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The Devil is Cage 1247 Toys? If I Don’t Have Enough Toys, How Can I Be Called A Player?

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Three strikes of [Night Slash] fell from the sky like a meteor strike and they fiercely struck Zoyedark's shadow, which was rapidly accumulating on his body.


After three combined heavy bangs, Zoyedark was forced backward. The shadow before him shattered from the impact but Zoyedark himself didn't suffer any real damage.

However, Zoyedark looked extremely ugly after the strike, as though he had suffered some heavy damage. He stared at the darkness before his eyes like a venomous viper choosing prey to devour.

Following the insult, rage flooded his heart uncontrollably.

"You think you can win against me?"

Almost out of instinct, the furious shout came out from Zoyedark's mouth.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

What Kieran replied with was another three strikes of [Night Slash].


Similar to the previous strike, three more of [Night Slash] landed on the shadow, which once again accumulated on Zoyedark's body.

Though the shadows protected Zoyedark from getting hurt, the shadows in the area rapidly got thinner.

The shadow defense was consuming more than Zoyedark could have imagined.

Unfortunately, the damaged [Extreme Night] could only perform [Night Slash] two times per day. The same went for the host and the replicas that were created by [Dawn Sword Veil].

Zoyedark didn't know [Extreme Night]'s attributes but it didn't stop him from speculating.

"So this is your ace? Three swords with limited usage that came from nowhere? You're trying to beat me with these three toys? Stop joking!" Zoyedark roared.

Kieran, on the other hand, dashed out at Zoyedark like a furious gale.

Zoyedark looked at the darkness that was darker than shadows, then rapidly retreated.

The distance between the two instantly widened.

Zoyedark, who was an assassin, had unimaginable movement speed, even with Kieran's SSS- Agility, he couldn't catch up to Zoyedark at all.

As the distance from Kieran was being drawn further away, Zoyedark's heavy face showed brutal killing intent.

An opponent whose speed was inferior to his, it was the kind of opponent that an assassin most sought after. Especially Zoyedark, who had almost a hundred ways to kill such a slow opponent.

"The battle is just starting!"

Zoyedark swiftly retreated and prepared his counterattack.

If it were someone else facing Zoyedark with his remarkable movement speed and given that they couldn't catch up to him, it would be hard for them to make a move against Zoyedark.


Not Kieran!

He was carrying the [Crimson Ghost Stomach] behind him and was wearing the ring, [Wealth's Keep]. Inside the bag and the ring was equipment that he had earned throughout his adventures.

It wasn't just some hobby of collecting that made him bring so much equipment to every dungeon run, they were all collected for a moment exactly like this!

A shadow chain formed out of the void and latched itself on Zoyedark.

An icy cold, frozen spike was launched towards Zoyedark.

A burning spider web fell from the sky, covering Zoyedark whole.

Zoyedark instantly felt like he had fallen into a tight encirclement with nets and snares above and beneath him.

The shadow chain was swiftly shaken off.

The freezing air from the icy spike might be causing some problems.

But most importantly, the flaming spider web!

The constraints and the stickiness of the spider web were heavy, but he didn't spend too much time breaking free. Instead, what truly harmed him was the fire laced on the web.

[Mardos' Flame]!

It wasn't mortal flames and could not be extinguished by water or sand, it was the Hell Fiend Spider Fire that acted according to Kieran's will! Not only did it possessed a rank I flame, it also had rank I negative energy corrosion.

The moment the spider web caught Zoyedark, he felt like he was struck by thunder.

Under the assault of the flames and negative energy, Zoyedark frighteningly realized that he had suffered a tremendous mental impact!

[Mardos' Terror]!

When using Mardos' Web, the bound target will be forced to undergo a Spirit and Intuition authentication no lower than Kieran's own Fear and Illusion level. If target fails 1. authentication, target will receive a mental impact attack equivalent to Kieran's Spirit level. If target fails 2. authentication, a Death authentication will occur on top of the mental impact attack.

Zoyedark was lucky that his Intuition passed the authentication.

But he was less fortunate that Kieran's strongest attribute was Spirit!

The New Rank IV Spirit attribute was like an invisible hammer, hammering Zoyedark's brain repeatedly.

It caused blood to start rushing out of Zoyedar's seven apertures.



Zoyedark spat out a mouthful of blood, and the moment his blood rushed out, he heard a feverish lion's roar in his ears!

The roar was as loud as thunder!

Zoyedark's body trembled!

The more terrifying thing was, Zoyedark realized that his remaining shadows had started to lose to the constraints of Kieran.

Fearful, Zoyedark looked up at Kieran, who was dashing towards him.

He saw the blazing flame in Kieran's hand and saw that death was coming closer to him.

"Wait! I can tell you…"

Zoyedark was trying to utter something but Kieran wasn't a man that would spare his enemy due to some words they said. Even if his enemies might really know something, to Kieran, the best kind of enemy was the dead kind!


After charging up, under [Lionheart, Lion's Courage]'s effect, Devil Flame, completely freed from its restraints, appeared with the sharpest fangs.

Rank IV fire created a sea of flames and devoured the heavily injured Zoyedark within a breath.

[Eliminated Prime Viper, deemed as special completion of main mission. Player will leave the dungeon in 10 seconds…]

[Please take whatever items you wish to keep with you.]

[Note: Any items that exceed the maximum weight will be discarded!]


In the middle of the sea of flames, two dark golden glowing items were emanating a unique glow after the system notifications.

Kieran quickly grabbed the spoils. 

He didn't carefully check the two items, nor did he have the heart to look at the system notification. Instead, he vigilantly sized up the surroundings.

The moment Zoyedark died, he felt a watchful gaze, the malicious kind.

Following the malicious intent, he felt immense danger.

As his Spirit and Intuition grew stronger by the day, Kieran already possessed instinct stronger than that of a common beast.

Under his sharp instinct, whenever he felt malicious intent, it meant the target was not friendly; whenever he felt danger, it really meant danger had surrounded him.

So Kieran slowly gripped [Extreme Night]'s hilt.

Although the damaged [Extreme Night] was not suitable for battle, he would definitely put the sword to use when facing real danger, having no fear of further damaging it in the process.

At the same time, [The Warden, Priority Timing] was activated and it quickly reset [Dawn Descent]'s cooldown.

If the person with this malicious intent thought he would be greatly exhausted after the battle with Zoyedark, Kieran would teach this fool a lesson by catching him or her off guard.

Kieran was prepared for another ugly fight but what happened next caught him off guard instead.
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