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Chapter 200: Accidental Kill
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The light footsteps stopped right in front of Kieran’s cell door.

With a turn of the key, the heavy door was pushed open, producing a screeching noise from the outside.

The light of the torch barged in fast, making Kieran squint.

Three people entered his cell.

The person who was holding the torch had good manners, and he was holding the keys. He had to be one of the prison guards, but he had an exceptionally clean face and outfit.

"Is he the prison guard chief? Or perhaps the warden?" Kieran tried to guess the identity of the man.

The other two men beside him were easier to identify.

One of them was wearing a deep blue armor, and a long sword was hanging from his waist. His stern face had a killing intent to it. No doubt he was the bodyguard of the third man.

The third man was wearing a fancy, luxurious dress with a girdle, and his sleeves and collar were decorated with black silk. He had a white wig on and a pair of brown brows, and the part beneath his eyes was covered with a handkerchief, hiding his heavily powdered face from Kieran.

He was obviously the person the bodyguard was protecting.

"This filthy, rotten place! If this matter wasn’t important, I’d never set foot in here!" the fancily dressed man ranted behind his handkerchief.

His rough voice sounded distorted, because he was holding his nose with his finger. It sounded a little higher than a normal man’s, and the noise it produced was very unsettling. It was like a fake, girly voice.

"Your Grace is here because of your honorable family name. I’m sure My Lord will understand your bitterness!" the man that Kieran speculated was the warden said delightedly after taking a bow.

When he turned around to face Kieran, his face became ugly and vicious.

"His Grace here is the youngest son of Grand Duke Morko, the brave hawk of the Morko Principality, the best and strongest swordsman there is, Reedrall! Now tell us, where did you filthy bastards hide the Legacy?"

The warden kept kicking Kieran as he ordered him to reveal any information he had.

He was not worried about Kieran resisting because of the steel cuffs around his hands.

The warden tried to please the "brave hawk of Morko" by kicking Kieran even harder and being even more vicious to him.

His kicks were nothing more than an itch to Kieran though, even though the warden looked very fierce and strong.

The strength of his kicks was nothing for him.

Kieran’s attention had been focused on the "brave hawk of Morko" from the moment the three of them had entered the cell.

He had come up with an idea. He would take him as hostage and escape from his cell.

Kieran’s idea was solidified when he discovered the identity of the man.

He was the youngest son of the Grand Duke, so if he took him as hostage, the others would hold back for fear of harming His Grace.

Kieran’s idea was not an easy one to execute though. The guard beside him was quite a formidable opponent, and Kieran would have to kill him off with one shot before he could proceed with his plan.

It was the only opportunity he would get. Kieran secretly stretched his hands and legs.

Reedrall was not the best and strongest swordsman there was. That was total bullsh*t. It was just a flattering comment from the warden. Anyone who believed it would be an idiot. Kieran had never seen a swordsman without a sword.

He had also noticed that Reedrall’s body was flabby. There were no signs of any sort of training on him.

If Reedral could be considered "the best and strongest swordsman", then Kieran would be the "saint of swords", even though he had never used a sword before.

"Talk! Start talking right away! Where did you filthy scum hide the Legacy?"

The warden kept pushing Kieran for an answer. He didn’t stop kicking him, even though he was already panting from the effort.

Morko’s youngest son was still holding his handkerchief up to his nose and looking down at Kieran with an arrogant expression. Reedrall was waiting for an answer. He was confident that if this kept on, Kieran would eventually spill the truth.

Keeping that confidence in mind, Reedrall got extremely terrified when accident happened.

Reedrall tilted his head downwards and saw a long sword pierce through his chest. The handkerchief covering his face fell to the floor, revealing his big mouth.

The brave hawk looked as if he wanted to say something, but the words did not escape his mouth in time before he died.

He just stood there, empty of any signs of life, like a little bird being crushed to death.

The warden was stunned. He wanted to scream out instinctively, but before he could, his mouth was covered by the remaining guard’s hand, and the dagger that had appeared in the guard’s hand was driven into his chest, stabbing his heart.

The dagger was plucked off, and fresh blood started gushing out.

The guard did not avoid the blood as it splashed all over his armor.

He just turned around and pulled the long sword out of Reedrall. Then he turned his killing gaze towards Kieran without the slightest intention of talking.

He plunged his sword towards Kieran’s neck swiftly.

Kieran was surprised by the incoming stab.

The moment the hare went out of hiding, the falcon swooped down to catch it. Both the warden and Morko’s youngest son had been killed in an instant.

Kieran had been about to take Reedrall as hostage, but before he could, Reedrall had been killed by his own bodyguard.

"What the hell happened?" Kieran asked himself.

The doubts in his mind did not slow down his reaction though.

The metal cuffs that had originally been tied around his hands were lifted within a fraction of a second, blocking the sharp tip of the sword.

The tip of the sword collided with the metal cuffs, producing a bright spark.

The guard was struck by panic when his sword was blocked. He had the same incredulous expression as Reedrall when he’d died without knowing what had happened.

He did not understand how Kieran had freed himself.

Unlike Reedrall though, he was not useless. When his first attack was blocked, he quickly turned his wrist around, swinging his sword towards Kieran’s chest and getting ready for another stab.

The guard displayed considerable swordsmanship through his swinging technique, but this still did not alter the final outcome.

Kieran slid sideways, avoiding the second stab and kicking the guard’s sword-wielding hand. After quickly disarming him, he landed another kick on the man’s chest.

The guard was sent flying backwards before he collided hard with the wall behind him.

Kieran extended his hand and grabbed the man’s sword, which was falling from mid-air. He pressed the sharp tip of the sword against the guard’s throat.

"Don’t move!" he shouted in a heavy voice, ready to probe more information out of him. He wanted to clear the doubts in his mind.

"Who are...." Before he could finish his sentence, a line of black blood oozed out of the corner of the guard’s mouth. His face gradually lost the radiance of life.

"What the hell?" Kieran was stunned.

Kieran had held back when he kicked the guard on his chest as he wanted to probe for more information, it wouldn’t be lethal by any means.

Still questioning the situation, Kieran went over to the body for a quick check.

As soon as he approached the guard’s body, a spicy smell assaulted his nose.


Kieran knew what it was, even without a Master Level [Medical and Medicinal Knowledge].

The guard had committed suicide with poison. As soon as he’d realized that he would fail his mission, he had taken his own life in order to prevent being taken as captive.

"Men of sacrifice!" The words popped up in Kieran’s mind. There was no other explanation for the incident.

"A man of sacrifice became the Grand Duke’s youngest son’s bodyguard and chose this time to assassinate him?" Kieran said under his breath.

A terrible theory took form in his mind. Trouble had descended upon the three of them.

The difficulty of the Main Mission had just gone up a bit.

"I need to contact Hanses and Lawless right away!"

Kieran picked up the dagger and the keys from the floor and left his cell.

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