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Chapter 242: Once Upon A Dynasty
Translator: Dess Editor: Efydatia

As darkness filled the sky, two campfires were lit in Herbert’s garden.

Herbert and Joanna were talking softly in front of the fire. Harold, who had brought back the pens and papers, had not joined them.

The well-dressed young man went over to the other campfire, working with the two wagoners and a cooking maid.

Cohen had returned with Pierre and brought back three tents.

After a short conversation with Herbert, Pierre had left with Cohen again in a hurry.

He did not forget to thank Kieran for taking care of Herbert while he was away though.

Kieran said it was within his duties and then watched him go.

Although Pierre had not mentioned anything about the expedition, judging by the way he’d left, Kieran knew the preparations for Isogu City had to be much more complicated than they seemed.

"Other than all the necessary supplies, we’ll also need some weapons!" Kieran thought.

They were not listed on Pierre’s checklist, but after what had happened in the afternoon, Herbert might reconsider.

After spending some time with him, Kieran had gotten to know him fairly well.

He was not as stubborn and strict as the average scholar. He was actually a very optimistic and adaptable person.

Kieran admired his morals, which he held onto tightly.

A scholar who would rather have his bones broken than give in to blackmail was probably better than most scholars out there.

"Dinner is ready, sir! Please join us!"

Harold rolled up his sleeves and wiped the stains off his hands as he walked over.

"Nice!" Kieran nodded with a smile.

Joanna walked up to the cooking maid to help.

Harold and Joanna looked like they had been born in upper class families, but they did not mind mingling with the cooking maid and the wagoners or serving food for others.

That was not a simple feat for someone from the wealthy class.

From what Kieran knew, even slightly wealthy people their age were living like princes and princesses, having everything provided to them.

It seemed like Herbert’s lessons were really something else.

"Your dinner, sir."

Joanna passed Kieran a big wooden bowl filled with soup, and the cooking maid gave him two big biscuits the size of a grown man’s palm.

There were mushrooms, beans, bamboo shoot, as well as some pork and shrimp in the soup. The steamy cream soup had a rich flavor and a smooth texture.

The fragrance entered Kieran’s nose and made him swallow his saliva. He took a big mouthful of soup and quickly stuffed a big biscuit in his mouth.

The crunchiness of the biscuit mixed well with the creamy soup. He started chewing delightedly.

"This is really good!"

Kieran was not stingy with his compliments when it came to good food.

Although his mouth was stuffed and he could not pronounce the words clearly, the cooking maid was delighted to see her food appreciated and rewarded Kieran with another biscuit.

Kieran accepted the extra biscuit politely before walking over to Herbert.

Herbert had brought his dinner there, but he was not rushing to eat.

He was writing with a pencil, drawing shapes on the papers and labeling them accordingly.

He didn't even notice Kieran walk over.

When Kieran finished his last mouthful of soup, Herbert was still in his own world.

"Professor is always like this, focusing his full attention on his studies. That’s why I admire him so much!" Joanna told Kieran softly as she placed Herbert’s dinner next to the campfire.

"I admire people who focus all their attention on something as well!" Kieran said happily.

It was not polite chit chat. This was what he really thought.

Kieran knew perfectly well how amazing it was to fully commit to something.

The fact that the two of them shared the same viewpoint made the gap between him and Joanna shorter. The young lady instantly became more chatty.

"So is what Cohen said true? Did you really kill a colossal crocodile as big as three wagons? And spirits as well?" she asked curiously.

"It was not as big as three wagons. Maybe half as big! If it had really been three wagons long, it would have been a legendary beast!" Kieran shrugged.

"What about spirits? Are they still looking for their loved ones and hold on to their memories before they die?"

Joanna’s manner of speech had a sense of yearning to it. No doubt her curiosity was more sentimental.

Kieran was dull to these kind of things though. He just couldn’t sense them.

"No, they don’t! Most spirits I’ve met were just convoluted beings that condemned the living. If you come across such spirits, it’s wiser to stay in the sunlight. If it’s night, have a torch with you to protect yourself! Remember, they can go through walls and floors, so try not to lean against walls and watch your steps!"

The conversation had been supposed to carry a sense of romance, but it instantly turned into a battle strategy lecture.

Kieran would not mind showing off about his abilities if Joanna asked for some battle tips.

However, the young lady had zero interest in fighting, even more so when Kieran smashed her imagination into pieces.

"I’ll go help Professor with his work!"

Joanna went over to the campfire and picked up a pen and paper.

"Sorry for that, sir!" Harold, who had witnessed the whole thing, came over and apologized.

"It’s fine!"

Kieran had no idea why Joanna was upset, but he would not get frustrated over it. He was not concerned about what a mere acquaintance thought of him.

Unless it was related to the mission. He would not mind probing for more information regarding the mission.

"What do you know about Isogu City?" he asked Harold.

"The ancient city of Isogu was a giant fortress built by the Neegor Dynasty. It was actually thought to be just a myth! People doubt the existence of the Neegor Dynasty. Legend has it that the dynasty conquered the world about 1,500 years ago! It conquered all other kingdoms and states of the time, but they never left any proof behind. They were just briefly mentioned in some ancient tomes. It was as if they vanished overnight!"

"However, Professor believes that the Neegor Dynasty really existed, so he wants to head to Isogu City to find proof for his theory!" Harold told Kieran the truth behind the expedition.

"I see..."

Kieran nodded in realization as he memorized all the information about the Neegor Dynasty.

It could prove vital for clearing the dungeon.

Just as Kieran was about to ask Harold for more information, the sound of a wagon came from afar.

The police wagon that had left in the afternoon had come back.

When it stopped, Calkin came down. His face was pale and he was staggering.

He seemed to be in shock as he walked over to Kieran.

"Hook… Hook is dead!" he said with a stutter.

Translator's Thoughts
Dess Dess
Damn, never would I thought how exciting the battle with one of the Supernova would be!

Not really a spoiler if you know its eventually coming sooner or later :P

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