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The night at Eiders was dangerous, especially after the night of the Blood Moon. No one knew what kind of monsters were hiding in the darkness that their sight couldn't reach.

Therefore, the people of Eiders hurried home during the evening. They shut their doors and windows, placed forks and bats that could act as weapons in reachable place. Even for those who had to go out at night, they chose to go out in groups, arming themselves like the Spec Ops members.

A group of five Spec Ops members were traveling in a car and slowly driving along the street. Even though the car had its high light on, it couldn't shine further than five meters in front, as darkness devoured even light.

"Damn it."

The patrol leader, who drove the car, cursed. He chose to slow down the car even further while the other four turned their heads and looked around.

The supposedly bright street lamps were blurry in the darkness, as if mist had flooded Eiders. It made the Spec Ops members on watch subconsciously hold their weapons tighter.

As part of the Special Operation Division, the men hadn't appeared on the street at this time for a stroll, they were there for night patrol.

Based on the consecutive cases of monster attacks, the intelligence department was shrinking down the areas where the monsters could be active.

The street that they were traveling on now was clearly one of those areas.

The car slowly drove through the street, but none of them noticed anything unusual.

Slightly disappointed, the Spec Ops members in the car heaved a small breath of relief—because of their duty, they didn't mind engaging monsters in battle, but if they could, they would rather be safe as well.

The patrol leader picked up the wireless walkie talkie.

"Calling control, this is No.6 Patrol. No unusual sightings. Over. We will continue our patrol. Over."

"This is control. Understood, over." Wier's voice came from the wireless walkie talkie.

The patrol leader turned the car around and started their second round of patrol based on the designated route.

However, compared to the apprehensive first round, the members of No.6 Patrol were a lot more relaxed. Based on their experience in fighting monsters, the first time was always the most dangerous, and if they didn't encounter any danger in the first round, the danger level would decrease greatly, which was basically safe for the night.

"Hey leader, what kind of monster do you think it is?" the young man in the middle of the backseat asked softly.

"I don't know." The patrol leader shook his head.

"Some say it's the Ghouls, but aren't Ghouls extinct in Eiders? How could they appear again?" the young man asked.

"Who knows? After the Blood Moon incident, Eiders became weird. In short two weeks, there have been almost 20 cases of monster attacks." The patrol leader sighed.

"And that's not all, I've heard that some cases were covered up by really powerful figures! They…"


The young man still wanted to say more but was stopped by the patrol leader and the vice leader in the passenger seat. Two of the eldest members of No.6 Patrol looked at the youngest member with stern eyes.

"Never mention that case again," the leader emphasized.

"Remember, not even a word!" the vice leader reminded him.

Both of the seniors loved the youngest member of the group and as members of No. 6 Patrol, they had been through life and death together, forming a strong bond between them; they even considered each other as family.

Therefore, they didn't want anything to happen to the youngest member.

The young man was stunned before quickly reacting to the situation.

He smiled awkwardly while scratching the back of his head and just when he was about to say something, the slow moving car suffered a huge impact from the flank.


The huge impact flipped the car around with the five members inside.

A huge humanoid figure as tall as three meters appeared from the darkness. It lifted its big hand and tore away the car door like it was tearing a piece of paper.

Then, it reached toward the Spec Ops members and tried to grab them.

Bang Bang Bang Bang!

Five assault rifles fired out at once at the monster. Muzzle flash shone and loud bangs echoed throughout the street.

The huge figure was shot backwards but it didn't seem to suffer any damage. The bullets that could perforate flesh weren't effective. It was like firing into a steel plate, causing sparks on impact.


Under the blurry light, the patrol leader saw the face of the huge figure and once he matched the face with the records of the monsters in his mind, his heart skipped a beat.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Call for backup!"

A hurried shout later, the leader squeezed out from the flipped car, reloaded the gun in his hand and fired at the Ghoul once more.

"Calling back up! No. 6 calling for backup!" The vice leader shouted at the walkie talkie.

The other three also squeezed out of the car and tried to buy more time for the vice leader.

However, they seemed to have underestimated the Ghoul before them.

After faltering before the sudden gunshots, the Ghoul growled loudly out of anger. Its body engorging another round, it withstood the bulletstorm and dashed towards the flipped car like an angry rhino. A hard push and crash later, the car was sent flying towards the three members.

The three managed to escape the incoming car in an ugly state but the Ghoul then extended its hand to grab them.

"SCRAM! MONSTER!" The patrol leader shouted loudly. 

He gripped the assault rifle tightly, squeezing the trigger repeatedly while his other hand reached towards the grenade at his waist. He began charging towards the monster, which showed its back to him, but a black figure was quicker.


Like a sudden gale, the black figure grazed the Ghoul.


An unprecedented loud roar exploded from the Ghoul, it sounded like it was in… pain?

Then, with that, the members of No. 6 Patrol watched as the Ghoul that was immune to bullets fell to the ground.

In the Ghoul's back was an obvious cut, and in the black figure's hand was a big heart that was still beating.



The Ghoul's beating heart was crushed into a pool of blood.

"Lord D!"

The patrol leader recognized the person at first glance and quickly called out in surprise.

"Take care of your comrades."

Bloody Mary, the High Demon, told the leader this before its body turned into nothingness.

Loud engine sounds were coming from further away.

According to Kieran's orders, Blood Mary's mission did not consist of talking to the Spec Ops members.

Although it preferred this kind of mission, once it thought about Kieran watching its every move, Bloody Mary helplessly gave up the appealing thought.

Defying Kieran's order was scary for Bloody Mary.

Since Kieran spent Points in summoning the High Demon, should it defy Kieran's orders, it would be like the wrath of the heavens!

The High Demon knew how stingy its master was and also how smart he was.

Moving quickly, it felt like it was being watched by a faint gaze from the dark. Bloody Mary pretended nothing had happened and continued forward.

Then, it quietly waited for the arrival of death.

Aren't I bait?

It's nothing, it's not the first time anyway.

I am used to it.

The thoughts popped in Bloody Mary's heart but the scene that happened next shook the High Demon despite it preparing itself for death.
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