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Chapter 165: Wilco’s Grudge
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There was a bright flash and burning shrapnel suddenly exploded before Kieran.

The layer of rock around him reflected the bright explosion.

Kieran instantly recovered 200 HP from the Rock Skin, and the [Heavily Wounded] debuff disappeared.

He had used [Tessirot Blessing]’s [Scale of Blessing] and [Primus Arm]’s [Primus Scale].

The two Rare and Legendary items had protected him from the deadly explosion. He had not even gotten a scratch.

Wilco had been less fortunate. The explosion had destroyed his protection barrier and forced him into a terrible position.

His red shirt and pants had been torn to pieces, and his body had been burned badly. There was blood oozing from his burns.

Although Wilco had noticed something unusual a second before the explosion, he had not been prepared. Sometimes, a late reaction sealed one's fate.


The excruciating pain elevated his killing intent to a new high. Suddenly, Wilco's face turned ugly.

Kieran was standing in front of him, making a hand gesture. He was crossing his thumb as he kept his other fingers wide open. His palm was facing Wilco as he chanted the incantation, "AIOPLDS!"

A cone-shaped flame burst out of his palm and engulfed Wilco.

While the rising heat wrecked havoc in the passageway, continuous gunshots were heard.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Kieran was holding the [MI-02] and [Python-W2] in his left and right hand respectively, and he was pulling the triggers repeatedly.

Bullets poured down on the burning Wilco like a heavy rain. This was still not the end though.

Kieran emptied the clips of his [Python-W2] and reached behind his waist again.

He produced another grenade and pulled its pin off.

He threw the grenade, landing it precisely at Wilco’s feet.


Another explosion assaulted Wilco, and this time he didn't have a protective barrier.

After enduring the [Burning Hand] and 13 shots of bullets, the grenade became the final straw that crushed him to bits.

Wilco’s body was sent flying upwards, his face full of hatred and unwillingness.

Finally, his charred body landed hard on the ground. There were no signs of life on it.

[Burning Hand: Inflicts 200 Fire Damage to Target HP, Target has Beginner Immune Lethal Attack, Beginner Element Resistance, Beginner Tensile Armor, Medium Iron Skin, Resisted 50 Damage, 150 True Damage inflicted to Target…]

[Shooting: Weak Spot Attack inflicts 200 Damage to Target HP (50 Firearm Weapon (Light Firearm)(Musou) X2), Target has Beginner Immune Lethal Attack, Beginner Element Resistance, Beginner Tensile Armor, Medium Iron Skin, Resisted 85 Damage, 15 True Damage inflicted to Target…]

[Explosion: Inflicts 200 Damage to Target HP (Explosive Weapon (Explosion)(Master)), Target has Beginner Immune Lethal Attack, Beginner Element Resistance, Beginner Tensile Armor, Medium Iron Skin, Resisted 150 Damage, 50 True Damage inflicted to Target, Target dies...]

The battlelog notifications that appeared in Kieran’s vision proved that Wilco had died.

After making sure he was really dead, Kieran leaned against the wall in exhaustion and panted heavily.

Although the two of them had been fighting for a mere 20 seconds, Kieran had thrown everything he had into the fight.

He had begun with [Hand-to-Hand Combat] kicks and a [Barsical Kick] to lure Wilco into his trap, and then used the fact that Wilco wanted information from him to restrict his movements. The grenades had dissipated Wilco's barrier and removed any obstacles so Kieran could use the [Burning Hand].

He had combined his skills and attacked from a close distance, but he'd had his ace cards and his luck to thank for his success. Kieran admitted that he had been lucky in killing Wilco.

If Wilco had had no use for Kieran, considering his contempt and disdain for him, he might have been killed the moment he had come into contact with Wilco back in the room.

The way Wilco had emerged from the shadows behind him proved the gap of strength between them.

If it was not for Wilco’s mission, Kieran would not even have had enough time to think about what to do, let alone kill Wilco.

Kieran rejoiced in his luck and the fact that he had killed Wilco and acquired a reward in the process.

An orange item had fallen off Wilco’s charred body.

Kieran walked over quickly and picked up the rare item.

As the orange glow faded, a glittering, translucent crystal ring appeared in his hand.

There was a blue mist around it.

[Name: Wilco’s Grudge]

[Type: Accessory]

[Rarity: Rare]

[Attack/Defense: None]

[Attributes: 1. Chilling Touch; 2. Cursed Grudge]

[Effects: None]

[Prerequisites: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remarks: A mission that Wilco had considered easy ended up leading to his death. Wilco’s hatred and grudge are sealed in this ring!]


[Chilling Touch: You need to touch your target with the ring for the skill to be activated. It strikes with a Powerful Cold Attack that lasts 5 seconds (When combined with other equipment on your body, it still lasts the same time), 1 time/day]

[Cursed Grudge: Anyone who wears the ring will suffer Wilco’s Grudge. Every time the [Chilling Touch] is activated, the wearer suffers 300 Damage. (Can be resisted with other skills, but the skill level has to be higher than the level of Wilco’s Grudge)]


"A Powerful Attack?"

Kieran glanced at the description of the ring. He was captivated by the Powerful Attack of the [Chilling Touch], but he frowned over the consequences of using the [Cursed Grudge].

He would have to suffer 300 Damage whenever he used the [Chilling Touch].

It was a real burden for him, as he had no skills to resist that huge damage.

300 Damage would be enough to send him into a [Heavily Wounded Status], even if he was in full HP.

Anything below his full HP would kill him if he used the [Chilling Touch].

However, the Powerful Attack was something Kieran had been longing for and needed.

It was also the reason he had enchanted the [Jagdtiger-X1] with [Critical Damage], so he could inflict more damage through his attacks.

However, the [Critical Damage] effect was only triggered with a certain percentage, so not every hit he fired could trigger it.

The Powerful Attack had a 100% chance of damage quality, so despite the consequences that came with it, Kieran was not willing to give it up just yet.

He put the ring on his right index finger, and in an instant, the glittering ring adjusted to his finger automatically. It was something common items could not do.

Kieran tried throwing a couple of punches with his [Lightning Tiger’s Finger] after wearing the ring to make sure there was no resistance from it. Then he turned his attention to Wilco’s body.

He had hoped to get more loot from Wilco, but the results were disappointing.

After enduring a couple explosions, Wilco’s body had been completely destroyed, so there was no loot left behind.

Even the Magical item that had granted him that extraordinary barrier had been destroyed.

Kieran moved away from Wilco’s body in disappointment and quickly picked up his backpack and Simones, who had passed out earlier, and resumed walking down the passageway.

Although Kieran had killed Wilco, he knew it was not completely safe yet. If Wilco had been able to intercept them in the passageway, there had to be only one explanation. Carlos had been killed.

Although Kieran could not determine how strong Carlos had been, based on the pressure he had emitted, which had been on par with Wilco's, he was sure that Wilco could not have killed Carlos unscathed.

If he had still been able to intercept them within such a short time, then he must have had a partner in crime.

Kieran could not come up with any other logical explanation.

The passageway was not safe at all. He had to escape before Wilco’s partner found out Wilco was dead.

Kieran wanted to head back to 1st Black Street and contact Nikorei.

After the sudden appearance of the Night Demon Society, he knew his only safe move was contacting the shaman.

Kieran reached the end of the passageway. There was a ladder there that led up.

On top of the ladder was a secret door.

Before Kieran could climb out though, the door was opened.

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