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Kieran was sitting on his old broken sofa in his room quietly as thoughts ran through his mind.

Although Kieran sort of expected the dungeon that Wu hired him for to not be easy, he never thought it would be another Unique Title dungeon.

[Title dungeon: The Wisher (Sub-Scroll)]

[The Wisher: Eiders, at night, has fallen into panic. Continuous murders have made the prosperous and crowded streets empty, and those that hide in the corners of the city are tempted to move!]

[Dungeon cooldown: 10/10]


"The Wisher?"

Kieran took a deep breath as he looked at the sub-scroll in his hand.

Since he had been through a Unique Title dungeon before, he knew how hard it would be.

The only fortunate thing was that he didn't have to worry about competitors this time.

Kieran didn't know how Wu got her hands on [The Wisher], but he knew the contract required him to help Wu get the title.

So, before that, he needed to do his best in preparation.

Almost instantly, Kieran took out [Lucky Card II], [Reliable Repair Scroll] and [Recharge Card].

[Used Lucky Card II]

[Using Reliable Repair Scroll on Extreme Night…]

[Repair starts…]

[Repair abnormality…]

[Extreme Night rarity is higher than Reliable Repair Scroll's safety repair limit!]

[Attempt highest rank of repair? Yes/No]


As the golden white dazzling light shone, almost half of the cracks on [Extreme Night] disappeared.

[Name: Extreme Night (Damaged)] 

[Type: Sword Type Weapon]

[Rarity: III]

[Attack: III]

[Attributes: 1. Night Veil; 2. Night Slash]

[Effect: Night Protection]

[Prerequisite: Eliminate Ye Jing]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: As the longsword that Ye Jing gained in an accident before following him on his long conquest, its power is undisputed but it was damaged during the battle with you. Not only has its rarity gone down, its power has weakened a lot as well. Although it is still usable, be careful when you wield it. Maybe you can find a master swordsmith to repair it.]


[Night Veil: Extreme Night transforms into a black moving light, blocking attacks that don't surpass rank III (including rank III). 30 second durations, 2 per day]

[Night Slash: Perform a black light slash with rank III attacks on a single target within a 200-meter radius, 2 per day]


[Night Protection: In the night/darkness, Night Veil's duration increase by 20 seconds, Night Slash's range increases by 75 meters.]


After the second round of repairing, it didn't remove the [Damaged] suffix but its attributes changed again.

"It can already block attacks within rank III and its attack radius is further enlarged. [Night Protection] acquired corresponding increment as well. Not too shabby." Kieran grinned.

Even though almost 1/3 of [Extreme Night] was still covered in cracks, it didn't affect his good mood.

And after using [Recharge Card], his good mood was further elevated.

[Using Recharge Card on Phantom Illusion Ring…]

[Repair starts…]

[Repair abnormality…]

[Detected Recharge Card's rarity is higher than Phantom Illusion Ring]

[Attempt highest rank of repair? Yes/No]

"A leap of ranks?"

The surprise in his heart didn't give him second thoughts. After giving a sure answer, the card broke and turned into a golden light, shrouding over [Phantom Illusion Ring] whole.

The light was very real. Even with Kieran's sigh, he couldn't see what was going on inside.

Five seconds later when the light faded, [Phantom Illusion Ring] had become a bronze ring embedded with a catseye stone.

[Recharge complete, Phantom Illusion Ring rarity increased!]

[Name: Phantom Illusion Ring]

[Type: Accessory]

[Rarity: Above Legendary]

[Attack: None]

[Defense: None]

[Attribute: 1. Shadow Escape 3/3; Escape Mark 2/2]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Remark: Being favoured by ancient alchemy and fate, it was transformed into a whole new item.]


[Shadow Escape: While facing an inevitable attack, the ring will allow its wearer to escape by replacing the wearer with a phantom illusion in his place. The wearer's real body will appear in any spot desired in a 30-meter radius from the original spot.]

[Escape Mark: Able to tag the mark at a desired location. When activated, you will return to this mark. (Escape Mark cannot allow wearer to leave dungeon world or return to a cleared dungeon world)]


"A high quality [Recharge Card] can increase consumable items' rarities?"

Kieran couldn't help but squint his eyes at the new [Phantom Illusion Ring].

He started to think about whether he could raise the rarity of the other consumable items with usage counts, including this [Phantom Illusion Ring].

But once he thought about the value behind [Recharge Card], he shook his head.

"Too expensive." Kieran sighed.

Then, Kieran went offline for a rest.

After he returned to the game, he started a reading spree for a few days.

The promised time with Wu was quite loose and comfortable, but Kieran wouldn't take it for granted and slack off.

So, he leaned towards studying the mystical knowledge of Raven Sect and Viper Sect.

Compared to the Viper Sect mystical knowledge that Perry Kaner taught him, the mystical knowledge of Raven Sect from Maxim the recorder was undoubtedly more complete and systematic.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

With Kieran making enough notes of the books, the reading and learning of Raven Sect mystical knowledge was very fast.

During his reading process, Kieran noticed the effect of [Lucky Card II].

Although it didn't provide him with knowledge transfer like when learning a skill or body synchronization, it did connect Kieran's brain from time to time, lighting his lightbulb and allowing him to connect with more knowledge.

"[Lucky Card], [Lucky Card II], and [Lucky Card III] are different! Each has its own area where it's effective. [Lucky Card III] and [Lucky Card] lean more towards dungeon world adventures. While [Lucky Card II] is more suitable to learn and cultivate in the big city. A distinguished role? Interesting."

Kieran muttered to himself while his squinted eyes shone brightly.

While using all the three different cards, Kieran could faintly notice the difference in between but this kind of instinctive, direct realization was different from before, it was the first time for him.

However, this kind of verification granted Kieran even more guesses on top of his original guesses of the big city.

Although without sufficient evidence, Kieran remembered the faint details in his heart.

He believed that as he got deeper, he would find sufficient evidence to support his theory.


With the buff from [Lucky Card II], his cultivation results far exceeded his expectations and soon reached Grand Master level of [Mystical Knowledge, Raven Sect].


 A deep breath later, Kieran took out the skill book [Fire Shower] and learned it.
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