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"What kind of explanation? Hitting the bush to scare away the snake?"

The grumpiest, most hot-tempered of the four had spoken first. His tone was not friendly and his eyes were filled with rage.

In fact, all four of them looked very angry.

No one wished for the things that they planned for so long to go south just because of a small insignificant person.

"I said I would give you all an explanation and I meant it."

The figure that walked out from the shadows didn't speak anymore, instead, he turned around and left the dark room.

The grumpy person watched the figure's back and it wasn't until it left his sight that he sent his men to confirm whether the figure had actually left. After the confirmation, the rage in the grumpy person's eyes vanished.

What replaced the rage was… delight.

"Nicely done."

The leader of the four spoke leisurely.

"Of course! Who do you think is making things happen!" The grumpy person added.

The grumpy person threw away the hot temper and rage a while ago, what was left of him was a sinister look.

"I don't care about the others, I just need assurance that he won't notice."

Another voice from the corner spoke softly.

"You're suspecting my capabilities? When we held the vote for me to direct this operation, I remember you voted in agreement as well," the seemingly grumpy but sinister voice replied with a cold grunt.

"That is because I didn't know you would use such a cheap trick! Trying to lure the Fiery Devil to kill this guy, you should be careful that they don't turn around and bite you! We can't afford to engage 2567 and Alisritter at both ends. Likewise, when Alisritter changes into this guy, we will suffer a massive loss as well." 

The voice in the corner couldn't stay calm anymore, his voice didn't just get sharper, the rage was obvious in between the lines as well.

He could tolerate some extreme methods but he must be told beforehand.

This kind of quiet operation that was only made known to him after it was done was unacceptable to him.

"You should have some faith in me. Well then, to ensure the smoothness of the plan, I have to go make some arrangements. Remember to tell me beforehand about the next gathering."

The seemingly grumpy but sinister person replied with a wide smile and before the other person could argue, he stood up and walked out.

Watching their collaborator walk out on them, other than the person that argued slamming the table hard to express his dissatisfaction, the remaining two people didn't say anything.

Especially the one who remained silent throughout the meeting, as though he never existed.


After leaving the dark room, the seemingly grumpy but sinister person hastened his steps.

The man hurried back to his room in a nearby area before heaving a long sigh of relief.

It seemed like the man wasn't as confident as he was in front of his collaborator.

Or rather, he had a guilty conscience.

He knew exactly what kind of people he worked with, any slight misstep would expose him.

Should that happen, he would lose everything.

"This should be fine," the man muttered and opened his PM tab to check the message sent to him a while ago.

Thoughts ran through his mind for a while before he replied and after that, he fell on the sofa, weak. He muttered to himself, "You people really think that I don't know what your minds are thinking? Hmph! Trying to take me out? Then don't blame me for making the first move!"

In the end, he stood up again and his blurred out face had nothing but ferocity.


After taking out a couple of players that came for the bounty, Kieran safely returned to his own room at 13th Wallway Street with an extra 50K points and two decent items.

As soon as he walked into his room, he put the two items on the table.

One was a rocket launcher, the other one was a sniper rifle.

[Name: Venom Viper- II (Retrofitted)]

[Type: Rocket Launcher]

[Rarity: Excellent]

[Attack: Powerful]

[Number of rounds: 2 rockets]

[Attribute: Consecutive Shot (able to fire rockets in succession)]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Firearm Weapons, Heavy Arms (Pro)]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: It should be equipment belonging the marines but its costly production fee limited its existence only in the ace spec ops teams]


[Name: Falcon- T1]

[Type: Firearm]

[Rarity: Excellent]

[Attack: Powerful]

[Magazine: 6 rounds]

[Attribute: 1. Armor Penetration Lvl 2; 2. Super Range Shooting lvl 3; 3. Special Reload]

[Effect: None]

[Prerequisite: Firearm Weapon, Light Firearm (Pro)]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: With 20 mm caliber firing mouth, it can be considered as a 'shoulder cannon']


[Armor Penetration Lvl 2: Able to tear through Lightweight armor (Weak, Average, Strong defense)]

[Super Range Shooting Lvl 3: Effective range of 1.5 km.]

[Special Reload: Big caliber and special magazine allow it to be reloaded with most of the special bullets and it will not damage the gun.]


Looking at the two firearms, Kieran wasn't in a rush to sell them off after factoring in the upcoming dungeon.

Although at the end of [Primordial Invasion II], Kieran saw the unexpected, he was sure in [Primordial Invasion III], a modernized world would be involved.

Therefore, the preparation of firearms became necessary.

Naturally, Kieran, who currently had a lack of firearms in reserve, connected the Gunsmith, Stagner, the person that Blacksmith once introduced him to.

2567: I need some special bullets and RPG rounds.

Stagner: How many? Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

2567: Enough for me to win a small scale war.

Stagner: 3 days.

2567: K.


Stagner didn't ask what Kieran was going to do with that amount of firepower and Kieran was happy with it.

The Gunsmith's coldness might not make him a qualified businessman, but definitely a reliable dealer.

Three days later...

The time for the bounty to brew.

Kieran would not waste precious time waiting.

He sat on the sofa and took out a book to read.

The book was brought back from [The Queen's Shield], it was related to Raven Sect and Viper Sect.

To quickly master [Fire Shower] and use [Essentials of Prime Viper Secret Technique Record], the readings were mandatory.

Fortunately, Kieran was quite fond of reading, he even enjoyed the process.

But he hated to be interrupted. 

So, when he saw Wu's request to enter the room, he couldn't be more bothered and it was hard for him to like her. 

However, Wu was exceptionally persistent as she knocked on the door for almost two hours, Kieran was forced to open the door.

"You better have something important to say."

Kieran said coldly after opening the door to Wu.

"Mhmm," Wu nodded. There wasn't a bit of restlessness or anxious for knocking on the door for two hours, neither did she hate Kieran's cold response.

She stood in front of Kieran and brought up a card.

[Lucky Card III]?!

Kieran raised a curious brow.

Ultimately, he stepped aside and allowed her to enter.
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