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Chapter 198: Punishment
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Kieran came back to his senses after a couple of seconds. It felt like he had been through a short blackout in his mind.

The sore ache all over his body told him what had happened.

"Pain?" Kieran furrowed his brow.

It was not his first time learning skills, but none of the previous ones had shared any similar traits with this one. None of them had caused him pain.

That warm, comfortable stream of energy and the synchronization process from his previous skill learning formed a huge contrast with the [Secondary Elemental Damage Resistance]’s sore pain.

Kieran was impatient to check out the details of the skill and rearrange the knowledge of the [Secondary Elemental Damage Resistance] in his mind.

He was eager to find out what had caused [Secondary Elemental Damage Resistance] to behave differently than the other skills.

[Name: Secondary Elemental Damage Resistance (Unable to Upgrade)]

[Related Attributes: Constitution]

[Skill Type: Ancillary]

[Effects: When facing fire, lightning, or any types of elemental ice damage, you will be immune to Low, Weak and Below Average elemental damages. When facing Average or Strong elemental damages, you will receive Weak or Below Average elemental damage. When facing Powerful elemental damage, you will need to undergo a Constitution authentication. If you pass, you will receive -1 rank from the Powerful elemental damage. If you fail, you will receive normal elemental damage.]

[Consumes: Nothing]

[Prerequisites: None]

[Remarks: You have trained your body using a special method and increased your resistance against elemental damages, but please note that you are not completely immune to elemental damage!]


Kieran could not help but take a deep cold breath when he saw the details of [Secondary Elemental Damage Resistance] before rearranging the knowledge in his mind.

He wasn’t just surprised by the effect of [Secondary Elemental Damage Resistance], but also by the remark that he’d trained his body using a special method. Each word was imprinted in Kieran’s mind.

"If I experienced extremely hot or cold temperatures or was struck by lightning, I would die, even if I used a potion. I need to have an above average physique!" Kieran commented on the knowledge inside his mind and meanwhile made an educated guess about the pain that had struck him.

"The synchronization process always comes after I learn a new skill, but it’s not as extreme as the [Secondary Elemental Damage Resistance] process... Too bad this skill cannot be leveled up."

Kieran sighed in regret.

He was not concerned about the pain. If a fruitful reward came with it, he would endure it.

He knew that this was a give and take game, and it would always pay him back in double.

Kieran made another educated guess.

"If my physique was stronger, could I use the [Secondary Elemental Damage Resistance] knowledge to further increase my resistance against all kinds of elemental damage?"

It was theoretically plausible, but if he were put it into practical use, there would be a lot more obstacles to overcome, such as supportive potions and all sorts of extreme conditions.

Kieran had all the corresponding prescriptions in his mind for the potions, but he would also need to have the corresponding [Potionology] level.

"So next time I upgrade [Mystical Knowledge], I’ll need to look out for [Potionology] as well!"

Kieran filled in the gaps in his mind for his plans in the foreseeable future, although he knew it was not something he would be able to achieve easily.

Two weeks of self-teaching had made him understand that, without proper guidance, it was extremely difficulty to learn a skill from scratch, even at just a Basic Level, let alone an Entry Level.

The [Potionology] level Kieran needed would have to be higher than an Entry Level though. Only a Master Level would do him any good.

"Considering that I don’t have any proper guidance, all I can do is earn experience by reading, or..."

Kieran suddenly remembered the [Calming Balm] he had crafted.

After the refining had succeeded, a notification had popped up stating, "You just refined your first potion, You have gained huge experience in Potionology…"

Even though the potions that he wanted to refine could not be compared to the first one he had made, practising would be much better than studying theory from books.

"If it’s possible for [Potionology], it must also apply to [Alchemy] and [Astrology]. I will need a huge sum of points to begin though..."

Kieran suddenly recalled his failed attempts at refining a [Calming Balm] and all the ingredients he had wasted in the process.

He could not help but rub his temples when he thought about the cost of the wasted ingredients.

If practice made perfect, he would need a lot more ingredients than he had used the first time. The number would be ridiculously big, and the refining cost would definitely exceed any results.

"No! I’d lose more than I would gain this way!"

Kieran ultimately shook his head after he calculated the pros and cons of his plan.

Suddenly, he came up with another theory in his head. He could sign a Selling Contract.

However, the fact that he’d have to be bound to someone had him furrowing his brow hard. He eventually shook his head again. The results would be the same as the previous plan’s.

"[The Shaman’s Partner II]..." Kieran looked at the upcoming Special Dungeon.

If nothing worked out, [The Shaman’s Partner II] would be his last line of hope.

Inside the Special Dungeon he would get the chance to access things related to [Potionology], [Alchemy] and [Astrology] and learn about them.

Kieran was standing stiffly on the spot, carefully calculating what he would have to do to achieve his goal in [The Shaman’s Partner II] and not fail the Main Mission of the dungeon.

Before he could come up with anything solid though, his message tab was spammed by Lawless.


Lawless: How are the preparations going?

2567: I’m doing my best.


Kieran answered seriously. He had already received his deposit for the mercenary mission, so he would give it his best. Lawless would do the same as well.

Hanses was the employer, so it was a given that he would.

The three of them got together and started to discuss the upcoming dungeon, what potential threats they might face there, and ways that they could overcome them.

Hanses gave his best description of the dungeon and what he knew about the ongoing situation inside it. He even drew out a rough map of the Morko Principality.

The discussion lasted for hours and finally ended when all of them were satisfied with the briefing.


Hanses: Shall we?

Lawless: Let’s go!

2567: Let’s do this!


[Entering Team Dungeon…]

[Categorized as Special Team Dungeon...]

[You will receive the same authority and be on the same side as the initiator of the dungeon. As their teammate, you will also receive a specific Main Mission corresponding to your dungeon entry difficulty.]

[Authenticating Special Team Dungeon members…]

[Number of Participants: 3]

[Difficulty: 3rd dungeon difficulty]

[Background: You were originally one of Grand Duke Morko ’s elite infantry troops, but you and your accomplices stole the Grand Duke’s treasure from his treasure vault during times of war. This infuriated Grand Duke Morko, who sent out his best men and captured you and your accomplices. All the stolen treasure was confiscated, and you were thrown into prison! Grand Duke Morko is planning on executing you once the war is over, but you have already suffered a punishment for your crime…]

[Main Mission: Escape Morko Principality]

[Temporary Language Pack, Disappears upon exiting the dungeon.]

[Clothing, backpack, weapons, items, and attributes remain unchanged. Temporarily different look, Disappears upon exiting the dungeon.]

[Hint 1: This is a Special Dungeon. You can fail the Main Mission, but you will have to pay 300 Points as a penalty, and your highest attributes will drop by 1. If your points are insufficient, the system will deduct from your equipment. If your equipment is insufficient, you will fail.]

[Hint 2: Because of your theft, all your items are running a risk of being confiscated. Please choose your equipment and items carefully]


"Already suffered a punishment?"

When Kieran saw the new description, a terrible feeling rose in his heart.
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