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The Devil is Cage 1243 Burying Deep

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Looking at 'Kieran' lying down on the ground, rage rushed through Zoyedark's head.


After the furious shout, the shadows in the area gathered again and tried to stab the 'Kieran' on the ground, but when the shadows moved to gather, 'Kieran' moved as well.

He didn't stand up, instead, he rolled away on the ground.

Sou Sou Sou!

All the shadow javelins grazed 'Kieran''s body and plunged into the ground. Each shadow javelin felt like it could hit 'Kieran' but each one of them missed by a little. 'Kieran' was fighting like a child by rolling away on the ground and yet the rolling evasion perfectly dodged the attacks from the shadows.

It infuriated Zoyedark even more.

Following the burst of rage, more shadow javelins attacked 'Kieran' but despite the increase in number, it didn't change the outcome.

Somehow, as the attacks increased, 'Kieran' got even more skilled in rolling on the ground.

If the shadow javelins grazed 'Kieran''s body before, now the moment the shadow javelins attacked, 'Kieran' already rolled away.

"See, lying down is better. Even dodging becomes more convenient. If I could have a nap… It would be… Great… Zzz."

After the lazy words, the 'Kieran' on the ground stretched his body and snores followed shortly after.

Looking at the soundly asleep 'Kieran' before him, Zoyedark's temple was twitching.

"Are you playing me?!"

His infuriated words were squeezed out from the seams of his clenched teeth.

Rage started to dilute his sanity uncontrollably, Zoyedark then activated one of his strongest attacks and disregarded the consequences.

The shadows that clouded above them started to rumble again.

At the next moment…

Sou Sou Sou!

Concentrated shadow javelins fell from the sky like a downpour of rain.

There was no place for dodging anymore, except…

Where Zoyedark was standing!

A longsword formed out of shadows appeared in Zoyedark's hand, the Prime Viper stared at 'Kieran', waiting for him to come over.

If 'Kieran' didn't wish to become a hedgehog of shadows, the only place he could dodge was towards Zoyedark.

Obviously, the spot Zoyedark was standing was also a trap, a trap that had sent countless men to their graves.

The last White Wolf also fell into this trap and suffered irreversible damage, ultimately falling to Zoyedark's blades.


It would be his disciple's turn!

This is fate!

Zoyedark exclaimed, his heart was filled with an arrogance that came from the total control of the situation.

At that moment, Zoyedark felt like he was a God that ruled over the lives of mortals tyrannically, he sat on his throne in the clouds and looked down at all life.

Then, 'Kieran' was drowned by the myriads of shadow javelins.

He didn't dodge, neither did he charge towards Zoyedark. He was just drowned like that.

A moment later, Zoyedark laughed out loud.

"Hahahahaha! You are even more stupid than your teacher! At least your teacher knows how to risk it all! You?! You choose to wait for your demise!? What a fool!?"

The more Zoyedark mocked, the louder he laughed.

Amid his frantic laughs, a lazy voice sounded again.

"If I can lie down and not move, of course, I won't move. Dodging is quite troublesome you know."

The lazy voice entered Zoyedark's ears but he couldn't see 'Kieran' anywhere in his sight.


Instinctively, Zoyedark looked at the ground but just as the Prime Viper moved his gaze, a loud bang came from the sky—


The loud explosion came with a bright light.

The shadow sky then trembled.

Then, the shadowed sky was torn apart by a pair of magma hands from the outside.

Sunlight shone in, casting away the shadows. A black figure rapidly fell from the breach and in his hand, a black greatsword was swung down at Zoyedark's head.

Zoyedark suffered multiple changes in expression.

He wanted to dodge but the repulsion from 'Shadow' immobilized him temporarily.

All he could do was watch the black greatsword slashing down on his body.


The greatsword plunged into Zoyedark's body and blood was splattered.

From his left shoulder to his right abdomen, Zoyedark's body was almost sliced in half. Excruciating screams burst out from his mouth. 

The screams quickly turned low and heavy, as if he was badly damaged and would die at any moment.

'Kieran' looked at him coldly, the black greatsword was moved again.


This time, Zoyedark was completely sliced in half.

Two parts of his body fell to the ground, blood gushed out and organs slipped away in the bloodied stream. 'Kieran' didn't stop his attacks though, he wielded the black greatsword in a flurry. 

A breath's time later, the two parts were chopped into a dozen pieces.


These pieces of the 'body' seemed to have some unknown attracting force, the moment they fell on the ground, they gathered into a clump.

Then, Zoyedark re-appeared.

He gazed at 'Kieran' with thoughts in his mind.

"I see."

The voice of sudden realization came from the Prime Viper.

His eyes at 'Kieran' became calm and vigilant as well, the rage and arrogance from before were all gone.

"This bastard found some of Dragon Sect's legacy? I guess it's right! After leaving some protective measures to his disciple, only then would the White Wolf be so resolute in his actions and act without worries. I did somehow underestimated that bastard, White Wolf. Isn't it a little weird to address the other White Wolf in front of you, the current White Wolf? If I could, I wish I could call the last White Wolf by his name as well, but too bad, you White Wolves are all the same. Either you forget your name or have a very strange name. Like 2567."

Not just the rage and arrogance vanished from the Prime Viper, he was like a different man after the regeneration.

His countenance and tone and even temperament were completely different but his ultimate goal didn't change.

Killer aura!

A cold, spine-chilling killer aura clouded 'Kieran' the moment Prime Viper regenerated.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

"This shall end shoon. This battle really makes me lose more than gain! I hope your body can compensate my lost, after all, the Dragon Sect Ultimate that I mastered still has a very big flaw!"

After that, the shadows around Zoyedark came alive again.

The shadows spread across the sky faster than before but…

The light was faster!

Bits of tender and tenacious light pierced the ground and revealed itself underground!

Seal of Dawn!

Deep down in the ground, the carved Seal of Dawn was excavated through the combination of multiple cardinal sins' power.
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