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Chapter 152: The Heart Taker
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There was no hint of mockery in Kieran’s warm smile.

He was just glad that he had met someone who expressed all his thoughts through his facial expressions and words at that particular time.

The policemen was a straightforward man. His way of thinking might be a little old-fashioned, but Kieran would not have to worry about getting betrayed if he worked with the man.

This was a crucial element in Kieran’s plan, but if the policeman was seeking a collaboration, Kieran would first need to show his abilities in order to earn the man’s respect.

"Rei trusts me. Don’t you trust Rei?" he asked, raising his eyes while still maintaining his pleasant smile.

"The reason I trust Nikorei is because she’s proved herself to be trustworthy through her abilities!" the policeman said straightforwardly as he furrowed his brows.

"So can I! All you need to do is entrust me with the matter that you wanted to assign to Nikorei. Nikorei is on a business trip anyway, so other than me, you won’t find any other suitable shaman in town," Kieran said.

The policeman frowned in thought for quite a while before he eventually nodded.

"Fine! My name’s Schmidt. I hope you can keep your word, or I will show you the consequences of lying. I don’t care if Nikorei is here to see it!" Schmidt introduced himself before warning Kieran.

"I’m 2567! I think actions are more powerful than words. When shall we start?"

Kieran replied to Schmidt’s warning with a smile. He had the utmost confidence that he could handle the policeman.

This was just a second time dungeon, so everything had to be a piece of cake for him, except for any Sub Missions that exceeded the Main Mission’s range.

According to Nikorei’s words before she’d left, Schmidt’s request had to be within the Main Mission’s flow.

"Right now!" Schmidt said before quickly walking outside.

Kieran waved at Ferad the spirit butler and went out with his backpack.

When he came out of 1st Black Street, he boarded a police cruiser with Schmidt.

"Seems like you are much more prepared than Nikorei was, but let’s hope you have at least half her abilities!"

Schmidt started his car after he saw Kieran’s huge backpack.

The heavy roaring sound of the engine sent them off on their way.

"So, can we talk about your case?"

Kieran was not bothered by the accelerating vehicle as he sat in the passenger seat. His Constitution exceeded a normal man’s and was enough for him to adapt to the bumpy ride in seconds. All he did was hold tight to his backpack.

Schmidt, however, did not answer Kieran’s question. He passed a file to him instead.

When Kieran opened it, the first thing he saw was the title.

"Heart Taker?"

Kieran raised an eyebrow. Judging by the title, the person it was describing was surely no ordinary man.

That instinctive thought formed in Kieran’s mind as he slowly went over the details in the documents.

He buried himself in the file, studying the case while the policeman drove.

After a forty-minute drive, Schmidt finally stopped the car, and Kieran raised his head.

"What do you think? Anything? Schmidt asked.

"The four victims have nothing in common. Identity, occupation, character, even their gender is different. Their way of death is the only similarity," Kieran said slowly.

As he spoke, he organized the information in his head.

The first victim was a female bartender who had been found dead on her way back from work. Her chest had been ripped open, but her heart was missing.

The second victim, a male librarian, had been found dead in the alley behind his apartment. His cause of death was similar to the bartender’s.

The third victim was a retired athlete, found dead at his home. His cause of death was the same as the previous two victims’.

The fourth and the last victim was a doctor who had been found dead in a parking lot. His heart was missing as well.

The killer had been very careful. No traces had been found at the crime scenes, and the surveillance cameras hadn’t recorded anything.

"You don’t say Mr. Shaman! Tell me something I don’t know!" Schmidt pressured Kieran for a clearer answer.

"Don't rush me! Are we at the fifth crime scene?" Kieran saw the policeman line up in front of a car.

"Yes, Nikorei told me that the nearer she was to the time of death, the more she could see. I was hoping for her to provide us with some clues, but since she’s on a business trip…"

Schmidt nodded before he started ranting. He did not trust Kieran yet, as he had not proved to be of any use to the case.

"I might be overthinking, but can you give me a map of the locations of the previous victims?" Kieran asked.

After what had happened in the [Wandering Beast] dungeon, Kieran was very sensitive to the number five, even more so when it was related to dead bodies.

Schmidt seemed a little puzzled as he looked at Kieran with his brow raised. He still ordered one of his men to get him the required map though.

Since Schmidt had worked with Nikorei over a dozen times, he was quite used to shamans requesting weird things.

"Want to have a look at the scene?" he asked.

"Sure!" Kieran replied delightedly.


He reached the house before him with Schmidt guiding him through the police blockade.

The ordinary furniture and decorations inside meant that the owner was not a rich person. The house was in a secluded area, so his financial status could not be any good.

The landlord, who stood aside being questioned, verified his guess.

"That piece of sh*t! If I knew this would happen, I would have evicted him! He still owed me two months worth of rent!"

The landlord ranted about his missing rent while the victim was lying down face-up beside him.

A couple of forensic experts were collecting evidence accompanied by the police.

When Schmidt walked into the room with Kieran, everyone was startled.

"Nikorei is on a business trip. This is her assistant, 2567. This lad here promised that he would provide services similar to Nikorei’s!" Schmidt explained Kieran’s presence there.

"If you guys cooperate, so will I! Now everyone please stay where you are! Don’t move!" Kieran emphasized as he activated his [Tracking].

Suddenly, countless minor details were revealed to him.

The footprints indicated that there had been no struggle from the victim. It seemed like he had been killed with just one shot.

The right side of his chest had been ripped opened roughly. The wound was really messy.

The right side of his chest?

It seemed like Kieran had finally found a difference from the previous four victims.

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