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Kieran looked at Wu, who tried to speak but stopped. He then took a sip of his sweet beverage and no longer paid mind about her suggestion anymore.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Kieran was curious but he cared about potential danger more.

Therefore, Wu's mysterious character and strange behaviour did not attract Kieran. Instead, it raised his alarm.

Obviously, Wu knew it as well, and without a second thought, Wu turned to Rachel.

She chose to ask for help from her good friend.

This time, however, Rachel didn't speak right away because Lawless suddenly stood up and got closer to Kieran, staring at Rachel from Kieran's viewpoint.

Lawless' sincerity toward his friend didn't allow others to 'coerce' Kieran by using friendship, even the lady inn owner who was also his good friend and could even be considered to be in a complicated relationship with him.

Rachel knew it perfectly.

While being frustrated, she quietly raised Lawless' debt by another 10% before shrugging at Wu, expressing that she was helpless.

"This is important! It's about life and death!" Wu said quickly.

"Life and death? 2567?"

This time, Rachel didn't even speak but it was Lawless who answered in a hurry.

Although the system blur was blocking Lawless' face, based on his hurried tone, everyone could feel his anxiousness.


After seeing Wu's nod, Lawless rushed to Wu and grabbed her by the shoulder and said loudly into her face, "What happened? Tell me!"

Following his anxious words, Lawless' presence started to slightly change.

He became cold and filled with killing intent!

What else was more important than his good friend, 2567's, well being at the moment?


"Hey, you prick! Treat the lady with respect!"

Seeing how Wu was grabbed by the shoulder and grumbling in pain, Rachel stuck her body out and over the bar counter, raised her hand and smacked Lawless' head from behind.


The heavy bang didn't just wake Lawless from his trance, it also sent his body faltering as well.

But a hand grabbed him and prevented him from kissing the floor.

Lawless turned around and saw his friend. He wanted to say something but Kieran stopped him.

"Let's go to the living room. This isn't the place to talk," said Kieran after more attention was attracted by Lawless' little commotion.

Of course, that wasn't the main reason why he wanted to switch the place.

The important thing was that he didn't want to see Lawless in an ugly position or even falling into his unknown trance.

Lawless was obviously stuck in between him and Rachel.

If Lawless had sided with Rachel more, Kieran would honestly have rejected Wu, but the fact was, Lawless sided with him.

Given the circumstances, Kieran's personality had decided that he could not reject.

He was fierce but against enemies only.

He was cold, also against enemies only.

He was kind only to friends.

In his kindest mood, Kieran's tolerance was raised to the highest point, but still, he didn't forget the warning Wu gave him.

"I hope that your words have weight and are not just some bluff to play with me," Kieran emphasized.

"Sure!" Wu nodded without a second thought.

Rachel, on the other hand, smacked her forehead. She then said in a soft voice that only the three of them could hear, "Lawless, you go in through the secret passage and remember not to let anyone see you! No one seeing you means the rules in the living room will not be broken, understand?"

"Understood." Lawless scratched his head and still wanted to say something but was interrupted by Rachel again. "2567's auction item!"

"I know! I'll lookout for you!" Rachel said angrily.


The living room in Harvest Inn.

"Man, Rachel sure has some taste."

Lawless praised the simple and minimalistic living room since it was his first time inside.

Kieran agreed. Although he couldn't tell which part of the living room showed Rachel's taste, as long as the room was clean and tidy plus fulfilled the basic requirements, it would be the best for him.

As for other things?

Less is more, more is a burden.

"You think so?"

Seeing his friend chime in with his opinion, Lawless quickly smiled and pretentiously pulled out a sofa chair, bowing and saying, "Please."

"You are missing the 'sir'." Kieran then sat down without being courteous.

"Screw you." Lawless gave Kieran the middle finger before sitting down himself.

When both of them were sitting down, their eyes naturally turned to Wu.

Under the gazes, Wu automatically sat opposite of Kieran.

"What did you experience in the last dungeon?" Wu asked the moment she sat down.

"Hey! Every player's dungeon run should be a secret kept from the public. Do you think it's appropriate to ask 2567 for his secret the moment you speak?"

Before Kieran could even answer, Lawless spoke with dissatisfaction.

Similar to how players strayed away from looking into each other's business, not asking about their dungeon world experience was also an unwritten rule among players.

Any players in the big city would not simply break the rules.

Except for hostile enemies.

"I'm not trying to know everything. I just need to know 2567's experience with death," Wu patiently explained to Lawless.


Kieran squinted his eyes. He then looked at Wu with a never before seen serious expression.

He was certain he never told anyone about the things that happened in [The Queen's Shield], especially the monochromatic world in the end.

That place might be filled with danger, but danger meant opportunity, didn't it?

Since players were able to acquire equipment and skills or special abilities from powerful enemies, a balance was placed in between danger and opportunity a long time ago.

Now, the things that he hadn't told anyone about before were known by the lady before his eyes?

"How did you know?" Kieran asked with a heavy tone.

When he asked, many speculations ran through his head.

Was it because of the [Lucky Card] from before?

Or some other methods that no one else knew of?

Kieran was trying his best to figure out what Wu had done.

"You don't have to speculate so much. I didn't do anything and will not be doing anything bad to you. I just saw it."

Wu took a deep breath after that to adjust her emotions, but despite the efforts, what she said later sounded difficult for her to utter.

"I saw… your death."
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