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Chapter 273: Supernatural
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There were eight pieces of Magical Rank items before Kieran’s eyes, but three of them were scrolls.

"Prescriptions?" Kieran guessed. He had had a similar experience before. The system proved him right.

[2,000 Points to learn Beginner Freeze Resistance Potion Prescription. Yes/No?]

[Potionology (Entry) not detected…]

[Prerequisites not met, Unable to learn!]


[3,000 Points to learn Armor Penetration Lvl 1 Enchantment. Yes/No?]

[Alchemy (Master) not detected…]

[Prerequisites not met, Unable to learn!]


[5,000 Points to learn Critical Rate Lvl 1 Enchantment. Yes/No?]

[Alchemy (Pro) not detected…]

[Prerequisites not met, Unable to learn!]


It was a [Potionology] prescription and two [Alchemy] prescriptions.

Although Kieran was unable to meet the prerequisites, he still knew how much the prescriptions were worth. He carefully put them away and turned his attention to the other five Magical Rank pieces of equipment.

It was a pity that four out of the five items were just low-tier Magical Rank equipment that boosted Armor Penetration, Hiding, and Nimbleness.

The only noteworthy item was the special potion placed inside a palm-sized leather bag. It was a blade oil.

[Name: Platinum Blade Oil VI]

[Type: Potion]

[Rarity: Great]

[Attributes: This oil inflicts an extra 100 Damage for 15 minutes to low-level spirits and spectre-like beings when smeared over a weapon.]

[Prerequisites: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: This is a potion crafted by Potionology and Alchemy for a special occasion!]

[Notes: Four standard doses, +1 dose when used on a two-handed sword, a spiked club, or a battle hammer.]


After checking the [Platinum Blade Oil VI], Kieran carefully placed it in his waist bag, where he could easily reach it.

Although it was inferior compared to [Holy Water VIII], which could cause lethal damage to any low-level spirit, and far less usable compared to [Bullets of Blessing], it still had its own benefits.

Combined with [Arrogant Word], its specialty could reach its fullest potential. Even though the standard dosage of the blade oil was only four, and the two-handed sword [Arrogant Word] would consume two per use, limiting the oil’s use to only two times, this was still enough for Kieran.

At least this way, he would be able to maximize his damage with [Arrogant Word] by using the blade oil when he was facing spirit and spectre-like beings.

[The Shaman’s Partner II] shared the same universe as the previous two dungeons. Even though technology had advanced to firearms, trains and ferries, spirit-like monsters were not a minority in the dungeon. They might even be a majority.

Kieran sudden turned his head around and fixed his eyes on a shadowy spot. He raised his gun and fired seamlessly.

[Shooting, Bullets of Blessing: Lethal Damage, 400 Damage inflicted to Target (200 Firearm Weapon, Light Firearm (Transcendence) X2); Bullets of Blessing, extra 100 Damage inflicted to spirit and negative-energy beings. (Authentication passed, treated as Lethal Damage), 500 True Damage inflicted to Target, Target dies…]

[Lethal Damage: Unable to resist with equipment or special skills.]


A formless shadow revealed its twisted, vicious face when it was hit by the [Bullets of Blessing]. It let out a helpless howl and turned into a pile of ashes.

"Is someone spying on me by using spirit beings?"

Kieran glanced over the pile of ashes, but soon shifted his attention away. He knew the thugs and the spirit beings were not the end. There were more enemies spying on him in the dark, waiting for a chance to strike. Those were the enemies to watch for.

Kieran had just put an end to a big fight, so his enemies would be more vigilant and careful. They would not strike without sufficient confidence, which was what Kieran needed for the time being.

In [The Shaman’s Partner II], Kieran wanted to both finish his Main Mission and learn about…

That "thing"!

He needed more time to investigate everything involving that "thing".

Of course, Kieran still had his priorities straight. His top one was investigating whether the thugs had a meeting point of sorts.

Meeting points meant more noteworthy items, which could be Kieran’s reward. Of course he would not let something like that slip away.

Kieran quickly collected his Magical Rank equipment at the thought and went back into the house.

Simones and Elli stood by the door, completely stunned and overwhelmed.

"Th… They…"

Simones pointed at the dead bodies, unable to form words from the astonishment. He could not imagine Kieran wiping their enemies off just like that, enemies that they could barely defend themselves against. It had seemed so easy for him.

Simones stood there and looked at Kieran, who was smiling at him, unconsciously reminding Simones of his old friend Nikorei.

"All done! These thugs possessed weapons and invaded our property, so according to West Coast laws, we had every right to defend ourselves. Is dinner ready?"

Kieran shrugged at Simones’ astonished expression before turning to Elli.

"Make it yourself!" The young lass groaned as she stared at Kieran angrily.

"I tried to come back as fast as I could! It’s just that too many things happened all at once. I had to slow down to take care of them!" Kieran explained.

"Yeah? Did those things include killing a king, leading a coup d'etat, and accompanying a scholar to an archeological expedition? Such great deeds! ‘The "Raven’, ‘Ominous Bird’, ‘Bird of Death’! Hmph!"

The young lass walked up the stairs with big steps after mentioning three strange titles that Kieran had never heard of before.

Kieran brushed his nose lightly as he looked at Elli’s back. He had no idea how the system had explained his two years of absence from the dungeon, but Elli’s words gave him a general idea.

"Did the reputation I gained from other dungeons spread here as well?"

Kieran was uncertain whether the stories had appeared in [The Shaman’s Partner II] by coincidence or because his appearance in the dungeon had affected his own fate.

After some careful thought, he decided that it had to be the former. Kieran thought he was not influential enough to affect a whole dungeon because of his achievements and reputation.

"Don’t worry, 2567! Elli is just tired! She’s had a lot on her shoulders ever since Rei went missing. If she had five more years, it might have been easier for her, but…"

Simones shook his head with a sigh.

"Simones, I hope you can help me identify all these thugs and find out whether they have a meeting point of sorts."

Kieran smiled without concern.

Simones was caught off guard when he suddenly realized what Kieran was planning. He had no intention of stopping him though.

Getting the battle loot was an unwritten rule, and Simones’ hatred for the attackers made him want to torture them in unimaginable ways.

Fortunately, Simones’ morality pulled him back from the abyss. It did not stop him from actively helping Kieran though.

"This guy here was the leader of the Flaming Hounds, this one was the leader of the Muller Society, and this burned fellow has to be the leader of the Cursed Society and one of the most mysterious members of the Cursed Five. I did a lot of research on them through the window during the attack. And this here…"

Simones carefully identified each and every one of the thugs. His words were filled with astonishment because he knew them too well. As a result, his surprise was even bigger.

"So is this why you chose him as your assistant, Rei?" Simones thought silently.

Following Simones’ identification, Kieran realized an interesting fact.

The [Potionology] and [Alchemy] prescriptions had all been dropped by Cursed Society members.

"Is this because they are spell-casters? Or because…" Kieran tried to guess. He already had a starting point for his investigation.

The Cursed Society!

Compared to other societies, who relied on special weapons and their skill sets, that society was notorious on the West Coast for their spells. They might have quite a number of [Mystical Knowledge] books and some spell-casting materials in their possession.

"Where is the Cursed Society?" Kieran asked straightforwardly.

"100th Ciaran Street! Need a guide?"

"No, thanks. I am quite familiar with Ciaran Street. Can I borrow your Picard, Simones? Although I am certain those thugs will stay away for the time being, this doesn’t mean that the house is safe. Contact the police as soon as possible and find someone to fix the door!"

After rejecting Simones’ offer, Kieran picked up his backpack and went off towards the society’s meeting point.

However, before Kieran could leave the house, he was stopped by an oncoming car.

The car pulled over before Kieran and a middle-aged man with untidy clothes got down. Kieran smirked.

"It’s been a while, Schmidt!" he said.

"It really is. I need your help right now, 2567!" Schmidt said straight out without any courtesy.

Kieran rubbed his temples.

"Schmidt, I would be happy to help, but at least give me some breathing space! I just came back from Hologest Port and a fight was waiting for me at the train station! Now I need to collect my rewards from the thugs… I’ll be busy at least until dawn!" Kieran expressed his own thoughts without being polite.

Schmidt was extremely understanding about mystical rules, so they were spared a misunderstanding. Plus, Kieran had had quite an experience working with Schmidt in the previous dungeon.

"At dawn? Fine... Hold on…"

Accepting his answer, Schmidt glanced over at the garden behind Kieran, which was filled with bodies. He quickly got back inside his cruiser and reported to his station briefly through the radio.

After about 10 minutes, a couple of police cruisers with over a dozen police officers arrived at 1st Black Street.

"With them here, the thugs will not be as rampant. You can go collect your rewards without worrying now," Schmidt said as he pulled open the passenger door of the Picard.

"You are in much better shape than I imagined! I thought you had been assigned to that odd department after the previous incidents, or might even have been relieved of your duties!"

Kieran watched the officers do their job at the scene while he started the car.

Schmidt’s situation was much better than he had imagined.

He had thought that the reckless, grumpy, outspoken officer would be arranging files in some office at the station and making retirement plans.

Schmidt did not reply right away. He remained silent for a while. Eventually, he spilled it all out.

"It was bad at first, but I was assigned back here soon! Let’s go through the case that I need your help on…"

Schmidt seemed unwilling to shed more light on his frustrating experience. Instead, he changed the topic back to the case at hand.

Although Kieran had promised that he would help after dawn, he knew Schmidt well enough and did not try to stop him. Kieran was not someone who was interested in probing private information out of others.

Especially out of Schmidt, who was practically a friend.

As Schmidt elaborated on the case, Kieran’s attention was fully captivated by the supernatural incident he was talking about.

"You’re saying it’s a ghost ship?" Kieran said in shock.

TL Note

1.Picard : The car belonged to Simones.

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The Picard... Hmmmm anyone wondered what kind of car is it?

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