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The Devil is Cage 234 Enough?

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Chapter 234: Enough?
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[Hundred Violent Kicks] and [Boots of Modii].

The screenshot showed the details of the items.

Every small detail regarding their attributes was included.

[Name: Boots of Modii]

[Type: Armor]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attack: Common]

[Defense: Strong]

[Attributes: Modii Sprint, Modii Jump]

[Effects: None]

[Prerequisites: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: Modii is not the fastest, but he runs the longest! Modii is not the highest jumper, but he always jumps a second time!]


[Modii Sprint: When you wear the Boots of Modii, -30% Stamina usage while walking, running, and jumping]

[Modii Jump: When activated, after the first jump, you can perform a second one in mid-air by consuming more Stamina, three times per day]


"Stamina saving? Jumping twice?"

Kieran frowned over the attributes.

Both of them were good. Their attack and defense was higher than his [Iron Flaming Boots], but Kieran’s precious elemental attack would be gone.

It would be bad news if he had to face a sea of formless souls without his flaming kicks.

Although an elemental attack could be compensated for with other methods, such as [Holy Water VIII], it still would be a little lackluster compared to the convenience of the elemental kicks.

Meanwhile, Broker started to promote his items via PMs.


Monien: How are they?

Monien: [Hundred Violent Kicks] can unleash powerful raging waves of energy to drown your opponent if it reaches its highest rank.

Monien: The [Boots of Modii]’s stamina-saving attribute would also provide you with an extra surprise element during a crucial time.

Monien: The [Modii Jump]’s double jump is an unexpected countermeasure as well.


Kieran did not reply to Broker’s selling pitch. He just showed the screenshot to Lawless. He believed Lawless would know more about the items, not just the pros Broker had mentioned, but their cons as well.

Lawless’ answer was definitely not disappointing. After a quick glance at the screenshot, he replied.


Lawless: [Hundred Violent Kicks] could really drown your opponent with just one strike of raging wave energy.

Lawless: But that is when the skill is maxed-out, and the cost to max it out is not something any John Doe could afford!

Lawless: Plus, it has a lethal disadvantage. Whenever the skill is used, the user is immobilized for a while and turned into a shooting target!

Lawless: As far as the [Boots of Modii] are concerned, their attributes are not bad, but they’re only for normal players. For 2567, who is mastering kicking combat, they’re far from enough!

(As Lawless stated all the cons of the items, Broker did not get angry. He just replied in an explanatory tone.)

Monien: Every equipment has its pros and cons, the most important element is the person who uses it!

Monien: I believe 2567 could take advantage of its full potential.

Monien: What do you say?

2567: We are making a deal here, not discussing users’ abilities.

2567: If we are including those though, then I must say that, judging by your reputation, I bet you could sell the [Rose Thorn] and the [Monolith Armor] for 10 times their normal price.

2567: So cut the crap and just give me five times their value.

(Kieran was not fooled by Broker’s praise. When the matter at hand was related to his benefit and rewards, Kieran had a clearer mind than anyone. He did not want to be regretting this move for a year.

The attitude of a stingy guy was something others could easily understand. Lawless praised Kieran’s counter offer and joined in the conversation.)

Lawless: That’s right, Broker! Just cut the crap and pay 2567 five times the items’ value!

Lawless: It’s not much for you anyway!

Lawless: Just another four or five Skill Books with the same value as [Hundred Violent Kicks] will suffice!

Monien: Do you think I’m an idiot?

Lawless: Do you think 2567 and I are?


The conversation that followed became even fiercer. It went on for 20 more minutes before coming to an end.

Kieran traded the [Rose Thorn] and the [Monolith Armor] for the [Hundred Violent Kicks], the [Boots of Modii] and 10,000 Points.

"What an unpleasant trade this was!" Broker said, sealing the deal.

Meanwhile, Zorl also ended the endless chat that worked as a cover-up.

"It was nice doing business with you! I’ll be looking forward to the next time! Goodbye, everyone!"

Zorl stood up and bid Kieran, Lawless and the others farewell.

However, most of the veterans gave him the cold shoulder, as they knew Kieran had already completed a deal with him.

This made the veterans who had gone there for the [Rose Thorn] and the [Monolith Armor] a little unhappy, but that was to be expected.

Freedom was what all solo veterans thrived for. No one could stop Kieran from trading with whomever he wanted to, even if that was Broker.

Kieran frowned over the scene, not because he felt any empathy for Zorl, but because he was feeling suspicious about Broker’s actions.

It seemed like Broker wanted to take a clear stand against the veterans.

That was a strange move, considering he was a businessman.

"What is he after?"

Kieran was baffled by that question, but that was not the only question he had about Broker.

He also had his doubts about the description of the killers he had provided.

Kieran PMed Lawless.


2567: What do you think about Broker’s plan?

Lawless: It’s always hard to understand what that guy is saying.

Lawless: It might be true, or it might be false.

Lawless: He might really know where Coll is being held, but he might also be lying about the killers.

Lawless: This might even be a trap set up by Broker and the killers to get rid of you and me!

Lawless: Who knows?

Lawless: One thing is for sure though. He really knows where Coll is being held!


Kieran read Lawless’ reply and frowned hard. In the end, he sighed.

He could tell that Lawless would definitely go along with the plan to save Coll, even though it had major disadvantages to it.

Broker was taking advantage of Lawless’ weakness.

"That bastard!"

Kieran understood why Lawless disliked Broker so much, as Broker knew Kieran’s weakness as well.

He knew Kieran would not let Lawless take that risk alone. Even if it was just to return the favor, he would definitely follow Lawless. If he didn’t, he would lose sleep over it.

"Seven more hours left!" Kieran mumbled to himself.

There was immense danger looming around the corner, and the only way to overcome it was by getting stronger.

Coincidentally, Kieran’s single player dungeon cooldown had been reset.

According to the rules, no matter how much time he spent inside a dungeon, it would only equal to one hour in real life.

Kieran still had sufficient time to clear a dungeon. It was just that…

Would one single player dungeon be enough?
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