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Chapter 214: Inquiries
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That orange glow signified Rare Equipment.

Another piece of Rare Equipment would be added to Kieran’s arsenal.

Even though they had been swarmed by danger from the beginning of the dungeon, the loot had been worth it.

Kieran knew why the dungeon had been full of danger right from the start though.

One of the reasons was because his and Hanses’ dungeon entry numbers had been too far apart.

Even though Kieran's Main Mission had been set at a three-time difficulty, when Kieran had signed the contract before entering the Special Dungeon, it had been decided that his mission would intertwine with Lawless and Hanses’ Main Mission and some other related incidents that would branch out from it.

As veterans, Lawless and Hanses also knew the reason behind this, but that did not stop them from making their attitude clear.

Lawless stepped aside, signifying that he had no intention of asking for a share of the loot.

Hanses seemed a little jealous, but after a minor hesitation, he did the same.

If Lawless, who had participated in the battle with the rhino, had decided to step aside, Hanses, who had just been a spectator, couldn't do anything else.

"Thanks!" Kieran expressed his gratitude towards Lawless.

According to an unspoken rule among players, Kieran had killed the armored rhino alone, so the loot had to be his alone. Fortune always struck a chord in people’s hearts though, even when they were bound by contract, so it may still have caused despicable thoughts to form in their minds.

Lawless had chosen to be honest and open-minded though, thus sparing them from such trouble.

Hanses could not do anything about it either, and Kieran had Lawless to thank for that.

"You deserve it, 2567! Come on, we should leave now. When the battle back there ends, we won’t be able to outrun them!" Lawless reminded them, pointing at the battle back at the castle.

Kieran nodded right away and picked up his equipment.

It was a dark brown coarse belt about four fingers wide. It looked bland, but it had a firm, steadfast feeling to it.

[Name: Wild Soul]

[Type: Armor]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Defense: Strong]

[Attributes: Reckless Rush. Wild Rage]

[Effects: None]

[Prerequisites: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: This is a belt that contains a wild, untameable soul!]


[Reckless Rush: When activated, the wearer will charge forward for 5 seconds, until that time is up or they crash into an obstacle. (The obstacle's defense must be Strong or higher, otherwise the wearer will crash right through. The rush is unstoppable after it's activated. When crashing into obstacles with a Strong or higher defense, the wearer will suffer Damage similar to a Strong Attack), once per day]

[Wild Rage: When HP is below 30%, Heavily Wounded Status, +1 Reckless Rush Charging Power (The obstacle's defense must be Powerful or higher to stop the wearer. When it's higher than Powerful, the wearer will suffer Damage similar to a Powerful Attack)]


Kieran frowned a little as he read the [Wild Soul]’s description.

It had to be powerful to have two attached skills.

It was still a double-edged sword though. If used properly, it would cause great damage to his enemies, but a slight misstep could end up hurting Kieran instead.

He had no right to be picky, considering that he desperately needed equipment, but even if he had been fully equipped, he would still not have let go of a Rare belt like that.

He did not have any protective armor for his waist after all.

After he tied the belt around his waist, he got on his horse. Lawless and Hanses had been waiting for him for a while.

A strong whip later, the horses started sprinting.

The three war horses were like arrows let loose, sprinting fast towards the destination they had decided on before entering the dungeon.

The Forest of Pilgrimage! A huge forest located a hundred yards away from the Grand Duke’s castle.

Most of the lumberjacks and pelt makers of the castle were from that forest.

The Grand Duke would always go hunting in the forest during the summer, so the two towns near the Forest of Pilgrimage were very prosperous.

Another important point was that if they went through the Forest of Pilgrimage, they would leave Morko Principality.

The three of them rode from midnight till sunrise. They kept making stops on their horses, but only stopped completely when Lawless saw that the horses were tired and needed to rest.

The morning dew soaked Lawless and Hanses’ shirts. It was exceptionally uncomfortable, as they were wearing the leather armor, but neither of them wanted to start a bonfire.

Although Kieran had the [Crow’s Black Feather] on, it was bad for him too. He still agreed not to start a bonfire though.

A bonfire in the wild would surely attract attention.

Although the castle troops and the rebels were far away, that did not mean that the trio was safe.

The town citizens had quite a number of guards patrolling each and every village.

Although the town guards might not possess high fighting abilities, if they started a fight with them, they would leave an endless trail of trouble.

It was better for them to avoid fights at all costs and stay under the radar of the town guards.

To do that, they needed to stay out of sight of any potential paths the patrolling guards might take. If they were spotted by them, the weapons on their horses would surely raise questions.

With Hanses leading the way, the trio avoided the main path and took smaller ones. They were still extremely careful though.

When they reached a small hill covered by trees, they were finally able to take a longer rest.

"I miss Rachel’s food and wine!" Lawless sighed after they changed their bandages and reapplied balm.

He was chewing on the hard as brick ration Kieran had taken from the castle kitchen.

"Please stop it! The rations are already hard enough to swallow. If you mention Rachel’s cooking, I'll feel worse than I do now!" Hanses said in an upset tone as he rolled his eyes.

Suddenly, the two of them realized that Kieran was chewing on his ration at a ridiculous speed.

If they did not know that they shared the same ration, they would have thought that Kieran was eating some kind of delicious food.

"Maybe we're eating it the wrong way?"

After witnessing Kieran swallow down the ration like a typhoon, Lawless and Hanses started having doubts. They both followed Kieran's example and began munching on their rations faster and harder.

It was still as hard as a brick and it hurt their teeth. Every swallow felt like they were swallowing debris, and their throat felt as if it was being torn apart.

"You're messing with us, ain’t ya, 2567?" Hanses yelled at Kieran.

Lawless was also looking at him helplessly.

"No, it tastes okay!" Kieran said, holding another piece in his hand.

[Name: Ration]

[Type: Food]

[Rarity: Common]

[Attributes: None]

[Effects: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: This is a ration made from grains, praised for its ability to be preserved for a long time. Of course don’t expect any taste from it!]


Kieran saw the system's comments on the ration he was eating and felt that it was not accurate.

Other than the fact that it was a little hard to swallow, he thought that the taste was not that bad.

His tongue had been through hard training thanks to his daily fast food meals, so his tastebuds had been modified to accommodate even the worst kind of food.

Anything that he could swallow he considered good.

Of course, Lawless and Hanses knew nothing about what Kieran had been through.

The two of them looked at each other awkwardly as Kieran picked up another piece of ration and munched on it with a poker face.

In the end, Lawless and Hanses had no choice but to eat as much as they could.

Even though the [Ration] had no attributes, both of them knew that [Hunger] would cause their stats to drop to a new low.

Neither of them could afford such a debuff, so no matter how hard it was for them to swallow, they forced it down. Whenever they couldn't, they drank water with it.

There was a sufficient water supply at the horse saddles.

When Kieran stopped eating, so did Lawless and Hanses.

"So you're familiar with the masked man on the bridge? Are you hiding something?" Kieran asked Hanses the question that had been troubling him ever since they had left the bridge.

He looked at Hanses with shining eyes, trying to catch every small change in his expression.

Lawless turned his eyes towards Hanses with a frown.

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