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If the words had come out of some first generation divine descendant, Kieran might have felt like he was facing his greatest enemy, but when the words came from Mier, who seemed more like an annoying roommate, Kieran laughed without commenting.

It was true that he had a lot of secrets, but regardless of which, it wasn't something that the young lady before him could grasp. Her strength had decided what kind of level she could reach and what kind of secrets she could unearth.

"You don't believe me? Although you are in disguise, you people never change your habits. Cold, vigilant, fond of black, uncaring about what people think and following your own rules. Each one of you are incredibly strong. More importantly, whenever darkness rumbles, you people always walk out of the shadows. Am I right, Mr. D? Or should I call you Monster Hunter D?"

Mier purposely lowered her voice, as if she wanted Kieran to believe that she knew everything.

"Sorry, you have the wrong guy." 

Kieran continued on to the restaurant. He'd already picked up the aroma of stewed meat from the restaurant.

The rich aroma of meat along with potatoes and carrots tickled Kieran's appetite.

He didn't have the mood or free time to tangle with the young lady who obviously misunderstood something.

Walking past her, Kieran went into the restaurant.

He picked a corner seat before calling the waiter.

"I want your signature dish and one serving of every dish on the menu," Kieran pointed at the menu and ordered.

"Every dish? Sir, we have almost 15 dishes on our menu. If it's for you alone…" The waiter, stunned, spoke hesitatingly.

"It's for both of us. We'll takeaway if we can't finish!"

The pleasant voice came from behind.

Mier then came in and sat opposite Kieran.

"Okay then."

When he saw Mier, the waiter immediately nodded.

The waiter knew Mier, or should it be said, Mier was quite popular around the hood.

A good looking lady with a voluptuous figure always attracted attention, and when this young lady had an extraordinary appetite to go with it, impressions would be made.

Kieran, seeing Mier sit in front of him, said, "I've said it before, you have the wrong guy."

It was rare for him to speak again.

It wasn't for any particular reason, just that Mier didn't seem like the type to waste food, so Kieran felt like she was decent.

Of course, it stopped at decent, and as for more?


"I know, I know! The rule of keeping secrets, right? Don't worry, I won't say anything. But don't you think that you need some help in this unfamiliar city? Coincidentally, I have the capabilities to help you."

Mier smiled like she understood everything and even recommended herself, as though she were trying to prove her abilities. The young lady then softened her voice and continued, "You must have found something back at the scene, something the ignition point hides, right? I've already sent someone to find out who were the officers and firefighters on duty that night."

This time, Kieran didn't say anything. He looked at Mier with a critical gaze.

Under Kieran's gaze, Mier opened up honestly.

"I am still one of the special consultants of the police force, you know. I have the authority to access such things. Besides, compared to my tiny authority, I am hoping to know how you found the hidden point? When the fire was extinguished, my grandpa, Wier, and I searched the place in detail but the fire had razed everything, and we didn't find any clues. So, how did you find it?"

Mier replied to Kieran's gaze by looking straight into his eyes and showing no signs of avoidance, as though she was trying to spot something in Kieran's eyes.

"Your 'detailed' search was not detailed enough," Kieran said.

Meanwhile, in his heart, Kieran carefully sized up the young lady before him and tagged her with a decent judging ability.

During the search at the site, Kieran was indeed searching for clues but that didn't mean he didn't cover up his presence.

In fact, given how vigilant he was and with how many eyes were on him, he covered his presence from the start to the end of the search.

That was unless he wanted others to spot him!

Undoubtedly, the young lady had noticed Kieran's deliberate moves, which he performed to get others to notice him.

Although Mier had only seen what he wanted her to see, it already proved that her observations were remarkable.

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The young lady mumbled the term, her expression showing even more interest than before.

Kieran, however, went silent again.

Since Mier wasn't the intended target that Kieran tried to lure out, it was only because of her respect for food that made Kieran willing to converse with her.

Any more than that was impossible for Kieran. However, Kieran seemed to have underestimated her patience.

When Mier noticed that Kieran had no intention to reply, she shrugged and looked at Kieran with her palm holding her chin.

Kieran turned a blind eye to her.

He had learned to deal with this kind of stare a while ago. On top of that, he had something to divert his attention: food!

Soon enough, the waiter served the signature stewed meat and the other 15 dishes on the table.

Instinctively, Mier tried to pick up the spoon and have a taste of the stew, but just when her fingers were about to touch the spoon, sheer coldness rose in her heart all of a sudden.

Almost instantaneously, Mier shrunk her hand from the spoon and placed it over the gun at her waist. She turned in the direction that made her heart skip a beat.


Mier jolted. She didn't expect the presence that made her feel extremely dangerous to come from Kieran.

"My food..." Kieran said coldly. 

Before he truly finished, the threats in his eyes said it all.

After noticing the threatening eyes, Mier quickly reacted, being like him at times.

"'This is my food. If you dare to lay a finger on it, death will descend on you like a thunderbolt.' Am I right?"

Mier finished up Kieran's sentence and stood up with a smile. Without calling the waiter, she moved a table opposite Kieran's and combined them.

"Waiter, give me one serving of each, just like him." Mier called the waiter over and ordered the same thing as Kieran.

"Uh, okay," the waiter replied in a slightly dull state.

Didn't she say the food was for two people?

Did they argue? Or?

Random speculations popped up in the waiter's mind before he left for the kitchen in a hurry.

Then, when the waiter brought another 15 dishes and the signature stewed meat from the kitchen, he witnessed a scene that he would never forget for the rest of his life.

A man and a woman were sitting opposite each other at their own tables. The forks and knives in their hands were dancing in a flurry, reaching out towards the 15 dishes that were scattered in front of them.

Each time they chewed, the noise triggered one's appetite so much that the hunger deep down in one's heart spread uncontrollably.


The waitered gulped uncontrollably.

No one would laugh at the waiter though, because everyone witnessing the scene was gulping.

"Waiter! Give me a stewed meat as well!"

"Me too!"

"Me as well!"

The orders sounded in succession throughout the restaurant. 

And when the other customers got their serving of stewed meat, Kieran called for the waiter again.

"Give me another serving."

"Me too," Mier said and smiled at Kieran.

This time, her smile was different from the previous ones, as it had some mixed meanings hidden in it.

"Do you believe in a fated meeting?"


"It's sick."

"Eat your food," Kieran replied plainly and continued eating.
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