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The elder looked at Kieran with surprise.

Obviously, he never expected such an answer from Kieran.

Likewise, the young lady that was further away and the hotel owner did not see that coming either.

The former looked at Kieran with even more interest and curiosity.

The latter?

Lagren smacked the counter and laughed out loud.

Amid the loud laughs, the elder shrugged helplessly. He had such good self-restraint that he didn't show any rage on his face. He took off his hat and bowed.

"Seems like today isn't a good day for a conversation. I hope we can have a talk next time in a better mood. Sweet dreams and good night."

The elder then turned around and left the hotel with the young lady.

Before walking out of the door, the young lady turned around and shouted boldy to Kieran, "Remember, I am Mier!"

Kieran didn't even respond to the young lady.

When the duo left, the lobby was emptied out instantly, leaving only Kieran and Lagren alone.

The hotel owner watched as Kieran slowly ate his fish. After some thought, he brought a big pot of grilled-fish from the kitchen.

Obviously, it was all the reserve that the hotel had.

"I don't think there will be anymore guests dropping by today later. If you don't mind, I'll give it to you all for free. I have to remake it tomorrow anyway," Lagren said.

It was hard for Kieran to reject food, even if the taste was ordinary. Kieran's cold face showed a dash of warmth when he nodded.

"Thanks." Kieran expressed his gratitude again.

"You are really a weird one! But aren't you all weirdos?"

Lagren couldn't help but shake his head at the polite thanks from Kieran after he put down the big pot.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"I am not who you think I am. You have the wrong guy," Kieran said.

"I know, I know, you folks always like to hide your identities. I've seen a few before. Wearing all black and as cold as ice even under the sun."

Lagren didn't go back to the bar counter, instead taking a seat opposite of Kieran and looking at him with a probing gaze.

"I am not one of them."

Kieran didn't care about the gaze as he emphasized once more before looking at the big pot of grilled fish. The fishes were laid inside neatly, and on top of them was a thick layer of sauce, chopped chilies and celery.

Kieran didn't take them out one by one, instead, he treated the big pot as his plate and started eating.

Lagren couldn't hold back the twitch in the corner of his mouth when he saw how Kieran ate.

He was certain even the coolies in the docks wouldn't be as rude as Kieran.


Somehow, Lagren felt a little hungry just by looking at how Kieran gobbled down the fish.

Fortunately, he didn't give all the food to Kieran. There was still some toasted bread in the kitchen furnace—it was the breakfast he prepared for the guests tomorrow.


Lagren quickly ran into the kitchen and came back out with a big loaf of bread.

"Sure sure, you do look a little special… You look more like a raven, the kind that delivers death and brings away souls. And I believe I am not the only one who says that," Lagren said as he chewed on his bread.

Kieran looked up and didn't answer. Instead, he looked at the door of the hotel.

A second later, Lagren turned in the same direction as well after hearing some noise.

Dak, Dak Dak.

Messy footsteps.


The shut doors were pushed open heavily.

Mier, who left a while ago, faltered as she came in.

She was injured in the face and her coat was torn. The majority of her body was covered in blood, and even the gun at her waist was gone.

"Q-Quick, save Wier!"


As she spoke, Mier was slowly approaching Kieran and Lagren at the table.


A silver white revolver was pushed on her forehead. Kieran, who was gripping the wooden handle on the other end, pulled the trigger without a second thought.


Mier's crown was blasted off. Blood splattered, but the blood wasn't red, instead, it was dark brown.

Mier fell to the floor with a disbelieving look. When her body landed on the floor, her face and body started to twist and distort. 

Her skin turned grayish blue, her body turned very thin and her face filled with fangs along with a pair of morbid eyes. It was a gruesome scene to the eyes.

Dak, Dak Dak!

A moment after the body fell, more footsteps came in from outside the hotel.

Mier and Wier rushed in after the monster.

When both of them saw Kieran and Lagren unscatehed and the body of the monster on the floor, they heaved a breath of relief.

"We fell into the trap of this bastard's friends."

"Thank God you two are fine, otherwise…"

Bang Bang!

Two more shots were fired.

Two more bodies fell on the ground.

After the two bodies fell, they transformed like the first monster.

Looking at the three monsters' bodies on the floor, the hotel owner grunted coldly.

"These Shapeshifters really get on the nerves. But, how did you know that the two that came in later were Shapeshifters as well? They didn't smell as bad as the first one," Lagren said to Kieran out of curiosity.

"The way they came in is the exact opposite of where Mier and Wier left," Kieran said calmly after putting away [Python-W2].

The hotel owner gave him a big thumbs up before he started to clean up the place.

The bodies were just thrown outside and the floor was washed with water.

Meanwhile, the guests upstairs were attracted by the gunshots and came down for a look. When they saw the bodies thrown outside, their faces slightly turned sour.

All of the guests then chose to leave the place.

Soon, the whole hotel was left with just Kieran and Lagren, the owner.

"Damn monsters! Disturbing my business."

Lagren's face looked ugly as he watched the guests leave. He grunted heavily before turning around to Kieran with his eyes shining.

"You need intel, right? I know Eiders from top to bottom. I know a lot of stuff. What do you want to know? Just between you and me, I'll give you a satisfying discount!"

Lagren voiced out his suggestion and looked at Kieran with anticipation.

However, Kieran shook his head straightforwardly.

"No need," said Kieran.

Perhaps he was indeed in need of the information regarding this dungeon world, especially on the Blood Kiln, Werewolves, Ghouls and those Shapeshifters. Since they dared to appear in the city out in the bright, Kieran really wanted to know what kind of dungeon world this was.

But his eagerness didn't mean he would choose to ask the hotel owner before him.

Even if Lagren didn't show any malicious intent, he was still stronger than commoners and that fact alone raised an alarm in Kieran's heart.

That's right, the presence that attracted Kieran to the hotel in the first place belonged to the hotel owner, Lagren.

Lagren possessed strength stronger than that of commoners, even stronger than Mier and Wier's.

It would be a strange thing for a strong person like Lagren to become a hotel owner.

Given that Kieran had better sources for information, why would he choose the stupidest one?
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