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Chapter 172: Help
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Kieran had been obsessed with the thought of returning to Alcatraz because of the bronze coffin, so now that Fenkes had mentioned that he had gained powers from it, his eagerness to return was burning even fiercer.

However, the fire in his heart was extinguished once he remembered that the Dark Star Society was occupying the island.

He knew how powerful they were. Every member of the society was stronger than Kieran by a mile, so it would be impossible to infiltrate the heavily guarded island.

Kieran could imagine what would happened to him if he were to go to Alcatraz uninvited.

He might not die thanks to Nikorei’s reputation, but ending up behind bars was unavoidable.

Plus, such a reckless move might affect his relationship with Nikorei and eventually influence the Main Mission itself.

Kieran shook his head to push the thoughts away. It was better not to risk failing the Main Mission.

"I’m sorry, but I can’t help you. The Dark Star Society is occupying the island, so I can’t access it anymore. The bronze coffin might be really tempting, but I know my own limits," Kieran said apologetically.

"It's fine... It was worth a try. Did you say that the Dark Star Society is occupying the island?"

Fenkes could not hide the disappointment and shock on his face.

It seemed like he did not know that the Dark Star Society had taken over the island after the incidents there.

Before Kieran could utter a word, Fenkes went on to explain, "After I woke up, I was transferred off the island by government personnel. I have no idea what happened after I left. Although I tried very hard to investigate the incidents on the island, every path I took led me to a dead end. If the Dark Star Society is behind this though… No wonder! It all makes sense now! Even though I’ve just entered the supernatural circle, I'm aware that the Dark Star Society is among the six most powerful factions around. I’ve heard its name everywhere. It’s like a roaring thunder in my ears..."

Fenkes shook his head with a bitter laugh.

Six factions? Weren’t there only five?

Dark Star, Night Demon, Unicorn, White Deer, Polaris…

Kieran counted the names silently, making sure that he did not remember wrong.

Simones kept mentioning the five factions during their conversations, so Kieran remembered their names.

Fenkes had said that there were six factions though, and judging by his casual manner and steadfast tone, it did not sound like he was joking.

Was Fenkes misinformed? Or was Kieran?

Doubts started filling Kieran’s mind again, but he remained calm as he quietly listened to Fenkes’ story.

The doubts in his heart grew bigger by the second. He had been waiting for Fenkes to find him, but his appearance had been too coincidental.

Kieran had been assaulted by a Hatch Heresy assassin right before the heresy's leader had appeared before him claiming to have gained powers from the bronze coffin.

Fenkes was feeding Kieran information, eager to tell him the story behind everything.

If Kieran had been in Fenkes' shoes, would he have spilled everything to a bare acquaintance?

The answer was no. Kieran would not have been as honest as Fenkes.

The consequences it might cause would have been too severe for him.

A combination of greed and jealousy could incite conflict and bloodshed.

Of course, Fenkes might be completely honest because he really trusted Kieran, and Kieran might be measuring the stature of a great man by the yardstick of small men.

It was too hard to tell.

After an hour, Fenkes stood up and bid Kieran farewell. He had asked all his questions about the mystical realm and special individuals before Kieran saw him off.

He had not hidden the truth from Fenkes, even though all his information came from Nikorei and Simones. He had told him everything he knew.

Fenkes had thanked Kieran for his eagerness and honesty. He had been very delighted to get the answers he had been seeking. His joy had not seemed like an act.

Although Kieran still maintained his doubts, he needed to confirm his speculations before acting on them.

If his speculations were wrong, he would apologize to Fenkes, but if he was right, everything would have been worth it.

When Kieran saw Fenkes’s figure disappear in the distance, he returned to the Celestial Garden.


After Kieran and Simones moved the Potion Crafting Platform back to the house, Kieran resumed his earlier daily routine.

Except for when he slept and ate, he spent most of his time learning about Potionology from Simones.

Time passed quickly as he immersed himself in his studies. It had already been two weeks before he'd realized it.

During his studying period, Nikorei had only called once to say she would extend her trip. Then she had hung up the phone, not even allowing him to utter a word.

This had prevented Kieran from confirming the theories in his mind.

He had not asked anyone else about the number of the factions. He had kept it a secret for the time being.

This did not stop him from learning though.

After spending almost two weeks with Simones, Kieran had discovered that he was much more knowledgeable than he'd originally thought. He actually had quite a decent knowledge of Potionology.

When he remembered that Simones was friends with Nikorei, everything made sense.

A tiger never associated itself with sheep, and the weak never lingered around the strong.

Simones might have looked weak, but that was only because Kieran had not discovered his strong point yet.

"This is sandalwood. It’s made of the core of a sandal tree after it's dried up and grinded. When it's used as incense, it calms one’s mind easily. If you mix it with other materials, you can achieve a spirit repelling effect and a healing effect."

"This is Alfalfa Medicago. If you dry it up, you can use it as food rations. It won’t taste good, but it will fill your stomach!"

"This is a hibiscus. It's a good ingredient to use if you are feeling extremely tired."

"And these here are..."

Kieran was following Simones around the garden of the house. They had changed the garden into his Potionology plantation. Every time they passed by a plant, Simones would pause and explain to Kieran.

Every time Kieran absorbed knowledge from the lecture, he gained a little experience in Potionology.

[Potionology experience increased through teaching…]

Kieran was delighted rather than tired.

He looked forward to the moment when Potionology would appear as a skill in his skill window.

Suddenly, Ferad appeared and interrupted the lecture. Kieran frowned unconsciously in dissatisfaction.

However, he knew Ferad would not appear out of thin air with another person for no reason.

The man Ferad had brought was in his forties, and he had dark skin and hands full of calluses. He looked very buff, but his back was a little hunched.

He resembled the coolies that worked around the train stations and the docks.

However, anyone who could see Ferad could not be ordinary.

Even Simones needed a potion’s effect to see Ferad clearly.

"Are you Mr. 2567? Dr. Fenkes’ life is on the line! He needs your help!" the dark-skinned man said.

Kieran frowned hard.
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