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Chapter 266: Lingering Danger
Translator: Dess Editor: Efydatia

After 10 minutes, Kieran slowly woke up.

When he finally regained his consciousness, he jumped up from where he was lying down and vigilantly scanned the area around him.

Neither the Creature of Desire nor the devil figure was around!

His injuries had been healed as well.

"I did it!" he mumbled.

Although he believed the system healing light would be able to save him, he was aware that he could have died in the process. Still, he didn't mind that he had survived.


Kieran let out a long breath of relief.

The fatigue of hovering between life and death had exhausted him both physically and mentally.

However, he understood that now was not the time for him to rest. He still needed to confirm something.

He needed to know what had happened to the Creature of Desire and the fiery devil. Otherwise, he would not be able to sleep in peace.

When Kieran opened up his notifications, they were suddenly all projected before his eyes like overflowing water.

[Healing Completed!]

[Player 2567 has acquired Fusion Heart…]

[Fusion Heart will replace the original heart of the player…]

[Name: Fusion Heart]

[Type: Organ]

[Rarity: Above Epic]

[Attributes: 1. Devil Transformation, 2. Desire Summoning, 3. Backlash]

[Effects: 1. Fiery Sulphur, 2. Eye of Evil, 3. Body of Evil]

[Prerequisites: Constitution A, Spirit S]

[Remarks: This is a fusion organ fused with the heart of a human, the Demon Lord, and the Creature of Desire. Its power is indisputable. but so is its backlash. As the owner of this organ, you will not just need a powerful body, but you will also need a powerful will! The organ will grow stronger after your battles, but if you do not grow with it, you will become a puppet made of flesh and blood!]


[Devil Transformation: This power has been granted to you by your new heart. When activated, you will take the form of the Demon Lord, duration: one minute, one time per day]

[Desire Summoning: Your new heart has granted you control over the Creature of Desire. When activated, you can summon the Creature, duration: one minute, one time per day]

[Backlash: Your heart allowed you to survive, but it was the product of an accident, created before you could truly adapt to it. Every time you activate Devil Transformation or Desire Summoning, it will consume one Golden Skill Point per use]


[Fiery Sulphur: Burning flames will follow the lineage of the devil like a shadow. When you cast Fire Element Spells, +1 Elemental Damage, extra Sulphuric Poison will be added to the spell. Any requirements, such as gestures, incantations or materials of Fire Element Spells will be down to half. If the spell fails to be cast, you will only suffer a quarter of the Magic Repulsion]

[Eye of Evil: The Creature of Desire was rooted deep inside your heart. Summon Eye of Evil, formed by the Creature of Desire, to fight for you, duration: three minutes, two times per day]

[Body of Evil: The combination of the Devil and the Creature of Desire, also known as chaos and sin. 200 extra HP, Stamina, Medium Tensile Skin acquired (100 Damage from Strong or weaker attack absorbed), Medium Devil Skin ( 200 Damage from Strong or weaker attack absorbed, extra Defense against Fire and Explosions); When facing Holy Element Attacks, you will suffer 150% Damage, Special counter items will deal extra Damage to you (including but not limited to blessed objects, holy objects etc.)]


The notifications before Kieran made him suck in a mouthful of cold air. He was staring at the phrase "puppet made of flesh and blood".

Although he had no idea what it was, the word "puppet" did not give him a good feeling.

Kieran's mind unconsciously conjured a picture of him senseless and dazed, walking around like a zombie.

"No! Even if I die, I will not become like this!"

Kieran shook his head as he thought about the matter in an unusually steadfast manner. He could not sit around and wait for that to happen.

He checked the attributes and effects of [Fusion Heart] more carefully than before.

The attributes [Devil Transformation] and [Desire Summoning] made Kieran's newly formed heart beat quicker.

Kieran had already experienced the formidable power of the Creature of Desire in the dungeon world. The fiery devil figure had only taken a glance at the Creature of Desire before suppressing its formation. The Devil's power was self-explanatory.

Being able to acquire skills related to such formidable beings made Kieran happy from the bottom of his heart. However…

"I need one Golden Skill Point in order to activate [Devil Transformation] and [Desire Summoning]. Before I get my Constitution to A and my Spirit to S, that cost will always apply!"

Kieran glanced over at the [Constitution A, Spirit S] prerequisite.

"I will need to store extra Golden Skill Points for the time being," he thought, feeling his temple suddenly swell.

Kieran was in dire need of Golden Skill Points, as all skill upgrades depended on them.

The skills [Devil Transformation] and [Desire Summoning] widened that gap even more.

Kieran sighed from the bottom of his heart before he shifted his attention to [Fiery Sulphur], [Eye of Evil] and [Body of Evil].

Compared to the previous three attributes, those effects were much more user-friendly.

Even though [Body of Evil] had counter attributes, Kieran could accept that calmly. After all, compensating for such defects would not be too hard for him.

A couple of good pieces of equipment would be able to make up for it.

He would still need to be careful when he encountered a special situation though.

"I need to avoid places with positive energy and holy aura in the dungeons from now on!" Kieran reminded himself. He would not want to cause himself unwanted trouble.

However, he would not have a choice if such trouble was related to the Main Mission.

"I will still need an item in order to resist positive energy and holy aura," Kieran thought as his attention shifted to the loot from the last dungeon.

He had acquired a Legendary item and three pieces of Magical equipment!

The three pieces of Magical equipment were remnants that had dropped during the last few moments. Kieran had spent all his energy trying to get them.

Out of those three, none were big items. The biggest one among them was a metal dagger. The other two were two Magical rings.

One of the rings was the one Kieran had gotten from the Night Monsters, the [Pitch-Black Ring].

The other one was made entirely out of white bone.

[Name: Piercing Dagger]

[Type: Weapon]

[Rarity: Magical]

[Attack: Common]

[Attributes: Armor Penetration Lvl1]

[Effects: None]

[Prerequisites: Strength F, Sharp Weapon, Dagger (Master)]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: If you want to control this metal-crafted dagger, you will need both technique and strength!]


[Armor Penetration Lvl 1: Able to pierce through light armor (Weak or Common Defense)]


[Name: Skeleton Ring]

[Type: Accessory]

[Rarity: Magical]

[Attack/Defense: None]

[Attributes: Dead Control]

[Effects: None]

[Prerequisites: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: This is a replica of a great item!]


[Dead Control: You are able to control one to three dead bodies at once and make them fight for you (the bodies' attributes cannot surpass F+), duration: one minute, two times per day]


"Another replica of a great item?"

When Kieran saw the remark about the [Skeleton Ring], he frowned and picked up the [Pitch-Black Ring]. Both rings had the same remarks.

"If the great items mentioned were Legendary Rank items, how many Legendary items were inside the [Ancient City Foreign Matter] dungeon? What kind of technology did the people who made replicas out of Legendary items possess?"

Kieran unconsciously looked at the Special Dungeon that came after [Ancient City Foreign Matter], which was [Primordial Invasion].

[Special Dungeon: Primordial Invasion]

[Primordial Invasion: The demise of the Night Race leader was not the end, but a new beginning! The remaining Night Monsters have gone rampant without the restrictions of their leader. They are hiding among the shadows on the streets, assaulting anyone who looks delicious! As if that wasn't enough, a different kind of monster, one totally different from the Night Race, has suddenly emerged]

[Main Mission: Starts when you enter the dungeon!]

[Notes: None]

"Are those the collateral beings the tablet mentioned?" Kieran remembered very clearly what Herbert had said.

"The Night Race was just one of several inconspicuous collateral beings! That's what Herbert said! Now even more powerful monsters have appeared!"

Kieran went through the background description of [Primordial Invasion]. Although he did not know what the Main Mission was, he was sure it wouldn't be easy.

According to the Special Dungeon rules, this was only the fourth dungeon Kieran had been through.

However, Kieran was not going to take the difficulty of the dungeon as a given.

He looked at the special rewards from his Z rating dungeon, [Herber's Notebook].

Although it was called a notebook, it was as thick as a dictionary. Kieran quickly flipped through a few pages and then gave up for the time being.

He would be in a life-and-death situation a couple of hours later, so he did not have enough time to pay attention to the notebook.

Even if it was related to the Special Dungeon, it was not the next thing he would have to face.

Kieran turned his attention to his biggest reward from the dungeon.

The Legendary two-handed sword!

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Dess Dess
Here is a question. Now since he became half devil half monster and is a being of evil, what would become of him if he take the Holy Knight trial?

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