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Wu entered Kieran's room for the first time with curiosity and anticipation, sizing up everything she laid eyes on.

She hoped to see something happen and was worried to find something other than the expected.

When she saw the simple decorations and the messy environment amidst the setting, only the spot where he lived being considered clean, Wu smiled.

Exactly the same.

The familiar environment caused Wu, who was a little uneasy at first, to heave a breath of relief.

She turned around with crossed arms and watched Kieran, who was standing beside the door.

"Let's trade?" Wu then initiated a trade request of her own.

Although Wu really wanted to help Kieran unconditionally, after being rejected multiple times, Wu had gradually come to learn how to deal with Kieran.

He didn't like owing someone a debt of gratitude, not even to friends.

Wu did not dislike that though. Quite the opposite, she admired Kieran for his persistence.

In her eyes, Kieran with his personality was the right one, the correct one, the one closest to the person in her memories.

Likewise, Kieran, at the moment, was also being direct, like how she remembered him to be.

After the trade request was accepted, Kieran put in 800K Points on his side of the trading column.

"Is it enough?" Kieran asked.

"Um." Wu nodded and confirmed the deal.

Looking at the [Lucky Card III] in his hand, Kieran didn't feel a bit of heartache at spending that much on buying it.

Only those who truly experienced the effect of [Lucky Card III] could understand how important this Advanced Rank consumable card was.

'Grant the player more luck than usual. Even if it is trivial, it will be enough to alter one's destiny.'

The remark on the card reminded Kieran of that monochromatic world at the end of [The Queen's Shield III].

Danger coexists with opportunity.

But in order to fight danger and seize an opportunity, other than the required strength, the other essential element was… luck!

With a little bit of pure luck, though it wouldn't lower the dungeon's difficulty, it would affect the loot throughout the dungeon.

Using a consumable Advanced Rank item to exchange for one or more continuous use Advance Rank items, maybe even more than that, Kieran would never have second thoughts.

Similarly, Kieran would also not have second thoughts on asking Wu to leave after the trade.

Seeing how Kieran posted a 'please' gesture to ask her to leave, Wu took out another item.

A scroll!

[Reliable Repair Scroll]!

For Kieran, if he still wanted to repair [Extreme Night], [Reliable Repair Scroll] was a necessity.

In fact, he did ask Fisherman for an extra [Reliable Repair Scroll] before but Fisherman clearly stated that Freedom Alliance did not possess one at the moment, but he would keep an eye out for Kieran.

However, to Kieran's surprise, Wu got it first.

He was sure that Wu didn't intend to keep the scroll in the first place, otherwise, she wouldn't have brought it out to trade with him.

It seemed like after she heard the news about the trade with Fisherman, Wu had started to search for the scroll.

And being able to acquire one in a mere week, Kieran realized he had to re-evaluate Wu's abilities.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"There are more people than you can imagine in the big city that wish for my divination. And these people's collections also exceed your imagination," said Wu as though she knew what Kieran was thinking.

"But you did not expect my income, or should I say, overestimated my income. Sorry, after buying [Lucky Card III], I don't have the points to buy [Reliable Repair Scroll] anymore." Kieran once again posted a 'please' gesture.

Despite having a large harvest every dungeon run, Kieran's spending was huge as well, just like the Points he spent on [Lucky Card III] just now.

Now, Kieran was left with 180K Points and 60 Skill Points.

Even if he did not ask for ammunition from the Gunsmith, Stagner, the Points and Skill Points were far from sufficient.

Last time he bought the scroll from Fisherman, it cost him one million!

For him, the gap to fill now was so massive to the point that he gave up on buying [Reliable Repair Scroll].

As for owing Wu the Points?

Aside from Kieran being unwilling to owe others a debt of gratitude, the fact that it was 'Wu' he would have to owe was enough for him to reject.

The strangeness in her since the first meeting had made an impression in Kieran's heart, so every meeting after that, Kieran was used to being alert while dealing with her.

"I know. So, let's switch the trading method," Wu said while taking out another card: [Lucky Card II]!

Kieran watched her. She seemed to have come prepared.

Any questions were not appropriate at the moment. Waiting and seeing were the best tactics for Kieran.

Wu placed [Lucky Card II] into the trading column as well.

"Consider this as payment. I am hiring you to help me clear a dungeon! Of course, I know your dungeon rewards per run are far incomparable to this, so…"

Another card appeared in the trading column.

When Kieran saw the card, Kieran widened his eyes and his pupils shrunk.

[Name: Recharge Card]

[Type: Card]

[Rarity: III]

[Attribute: Use it to recharge the usage of your item that has depleted its usage count (The success depends on the item's rarity, its level and your luck.)]

[Remark: Its existence is pure luck, so when using it, luck is required.]

[Note: 1 time use only]


"Recharge items with limited usage counts!"

When he saw [Recharge Card], Kieran automatically thought of [Phantom Illusion Ring].

Although he had [Ring of the Serpent King], he didn't mind adding another layer of protection to his life.

Moreover, compared to the [Ring of the Serpent King, Snake Molt], [Phantom Illusion Ring] wouldn't weaken him after usage and would be able to shift his position when receiving attacks.

Comparing practical effects, [Phantom Illusion Ring] was no doubt stronger.

But its usage count was always a scruple for Kieran when using the ring.

So, when he saw [Recharge Card], he had thoughts of getting it, but he didn't disregard the consequences and accept the trade with Wu right away.

"What kind of dungeon?" Kieran asked.

"Sign a contract with me, and I'll tell you everything," Wu said.


An hour later, Wu walked out of Kieran's room with happy steps.

After turning around the corner, Rachel walked out from the shadow.

"Seems like you did it. But need not for me to remind you, 2567 isn't the best option in your upcoming dungeon. It's not that he is not strong enough, but it's his attitude! That guy has the strongest vigilance I've seen in anyone. With his high vigilance, a lot of avoidable dangers will follow," Rachel emphasized again.

As a friend, she had the responsibility to remind her good friend, even if her words weren't heard.

"Didn't you say it before, 2567 will only lower his vigilance toward those who he has been through life and death with and fought side by side with before? So… I am looking forward to those dangers!" Wu replied and hastened her steps.

Looking at her friend's back, Rachel's temple felt swollen.

"Why is it another stubborn girl? No one seems to give me a break here. You, Lawless, 2567… You people really take me for a nanny?"

Angry, Rachel stomped on the ground fiercely.

The asphalt road cracked like a spiderweb when she stomped on it.

But a moment later, she sighed and chased after Wu.

She was still worried.

Worried about Wu, worried about Lawless, and even about Kieran.
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