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Chapter 175: Emerged
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While doubts about Fenkes were still lingering in Kieran’s mind, the people closer to Fenkes also shared the same doubts.

Kieran would never characterize someone as a villain right from the start, but he also didn’t believe that everyone in the world was kind and harmless.

He turned his eyes to Simones, wanting to ask more about Boller.

Before Simones could explain though, Ferad flew in through the door.

"2567, there is a guest from the Dark Star Society here for you! They’re very strong! Be careful!"

Ferad wrote.

"Someone from the Dark Star Society is here for me? Because of Carlos?"

Kieran raised his eyebrows, even more doubts filling his heart.

Other than meeting with Carlos at the Celestial Garden, he had no other connection to the Dark Star Society.

Nikorei had already stepped forward and explained to them what had happened, and the Dark Star Society had accepted the fate of its member.

They would never pay a visit based on past incidents.

What were they there for then?

Kieran believed that Ferad would never write something without thinking, especially a warning like that.

Using Tiki and Simones as an example, Kieran realized that anyone who was connected to Nikorei was no ordinary person. Ferad was also unique. After all, he was not afraid of the sun.

Despite his troubled thoughts, Kieran did not forget to thank Ferad.

"Thanks, Ferad!"

Then he waved at Simones and headed back to 1st Black Street.

Compared to Boller’s fishiness, the Dark Star Society guest was far more concerning.

Simones understood the situation, but he did not follow Kieran.

He knew that if he did, and anything happened, he would only be a burden to him.


When Kieran got back to the foyer of the house, he saw a familiar person in a dark red suit.

The middle-aged man’s clothes were identical to Carlos’. The only exception was the left pocket of his suit, where there was a silver handkerchief. His dark red suit and the way he acted were exactly the same though.

His hair and beard were neat and clean, and there was a faint smile at the edge of his mouth.

However, the middle-aged man lacked Carlos’s hidden pride and arrogance. He was much more enthusiastic and polite when he saw Kieran.

"Good afternoon, Mr. 2567! I am Frostrill from the Dark Star Society. I had to meet with you because of an urgent matter. I hope you understand!" Frostrill said.

"If you don’t mind, please take a seat before we talk," Kieran said, pointing at the couch in the foyer.

He was in no hurry to find out what Frostrill’s intentions were.

"Thank you," Frostrill replied immediately with a smile.

When they sat down, Kieran noticed that the man’s sitting posture was different from the ordinary. It was relaxed, but also elegant. Frostrill seemed to be fond of his manners.

Kieran, on the other hand, was not. He had increased his vigilance to the maximum the moment he had seen Frostrill.

The faint aura Frostrill emitted was much stronger than Carlos’ or Wilco’s.

Even though Frostrill made an effort to dim down his suppressing aura, Kieran could occasionally feel a tremendous suppression from him. He had to focus his full attention on the man.

"Very powerful."

Kieran had gotten the general idea thanks to what Ferad had written.

He was very good at hiding his astonishment though.

He was looking Frostrill in the eye.

"Mr. Frostrill, what do I owe this visit to?" Kieran asked.

"Alcatraz Island, or to be more precise, the bronze coffin. We need your help to open that coffin!" Frostrill said.

"You need me to open the bronze coffin?"

Kieran could no longer hide the astonishment on his face. He had never expected Frostrill to seek him out because of the bronze coffin.

According to Kieran’s understanding, the bronze coffin had to be in the Dark Star Society’s domain, and there it would remain, an exclusive chunk of meat only for them to chew.

"Yes, only you can open the bronze coffin. It’s a truth we’ve realized after paying quite a big cost!" Frostrill’s expression was bitter as he spoke.

The cost that he spoke of had to be quite high judging by the bitterness on his face.

Kieran wanted to know what had happened and why only he could open the coffin.

"What happened? I do not remember doing anything to the coffin," Kieran started firing questions.

"You accidentally completed the ritual." The bitterness on Frostrill’s face became even more prominent.

He raised his head slightly. After a few seconds of silence, he continued.

"During your battle with Gilfren Hatch, you accidentally completed the most important ritual to awakening the coffin. The tribute! You beat Gilfren Hatch and sacrificed his blood and soul to the bronze coffin. Maybe it was an accident, but now only you can open that coffin. We want what’s inside the coffin, so we have to work with you. Of course, we’ll offer you a sufficient amount of rewards. Madam Nikorei can be our witness!"

Frostrill’s bitter expression turned into a smile as he finished.

Kieran finally understood why Frostrill was so enthusiastic and polite to him. It was because the Dark Star Society needed him.

His bitter smile implied that Frostrill was afraid of Kieran’s demands.

Right from the beginning, the Dark Star Society had displayed tremendous determination in getting the bronze coffin. Until now, that determination had been a deterrent force against the other factions.

After Frostrill’s statement though, that determination became Kieran’s leverage.

The higher the determination of the Dark Star Society to get the bronze coffin, the more it would benefit Kieran.

However, Kieran was more concerned about the fact that Frostrill had suggested Nikorei as a witness.

"Does Rei know about this?" he asked.

"I wouldn’t have dared approach you without her consent. The Night Demon Society has experienced how powerful Madam Nikorei is. The Dark Star Society has no intention to follow in their footsteps. Besides, you have quite the position. You are Nikorei’s assistant. You might not know this, but we’ve put a lot of effort into making this meeting happen, so please think this over. Don’t just reject our offer," Frostrill asked him, keeping his bitterness at bay.

"So it was Rei!" Kieran sighed silently.

He could only imagine what would have become of him if Nikorei had not been in the equation.

Frostrill would not have been as polite as he was. He would have tried to persuade Kieran by any means.

He might even have used force from the moment their eyes had met.

That was why Kieran needed to ask Nikorei more about the matter. He knew Nikorei had a lot more information and could guide him better.

She would know what kind of reward he should ask for. Kieran could not determine what would be good for him at the moment.

The smaller the reward, the bigger the heartache he would suffer would be.

If he asked for too much though, the Dark Star Society would not agree to the deal.

They could only reach an accord with an optimal, reasonable reward.

As for the things inside the bronze coffin?

Frostrill had made it clear that the Dark Star Society would not let go of the coffin. That was why they’d offer other things as compensation.

After taking a deep breath and thinking about the matter at hand, Kieran looked at Frostrill.

"I need to consult with Rei about this. I hope you can wait a little..."

Before Kieran could finish his words, the phone in the foyer rang.

Judging by the timeliness of the phone call, Kieran could guess that it was Nikorei calling.

There were only a handful of people who knew that phone number. Other than the shaman who could "see" almost everything, who else could be making such a timey phone call?

Kieran excused himself and answered the phone.

He heard Nikorei’s voice from the other side of the line.

"Well done, 2567! You have done a great job of being my assistant! If you could kill Wilco by yourself, then you are ready to face an even bigger challenge on your own. I was hoping that you could help me again. There are more secrets on Alcatraz Island, so I need you to help me investigate the place again. I’ll propose the reward that the Dark Star Society has promised you and will hand it to you once you get to Alcatraz. I’m sure it will satisfy you! What do you think?"

Nikorei spilled everything without waiting for Kieran to speak.

Suddenly, a series of notifications popped up in Kieran’s vision.

[Player has completed the Main Mission with an excellent performance, a new Main Mission will start now.]

[Main Mission: Return to Alcatraz]

[Return to Alcatraz: Your excellent performance has satisfied Nikorei, who thinks you can work independently to help her solve more problems...]


"A new Main Mission?"

Kieran was astonished by the notifications.

If a Sub Mission had appeared, he would not have been surprised, as this was how things usually progressed.

However, he had completed the Main Mission earlier than expected, and a new Main Mission had taken its place. This was a first for Kieran.

"It it because this is a Special Dungeon? Or was my performance really that excellent? Or is it both?"

Kieran’s theories blossomed like flowers, but he did not hesitate in answering Nikorei’s question.

"As your assistant, can I say no? I’ll get prepared for the journey then, and uh..."

Kieran could not say no, as this was a Main Mission, but he needed to clear his doubts before he set off.

However, he was interrupted by Nikorei once again. "You need to trust your own judgement!" she said before she hung up the phone.

"Trust my own judgement? Does this mean that there’s something fishy about Fenkes?"

Kieran shivered a little.

After that phone call, he was ready to give Frostrill an answer. However, he suddenly heard a series of footsteps coming from the corridor.

It was Boller who barged in the foyer.

"Dr. Fenkes is back! A private investigator brought him back! Thank you for everything you’ve done, Mr. 2567! I cannot thank you enough!" Boller said right after he stepped inside.

"That’s great news!" Kieran replied with a light smile.

His heart went cold as he realized what this meant though.

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