trust was an essential element in their relationship.


Just as Schmidt left the beach, black tentacles as wide as a water barrel and dozens of meters long spurted out of the sand one after the other.

The chilling winter wind became even colder when the black tentacles appeared.

A negative energy mist started to spread, covering the whole beach.

Amidst the blurry mist, nine big fat tentacles were dancing high in the air, stirring up the mist around them.

It looked like a sea monster was about to emerge from the sea.

Contrary to expectations though, what appeared was a number of human figures, one after the other.

When Kieran saw their faces clearly, he was shocked.

Schmidt, who had run off the beach, screamed in shock when he saw one of the figures’ faces.


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