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The Devil is Cage 252 Out of the Blue

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Chapter 252: Out of the Blue
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Everything went silent as darkness enveloped the area.

Kieran’s eyes and ears seemed to have lost their function.

Was it an illusion?

Kieran instinctively opened his notification tab, but there was nothing that indicated he was under an enemy’s spell. Still, the scenery before his eyes had undergone obvious changes.

Battlelog notifications were not almighty anyway. They would only show players notifications about attacks during a battle.

The darkness before his eyes and the deafness in his ears were obvious, but they would not harm a player one bit.

That did not include the lurking danger mixed with the darkness though.

Just as Kieran activated his [Tracking], a skeletal hand rose from the ground and grabbed his feet tightly.

The first pair of skeletal hands were just the beginning. More hands rose up after the first.

Within a breath’s time, Kieran’s feet were bound down on the spot by a dozen of dirty yellowish skeletal hands.

Kieran’s face suddenly turned sour, not because of the bindings, but because he had seen a cannon from afar.

After he had activated his [Tracking], the darkness was no longer an obstacle for him. He could clearly see a few people controlling a cannon 50 to 60 meters away from him.

Although it was an old cannon, it was still enough for Kieran to feel threatened.

It had all been designed specifically for him.

Kieran sensed the thick malicious intent of the mastermind behind this.

During the bodyguard selection process, Kieran had displayed his kicking ability. That was why the bindings were on his legs.

He was also impenetrable by blades and guns. That was why they were using a cannon against him.

One thing was for sure. They were there to kill Kieran, no matter what it took.

"They think I’m the biggest obstacle between them and Herbert?"

Kieran grinned a little as he looked at the loaded cannon.

He was grateful that the dungeon era was during the time firearms had just been introduced, and not later. Otherwise, he could not have escaped unscathed after pulling himself away from the skeletal hands.

Kieran didn’t mind returning an eye for an eye, as long as he had the ability to.

A giant rhino mirage formed behind him, a quake making the mountains and the ground tremble.

The skeletal hands were crushed to powder in an instant. His next target was the group of people around the cannon.


Kieran sprinted towards the cannon with an unstoppable force. Before the cannon could even be lit, the rhino mirage collided with it, crashing it out of shape and flipping it up in the air.

The people around it were squashed into minced meat. Their defense was below Powerful Level, so [Reckless Rush] trampled over anyone who stood in its way.

A green-colored rain of blood splashed down after Kieran smashed through, his unstoppable force still charging even after his target had been crushed.

In front of Keiran was a faint figure, trying to widen the distance between them.

Under the effect of the [Reckless Rush], the most primitive natural force was empowered by Kieran’s base strength and speed. The effect had already exceeded the displayed stats.

Constitution was related to Stamina, which was also rendered useless.

All the stats were supported by his Rare belt, [Wild Soul].

Needless to say, without a Powerful Defense, any obstacles blocking his way before the five seconds of charging time were up would be destroyed. Kieran could charge on forward with strength and speed that exceeded his normal ones even further.

The distance between him and the Night Monster was closing.

When Kieran had activated the [Reckless Rush], the Night Monster had sensed that something was wrong and unconsciously backed off.

He had a breathing window as his subordinates stalled Kieran a little, but that was just a second.

As Kieran closed in on the Night Monster, its burned face filled with despair. Then it turned into a frenzy that only despair could cause.


With a heavy howl, the Night Monster ignited itself into green flames.

The fire started from a small spark and instantly turned into a bright burning flame that engulfed its whole body, turning the Night Monster into a green torch.

It was waiting anxiously for Kieran to collide with it, but…

Just before Kieran could crash into the monster, when he was less than a meter away, he suddenly halted and swiftly stepped back.

The monster was stunned by Kieran’s sudden move. It tried to hurl himself at him when he was near, but the green flames had made it lose its original strength. After a clumsy stagger forward, it fell straight to the ground.

The moment the monster’s green burning body came into contact with the ground, it exploded.

The green flames blasted fire waves half a meter tall, destroying everything in a five-meter radius.

When the flames were extinguished, a crater as deep as a meter was left behind.

The explosion reminded Kieran of the one back at Calkin’s source’s house.

Although it had a weaker blasting force, it was still not to be underestimated.

"Do all Night Monsters have a similar self-destructing ability?"

Kieran unconsciously became more vigilant.

He reminded himself that it would be best to avoid melee combat with the monsters, but at the same time his curiosity about the weapon of the Neegor Dynasty grew.

"I really wonder what it could be!" Kieran kept guessing.

However, his thoughts were quickly interrupted by a green glow at the center of the blast point.

Kieran quickly walked over and picked up the green glowing ring gratefully.

While the green-colored flames had been burning, he had not been able to spot the Magical Rank ring.

If the flames hadn’t died quickly, he might have missed it.

It wasn’t the right time for him to check out his loot though. He suddenly heard gunshots from afar and quickly dived in the shadows, dashing in the convoy’s direction.

As he closed in on the convoy’s location, the gunshots got louder.

When Kieran was less than 50 meters away from the convoy, he could already see a squadron of 20 attackers firing at them.

The convoy was using the wagon defensively. Pierre was leading the group, fighting back bravely.

Both sides were exchanging fire fiercely. They were miraculously evenly matched.

Kieran was relieved for a while. He maintained his cover in the shadows as he watched the convoy.

The attack was a good chance for him to test the two new recruits.

Kieran could not lower his guard around them yet. Rather than worrying about taking precautions in the near future, he might as well use the attack to test whether Contly or Lorl had any hidden agendas.

After all, the attack was also a great chance for their ill intent to surface.

So who was the traitor? Was it Contly, the self-proclaimed bounty hunter? Or Lorl the Mercenary?

Or maybe both of them?

Kieran was observing them quietly.

What he saw next though overwhelmed him completely.

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