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Chapter 205: Coming Out
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The flying, spinning door was hurled towards the small crowd. Everyone scattered away like ants.

Then they turned their attention to the infirmary, clenching their weapons hard.

They were waiting for Lawless to dash out after the door.

Everyone was ready for a fight, but there was no one inside the infirmary.

The door! Lawless had actually burst out along with the door.

Some of the faster ones turned their attention back to the flying door.

One of them was Captain Jorque. His magic longbow was already in his hand. He quickly loaded an arrow and pulled the string of the bow into a full-moon shape.

Lawless was even faster though.

A thunderous roar sent out visible ripples of energy through his surroundings.

Even the door he had used as a cover to dash out became twisted and cracked, as if it was made of plastic.

The small crowd was sent flying off the ground when the ripple hit them.

Before Captain Jorque fell though, he managed to fire the arrow in his hand.

The arrow spun towards its target with an ear-breaking sound.

It was flying towards Lawless’s left leg, but he dodged it.

Lawless pressed forward in an imposing manner, breaking through Gradon and Captain Jorque’s men at lightning speed.

He was too fast for them to react, and by the time they did, he had already disappeared from sight.

"Everyone follow me! Sir Gradon, I’ll leave the Church Hall incident to you!"

Captain Jorque led the Bestowed Squad away, sprinting in the direction where Lawless had disappeared.

Gradon frowned. He did not want to lose Lawless either, but he knew better than anyone that his men would not be able to capture him, even if they managed to catch up with him.

The thunderous roar earlier had shown Gradon the gap of strength between them. Lawless was not who he had thought he was. Such strength surpassed even core members of the military corps.

He might even be on par with the Barrier or the Hurricane captain in terms of strength.

"What the hell happened?"

Perplexed at the situation, Gradon waved at his men with a frown.

"Let’s move!"


Lawless met with Kieran 10 minutes after his bold escape.

In order to shake off the troops chasing him, he’d had to circle around the castle garden. He’d also had to use special methods that he did not wanted to use to completely escape the Bestowed.

He looked exhausted after that tedious ordeal.

"Are you okay?" Kieran asked. He was worried because Lawless looked pale.

Kieran had already gotten some food, and he had been hiding on the arch above the kitchen with Lawless.

"I’m fine. I only found these in the infirmary though!"

Lawless handed Kieran the medical supplies he had found.

[Name: Linen Bandage]

[Type: Bandage]

[Rarity: Common]

[Attributes: Increases the recovery rate of wounds]

[Prerequisites: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: Although this is not a distilled bandage, it can still help wounds heal through traditional crafting.]


[Name: Hemostasis Balm]

[Type: Balm]

[Rarity: Great]

[Attributes: When evenly distributed on your wounds, it recovers 1 HP every 10 minutes. Lasts for 24 hours]

[Prerequisites: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: It cannot recover your HP in an instant, but it has a good effect in the long run.]


"Better than nothing!" Kieran commented.

[Linen Bandage] and [Hemostasis Balm] might not be on the same level as the bandages and healing balm Kieran was familiar with, but they were still better than nothing.

He was still wounded after all, and he had to start healing up slowly.

Kieran’s Master Level [Medical Treatment] proved itself useful once again. He applied the balm to his wounds and wrapped them with the bandages with delicate moves.

"Did you kill Ferlin? Get any good loot?" Lawless asked Kieran straightforwardly as he performed first aid on himself.

As their relationship got closer and closer, some taboo subjects that casual players would not talk about were open for discussion.

Answering was up to each player though.

Lawless stopped when he saw the shocked expression on Kieran’s face.

"You’re talking about the Grand Duke’s consultant? The Ferlin that Hanses had mentioned?" Kieran asked back.

"Yes! Wait… It wasn’t you?" Lawless returned the question in panic.

"No! Some guy with a mask did it..."

Kieran shook his head as he told Lawless what he had witnessed inside the Church Hall.

Lawless frowned as he listened to his story.

"Another player must have joined the game! Not only did he massacre a bunch of unknown people inside the Church Hall, but he also killed the Grand Duke’s most trusted consultant... Well, Ferlin is dead for sure. This dungeon is getting more and more interesting!" Lawless said with a small smile.

Lawless and Kieran were no strangers to Ferlin.

Hanses had told them about a couple of key natives before they had entered the dungeon. One of them had been Ferlin, the Grand Duke’s most trusted consultant.

Although he was just a consultant, he had real authority and he dealt with the Grand Duke’s dirty business. Of course, only a handful of insiders knew the truth. Hanses had discovered the secret through a Sub Mission.

"I’d rather it was easier. The dungeon could have at least led us to Hanses faster. Besides…"

Before Kieran could finish his words, his attention was turned to the outside of the kitchen.

Two men in leather armor holding torches and weapons in their hands were walking towards the kitchen.

Leather armor!

The two men approaching the kitchen were wearing the same armor as the dead bodies in the Church Hall!

Although Kieran could only look at them from afar, he would never mistake that armor.

"Why are they here? Who are they? How many of them are there?"

A series of questions popped up in Kieran’s mind, but everything was blown away the next moment.

Kieran widened his eyes at their actions. The two men threw their torches up in an arc until they landed on the kitchen roof.

The oil on the torches created a spark on the rooftop, which spreaded like wildfire.

In a second, the whole roof was burning.

"Fire! He- Ahh!"

The kitchen maid that had not been able to fall asleep because of the commotion was startled by the fire.

One of the armored men stabbed her without hesitation.

The screams did not stop there though. Even more and louder ones followed as the fire burned bright.

Before one could subside, another one was heard, forming a chain of screams within seconds.

Lawless and Kieran looked at each other, thinking the same thing.

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