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The Devil is Cage 268 Further Enhancemen

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Chapter 268: Further Enhancement
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Blacksmith, the player who specialized in all sorts of gem embedding.

Kieran’s [Lightning Tiger Finger] had been made by Blacksmith.

However, Blacksmith was not fond of talking to others, except when it was absolutely necessary. Kieran had never really talked much to her.

He clicked on the message tab out of curiosity.

"Blacksmith: Need an intact gemstone of any color. Will buy for any price."

Just like Kieran had remembered. Blacksmith was a person of few words.

"Intact gemstone of any color? Is it to upgrade a skill?"

Kieran, who was a former newbie, had just started to familiarize himself with some special skills, including gemstone embedding.

Every upgrade required both Points and Skill Points, and there were also challenges the player needed to complete, some without fail.

Failure to accomplish those challenges would result in all the player’s Points, Skill Points and materials going to waste. The player would have to fork up another sum of the required materials in order to complete the upgrade.

If there was another failure, they would have to start over once again.

Kieran could not determine what level Blacksmith’s skill was at, but he still accepted her offer.

"2567: Okay! Will contact you if I get any!" he replied in a simple manner.

First, Blacksmith was Lawless’ friend. Second, among all the veterans Blacksmith was the only player who had mastered gemstone embedding to a higher level.

Kieran might need her help in the future.

Although he could not be as resourceful as Lawless or treat everyone with utmost sincerity, at least he knew how to make friends and not enemies. The more friends Kieran made, the farther he would get.

"Blacksmith: Thanks!"

Blacksmith thanked Kieran before her username went grey.

Kieran did not bother replying. Instead, he clicked on Lawless and Hanses’ messages.


Lawless: Everything is going well!

Lawless: [Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms] cost 2,000 Points, and the alchemy consumable that can resist positive energy and holy aura, [Dark Shadow Grenade] x3, cost 1,500 Points each. Hanses took 1,000 Points and left 100,000!

Lawless: I followed ur instructions and turned them all into Points.

Lawless: Of course, procedure fees have been deducted.


Hanses: [Single Player Dungeon Cooldown Reset Card], check and sign please!

Hanses: I have to thank you! That guy treated me to a drink!


Lawless and Hanses’ messages were about the items Kieran had requested.

Kieran received 100,000 Points and a detailed receipt from Lawless and the [Single Player Cooldown Reset Card] from Hanses.

Five Magical Rank items for 100,000 Points. The price was not that high, but it was still acceptable.

After all, Kieran was eager to let go of his stuff. Other than the [Crushing Spiked Club], which had been sold at 50,000 Points, all the other equipment had not earned him much.

If Kieran had waited a little longer, the price might have been higher.

It was a pity that time did not wait for anyone.

As he thought about all the potential points he had lost, Kieran felt as if his flesh was being cut.

He quickly shifted his attention away and picked up the Skill Book, [Sharp Weapon (Heavy Arms)].

[Discovered Skill Book, Sharp Weapon (Heavy Arms)]

[Prerequisites met, Learn skill?]


[Skill Learned: Sharp Weapon (Heavy Arms)]

[Name: Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms (Basic)]

[Related Attributes: Strength, Agility, Constitution]

[Skill Type: Offensive]

[Effects: You know how to use a two-handed great sword, a battle mace, a spiked club and all sorts of heavy arms to fight, Damage increased by 10%]

[Consumes: Stamina]

[Prerequisites: Strength F+, Agility F, Constitution F]

[Remarks: You have gained the basic mastery of heavy arms!]


[Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms upgrade from Basic to Grand Master, costs 10,200 Points and 7 Skill Points. Yes/No?]


[Name: Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms (Grand Master)]

[Related Attributes: Strength, Agility, Constitution]

[Skill Type: Offensive]

[Effects: You know how to use a two-handed great sword, a battle mace, a spiked club and all sorts of heavy arms to fight, Damage increased by 50%]

[Special Effects: Two-Handed Sword Grand Master (Damaged increased by 30% when wielding a two-handed sword)]

[Consumes: Stamina]

[Prerequisites: Strength D+, Agility D-, Constitution D-]

[Remarks: You are the Grand Master of Heavy Arms!]

[Notes: Related Attributes have reached the capped limit]


The familiar warm stream flowed into Kieran’s body again. Accompanying the stream was all sorts of knowledge about heavy arms, which was transferred into Kieran’s mind.

When the synchronization process was over, Kieran grabbed the [Arrogant Word] with both hands. He felt extremely familiar with the grip, as if he had been holding a great sword for a long time.

Although this was not the first time he had experienced the system synchronization process, no matter how many times he went through it, Kieran still felt amazed.

He chose to upgrade [Hundred Violent Kicks] next.

[Hundred Violent Kicks upgrade from Master to Pro, costs 10,000 Points and 24 Skill Points. Yes/No?]

Before Kieran had entered the previous dungeon, he had not been able to produce the required Points, but this time around was different.

Kieran had forked out 33,000 Points and traded them for 11 Skill Points with Lawless before proceeding to upgrade [Hundred Violent Kicks].

[Name: Hundred Violent Kicks (Pro)]

[Related Attributes: Strength, Agility, Constitution[

[Skill Type: Offensive]

[Effects: Use your left or right leg to unleash an indistinguishable barrage of kicks using 60% of your Strength, at an 120° angle with 200% Attack Speed, Consumes 175 Stamina per second, Cooldown: 8 minutes]

[Special Effects: Phantasm Mirage (During your lightning barrage kicks, a mirage of you will take form, The mirage itself will not attack.]

[Consumes: Stamina]

[Prerequisites: [Hand-to-Hand Combat, Master of Kicks] (Master), Strength C-, Agility C-, Constitution C-]

[Remarks: If you sacrifice your attack and mobility in exchange for lightning speed kicks, the power from your continuous kicks will drown your opponent!]

[Notes: Related Attributes have reached the capped limit]


[Points: 48,500; Skill Points: 0; Golden Skill Points: 2; Golden Attribute Points: 0]

This was what Kieran had left after upgrading the two skills.

His remaining Points were sufficient to upgrade Musou [Evading] to Transcendence or [Blade Kick] and [Hundred Violent Kicks] to Grand Master, but the upgrade would require one and two Golden Skill Points respectively.

Kieran suddenly hesitated when he saw [Fusion Heart]’s attribute, [Backlash].

[Devil Transformation] and [Desire Summoning] both required a Golden Skill Point. Without it, Kieran could not even activate the skills, even though the heart was inside his body.

The next dungeon in line was [Shaman’s Partner II], but Kieran would definitely need a stronger aid than that.

The thing that Nikorei and the five major societies had to deal with was surely not something easy to deal with.

The fact that Nikorei, Serdenk and Morenderke had unified against it showed its strength.

Surely, it wasn’t something a Transcendence Basic Skill could beat.

Similarly, a Grand Master Advanced Skill would not beat it either. After some thought, Kieran made up his mind.

He would hold off on upgrading [Evading], [Blade Kick] and [Hundred Violent Kicks] for the time being, and instead he would upgrade [Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms] from Grand Master to Musou.

At least that would match the Powerful Rank Attack of the [Arrogant Sword] and allow him to wield it with even better results.

[Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms upgrade from Grand Master to Musou, costs 15,000 Points and 10 Skill Points. Yes/No?]

Kieran spent another 30,000 Points in exchange for 10 Skill Points and went on with the upgrade.

[Name: Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms (Musou)]

[Related Attributes: Strength, Agility, Constitution]

[Skill Type: Offensive]

[Effects: You know how to use a two-handed great sword, a battle mace, a spiked club and all sorts of heavy arms to fight, Damage increased by 60%]

[Special Effects: Unparalleled Two-Handed Sword Wielding (Damage increased by 40% when wielding a two-handed sword)]

[Consumes: Stamina]

[Prerequisites: Strength C-, Agility D, Constitution D]

[Remarks: You are a beast in the battlefield. A meat grinder! When you wield your heavy arms, no one can match you!]

[Notes: Related Attributes have reached the capped limit]


After Kieran finished his upgrades for the current stage, he drew a deep breath and used the [Single Player Dungeon Cooldown Reset Card].

When the cooldown was reset, Kieran chose to enter another single player dungeon.

"Entering Single Player Dungeon…"

He was instantly blinded by the white light once again.

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