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After the skill book disintegrated, the knowledge was transferred and synchronization occurred immediately.

[Name: Fire Shower (Basic)]

[Related Attribute: None]

[Skill Type: Offense]

[Effect: Fire is never your enemy, its heat and burning will only bring liveliness to your life. 3.0 HP/ Minute]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Mystical Knowledge Raven Sect (Grand Master), Constitution S]

[Remark: Raven Sect Ultimate!]


But when Kieran was carefully checking the details on [Fire Shower], the Devil Force in his body shook all of a sudden. 

He felt like the Devil Force was awoken from its slumber by the new skill.

"Fire Shower and Devil Force can resonate?" Kieran was stunned, followed by a grin.

He hadn't forgotten that after he limit broke about the note that came with his Talent when he broke his Character Model Template Limit.

Skills that match Origin Force will receive a 30% decrease in Points, Skill Points, and Golden Skill Points requirements for leveling!

Eagerly, Kieran clicked the level up option on [Fire Shower].

[Detected resonance between skill, Fire Shower and Devil Force, deemed as matching Origin Force, required Points, Skill Points, and Golden Skill Points decreased by 30%]

[Cost 100,000 Points, 3 Golden Skill Points to level up Fire Shower. Yes/No?]


Kieran shook his head though, then he looked at the required Points and Skill Points of [Fire Shower], the grin on his face did not diminish by any means.

Kieran was as stingy as Grandet, correct, but when the investment and returns were on the correct ratio, he would never hesitate.

The reason why he temporarily chose "No" was because according to his plan, he still needed to level up mystical knowledge Viper Sect to Grand Master, before he could make the choice.

Another round of reading started.

Similar to the initial choice Kieran made, compared to Raven Sect's mystical knowledge, Kieran ran into a lot of problems while learning Viper Sect's mystical knowledge.

By no means was Perry Kaner's teaching not attentive enough nor were the books not complete, it was because even Perry Kaner herself did not learn everything.

As for the books?

Some key points had mistakes, some very hidden mistakes.

If Kieran weren't a habitually vigilant person and the system did not notify him from time to time, he wouldn't have noticed the 'secret' behind the books.

That damn Zoyedark!

Undoubtedly everything was designed by that Prime Viper.

Kieran tried his best by using the books in his possession and his own understanding to slowly fill in the mistakes and gaps to connect the broken lines. Using almost double the time, Kieran finally achieved his goal but still, the remark on Viper Sect's mystical knowledge was different.

[Name: Mystical Knowledge Viper Sect (Grand Master)]

[Related Attributes: None]

[Skill Type: Ancillary]

[Effect: You understood the hidden knowledge of this sect, you can decipher all the basic and advance knowledge regarding this sect plus a little more extremely secretive knowledge (Most of it is based on your own understanding, it may vary with the original)]

[Consume: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Remark: Every sect has their own unique point, the knowledge in each sect is vastly different and this knowledge is much more useful than you know]Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

[Note: Before acquiring a complete knowledge record, you can no longer level up this skill by studying based off your own speculations]


Kieran frowned when he saw the note and description.

But thankfully, the thing that he feared more did not happen.

Although [Mystical Knowledge, Viper Sect] could no longer be leveled up, he was still able to use [Essentials of Prime Viper Secret Technique Record] based on the system verification.

[Using Essentials of Prime Viper Secret Technique Record!]

[Detected skills available for leveling: Thousand Viper Kick, Viper Body, Dormant Viper, Sword Skill, Dragon Force]


The system did not show [Sword Skill, Myriad Viper].

"Still limited to under Transcendence?"

Muttering to himself, Kieran quickly made the choice.

Undoubtedly, Kieran chose [Dormant Viper], which required a massive amount of Golden Skill Points, but to his surprise, after he chose [Dormant Viper] and made sure he couldn't click other Viper Sect skills, [Sword Skill, Dragon Force] was still available.

The system even granted him a corresponding level up.

[Essentials of Prime Viper Secret Technique Record requires the user to choose at least one Dragon Sect skill!]

Given the notification, Kieran picked [Sword Skill, Dragon Force] without a second thought.

[Dormant Viper acquired a massive amount of experience, leveling up…]

[Name: Dormant Viper (Musou)] 

[Related Attribute: None]

[Skill Type: Ancillary]

[Effect: A high ranking technique among the Viper Sect, uses a special way of breathing to send the wounded into a slumber and heal for 3.0 HP/minute]

[Special Effect: Viper Rest (Decrease Stamina consumed and increase 1.5 recovery rate per minute.)]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Spirit SS+]

[Remark: It will consume your stamina but its roots are within Spirit, it is the entry-level technique to the real Viper Sect Ultimate!]


[Sword Skill, Dragon Force acquired a massive amount of experience, leveling up…]

[Name: Sword Skill, Dragon Force (Transcendence)]

[Related Attribute: Strength, Constitution]

[Skill Type: Offense]

[Effect: Whenever you attack, you can perform a 5-second charge up and unleash a slash with a 130% increase in attack, consume 50 Stamina, cooldown: 2 minutes]

[Special Effect: Extra Charge (decrease charge up time by 2.5 seconds]

[Transcendence Option: Extra Power (Ditch the extra charge up time to perform a 70% attack increase slash)]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms (Master of Two-handed Sword), Strength B-]

[Remark: This is one of the secret esoteric sword skills of the Dragon Sect and the base for all Dragon Sect secret skills]


[Sword Skill, Dragon Force has reached Transcendence, Essentials of Prime Viper Secret Technique Record still has a huge amount of experience left, perform derived extension of skill?]

The unexpected notification stunned Kieran for a while before he agreed to it.

[Sword Skill, Dragon Force deriving…]

[Sword Skill, Dragon Force derivation success, player learned Sword Skill, Rising Dragon (Master)!]

[Name: Sword Skill, Rising Dragon (Master)]

[Related Attribute: Strength, Constitution]

[Skill Type: Offense]

[Effect: Swing the sword upwards to perform a ferocious uppercut; When attacking, +100% attack in slashing power, consume 200 Stamina, cooldown 3 minutes]

[Special Effect: Extra Power (Slashes gain an extra 20% Strength)]

[Consume: Stamina]

[Prerequisite: Sharp Weapon, Heavy Arms (Master of Two-handed Sword) Strength B-]

[Remark: This is one of the secret advance skills of Dragon Sect.]


Without further ado, [Arrogant Word] appeared in Kieran's hand and unlike the habitual downward slash, this time, it was an upward swing.


The broad blade caused a gale with a heavy air whistle and when the whistle reached its peak, it became a roar, a roar of a dragon!

While the gale in front of the blade turned into a cyclone, as though it was a dragon's breath, it smashed towards the ceiling of the room ferociously.


A loud blow later, the ceiling shook heavily and dust rained down.

Kieran was sure that if the room weren't protected by the system, he would have opened a hole in his own roof.

"Compensating for the failings of basic sword skills, not only is it able to launch instantly but able to perform ranged attack as well?"

Kieran nodded in satisfaction.

He then turned to his attribute and skill tab.
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