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With speculations in its heart, Bloody Mary looked at its contractor who was finishing the last few dishes on the table.

"Don't you think you should pay a little more attention to the problems we are facing right now?"

Bloody Mary crossed its arms and leaned on the banquet table.

"Problems right now?"

"Didn't you notice? It's self-evident."

"It's so obvious that it's like adding cinnamon and vanilla to a piece of mutton, you don't even have to think, he is just a… pitiful soul pushed to the front stage."

Kieran swallowed the piece of mutton in his mouth, his words had a noticeable pause.

Looking at Kieran's reaction, Bloody Mary couldn't help but ask, "He is a pitiful soul, alright, but aren't you surprise?"

Bloody Mary was unwilling to give in, it really wanted to see the surprise on Kieran's face, but the actual outcome was more disappointing than ever.

This time, Kieran didn't even want to reply.

Watching Kieran move his fork and knife together, gobbling down the food, Bloody Mary took multiple deep breaths.

It told itself to calm down, calm down… calm… damn it!

It's such a good chance, why do I have to give up now?

Bloody Mary spoke again when the thought blossomed.

"Why aren't you surprise?"

"A human becoming a Blood Kin's house leader, and it's the house that specifically targets humans."

"Regardless of reasons and logic, none of this makes sense… Huh?!"

Bloody Mary's continuous rants were put to an abrupt stop. It looked at Kieran's right hand, or more precisely, [Mesly Ring] at Kieran's right index finger.

Kieran's answer was obvious.

The [Mesly Ring] could control other people.

So, why couldn't there be more items or spells similar to [Mesly Ring]?

If such items or spells existed, it became reasonable that a human was the house leader of the Blood Kin.

Likewise, the one who controlled Erbus. K was also apparent: the house leader of House of K, the original one.

Other than this answer, Kieran couldn't think of anything else at the moment.

Looking at Kieran's calm reaction, Bloody Mary helplessly shrugged, but it still didn't want to give up.

"Everything is within your expectations? Even the items or spells like the [Mesly Ring]?"

Bloody Mary stared Kieran's face, hoping to find some changes in his reaction.

Unfortunately, he was still expressionless as ever, his eyes didn't even move or flinch.

"I am not God, I can't see everything."

"Besides, not even a God can be omniscient. What I can do, however, is try my best in predicting the possible outcomes."

"When I got [Mesly Ring], I've been thinking about what should I do when I face enemies with similar items or spells. And now since we came across one, I'll just proceed according to my plan. That's it."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Kieran didn't hide anything from his own contracted demon.

After all, from a certain aspect, Bloody Mary was closer than his friend Lawless and Starbeck.

"What about the uniqueness?"

"Isn't everyone unique in a certain way?"

"Aren't the things they acquire unique as well?"

"Why didn't you think about that?"

Bloody Mary was looking at Kieran with a look of disbelief.

Kieran picked up the bowl of oyster cream soup and drained it with a few gulps. 

After showing a satisfying face, he said slowly, "Yes, everyone is unique in their own way. So what you think is important cannot be my reference to locate my target. Only I know what is good for me."

Kieran showed a ridiculing smile after that.

"Aren't you like this as well? Or… Did you give up?" Kieran asked.

Correct, from a certain aspect, Bloody Mary was indeed closer to Kieran than Lawless and Starbeck, but Kieran never thought it could surpass the two.

A knife can hurt people, but it can hurt you too.

From the very beginning, Kieran reserved a certain level of vigilance and caution against Bloody Mary and the other cardinal sins.

Because of that, these unique existences would never surpass Lawless and Starbeck.

When Kieran showed that ridiculing smile, Bloody Mary's heart skipped a bit. Then, unknown to itself, its gaze started to drift away.

It pretended to size up the banquet hall, trying to find more things of value.

However, its presence changed drastically. That wickedness of a demon could no longer stay put, even if it covered it up decently on the surface, its roots never changed.

Bloody Mary was forced to form a contract with Kieran, the one-sided kind, so if it could free itself from the Contract, it would not mind at all.

Even more so, when Bloody Mary discovered more secrets, it already had more thoughts on its mind, but it knew how hard they were to execute.

So, it had always been careful. It was waiting patiently, waiting for the chance to discover its contractor's weakness.

The moment before its eyes was a great opportunity in its mind, but…

The atmosphere in the banquet all almost froze all of a sudden.

Kieran didn't speak. He placed the knife and fork neatly beside the plate after eating, but Bloody Mary wished for more food to distract its contractor.

However, its wish would be hard to come true.

In the end, Bloody Mary's drifting gaze landed at Kieran, whose presence became dangerous.

"I don't want something that I can't control around me. Or… would you present more leverage, persuading me to keep you around even if you might pose a threat?" Kieran said calmly.

He took out [Fantos Manuscript] from his bag and ignited the Devil Flame at his left hand.

Bloody Mary's eyes shrunk. It clearly felt Kieran's killing intent.

Since Bloody Mary was always around Kieran, it would never doubt how resolute he was. It knew if it couldn't provide a satisfying explanation to Kieran, he would burn [Fantos Manuscript] and followed by itself.

Bloody Mary had no intention to taste the burning of the Devil Flame.

"I...I-I submit."

Hesitantly, Bloody Mary took out its only leverage.

And other than its own self, what else could it offer?

[High Demon, Bloody Mary submitted willingly…]

[Contract changing…]

[Use 100 Points to form Slave Contract? Yes/No]

"Yes," Kieran answered.

[Contract changing…]

[Bloody Mary (High Hetero-Form) has fully submitted to the user's control, acquired detailed description.]

[Check Bloody Mary (High Hetero-Form) detailed attributes? Yes/No]


"High Hetero-Form?"

"Detailed attributes?"

Kieran squinted his eyes and chose 'yes.'
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