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Outside Wallway Street 13th, the sun was bright and warm, the breeze comforting and pleasant.

If there weren't a person standing in front of him, Kieran would stop and enjoy the rare scene with squinted eyes, but the person in front of him only made him furrow his brows.

Undoubtedly, Kieran disliked the man.

But the man, however, didn't seem to notice that. After Alistritter the Swordsmith saw Kieran, he put down the iron hammer from his shoulder and said with a big laugh, "I heard you got some good loot in the latest dungeon run?"

"Mm. But I don't think it's got anything to do with you, right? Then, why are you here?" Kieran said heavily with obvious vigilance between the lines.

Kieran remembered that Alisritter casually offered him a Legendary weapon before this. So, if the man could do something like that, why would he come just for a Legendary weapon now?

Therefore, Alisritter must have other motives.

A pushy man whom he saw once and that harboured other motives before his door, based on Kieran's character, how could he not be suspicious?

"Relax. You are my second target, why would I make my move against you so early?"

Alisritter waved his hand with a smile.

"So, should I be deeply honored?" Kieran's brows cramped tighter.

He had already expected Alisritter to be big trouble before this, but to his surprise, Alisritter was even more troublesome than he thought.

What are the most hateful kind of people?

Those who look for you at your door, just like Alisritter.

"Deeply honored? No, no, no. I am not like some shameless bastards, but I think we can at least point our spears at a common enemy. Especially when those bastards have their eyes on us."

The Swordsmith waved his hands repeatedly and his voice suddenly turned serious.

"Some bastards?" Kieran raised a puzzled brow.

Those who had Kieran on their watchlist were definitely not in the minority.

Other than the mortal malady, Broker, there were the so-called Guardians and those killed players, who somehow vanished from sight for now.

Of course, other than those mentioned ones, there were still some that Kieran couldn't call out by name but would show hostility toward should there be a conflict of interest.

The reason why society was so realistic and cruel was all because of conflict of interest, in the end.

It would make a man forget his kin and friends, and even have him choose to betray his loved ones.

As for the big city in the game?

It was a lot more realistic. As long as you forgot a certain baseline, "acquiring" things here was much easier.

"Yup, a bunch of bastards who think they hid very well. I didn't really locate them but I got their tails. So I guess I should warn you first. After all, I will be frustrated if you die from the plots of those bastards."

After the less than pleasant words, Alisritter laughed out loud again. He turned around and left without even bidding Kieran goodbye.

Looking at Alisritter's figure, Kieran frowned again.

He frowned because of Alisritter's way of doing things by his own rules and also because of the warnings he gave.

If what the Swordsmith said was true, those bastards…

"I can't overlook them!"

Kieran would never underestimate anyone.

His arrogance and contempt were mostly battle tactics; they were just used to provoke his enemies.

But in reality?

Kieran was the utmost careful in each of his battles.

Failing miserably in an easy task might sound funny but when it was him in the story, it was no longer funny, and Kieran hoped he would not be the one.

With extra vigilance, Kieran boarded the train and reached Harvest Inn.

After entering Harvest Inn, his extra vigilance softened down but was still higher than usual.

Multiple experiences and encounters told Kieran that even within a player's room, it wasn't absolutely safe.

Kieran glanced around at the merry inn.

There were familiar acquaintances: Hanses, Coll, Raven, Ramont.

And there were known but not familiar players, like Rhino and General.

However, the inn currently had more unfamiliar lone wolf players than usual.

All these lone wolf players shared a common point: habitually lingering in the corners and the shadows.

Obviously, all the players were attracted by [Cunning Viper Sword].

"2567, here!"

Lawless' loud voice was very pronounced, despite the merry crowd, and Kieran instantly became the spotlight of the crown.

After nodding to those he knew and glancing at those he had seen before, Kieran ignored the others and walked towards the bar counter.

"On the house."

Rachel served him honey lemon water when Kieran arrived.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"Is it because of them?" Kieran asked after taking up the glass.

"Rachel just added a new minimum spending rule, everyone has to pay… 50 Points."

Lawless stuck his face closer and whispered to Kieran.

Kieran glanced around the inn, which almost had a hundred players, and didn't say anything. He enjoyed his sweet beverage and gave a big thumbs up to Rachel.

Rachel seemed to accept the thumbs up happily as well.

"Another glass on the house."

Another golden coloured drink was placed in front of Kieran after that.

The rich apple scent made Kieran sniff hard at the newly served drink.

Lawless, too, twitched his nose.

"Not fair! This is not fair! I should have one glass as well! Why does only 2567 get it and I don't?!"

"Pay what you owe me! Clear your debt and I'll treat you to a glass as well."

Lawless was ranting his dissatisfaction but after Rachel refuted, Lawless ceased his rants and laid down on the bar counter like noodles. He then turned around and grabbed Kieran by the shoulder and stuck his face closer, Lawless whispered, "Now I am really considering your joke from before."

"Joke?" Kieran was puzzled. He didn't remember when he had joked with Lawless.

"Joke! Just now! Remember? Geez, 2567, you should joke more! Laugh more, not be as cold as ice."

Kieran frowned, as he remembered what Lawless was referring to and quickly emphasized, "I was giving a serious suggestion, not joking." 

Lawless was stunned on the spot as if he was struck by lightning. Even his hand that was tapping Kieran's shoulder froze in the air.

"2567, you've changed! You are no longer the 2567 that I knew before! I am hurt…"


Lawless had been ranting with his sobbing tone, but before he could even finish, a pail filled with ice was dumped onto his head.

"Disgusting." Rachel coldly grunted.

Kieran agreed to that.

However, just as Kieran was about to continue his drink, Wu, donning her thick gray robe, quietly appeared in the inn.

"What happened to you? Why did you… Can you come with me for a sec?"

When Wu saw Kieran, her eyes shone but quickly followed up with shock.
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