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"Who do you think you are talking to?"

Amidst his arrogant words, 'Kieran' walked up to the servant.

When the servant beside King James VIII saw Kieran's evil grin, which was like the Devil Lord looking down on all life, he extended his hand and tried to seize the king.

He didn't know why 'Kieran' would do this but he knew what he must do at the moment.

The servant had quite the confidence in his own strength. As one of the select few "Yuarl" in Ghastly Woods Sect, he had something he held pride in.

Not just in terms of controlling curses, he was quite capable in close-combat as well.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to infiltrate Warren Palace in the first place.

Although the one he was facing was the White Wolf of Wolf Sect, this "Yuarl" believed that he could get his hands on the "ace" before 'Kieran' could touch him.


A split second before his fingers touched the king, his body abruptly stopped moving.

Another hand had suddenly grabbed his wrist and halted his movement without his knowing, and unconsciously, this "Yuarl" of Ghastly Woods Sect turned to the owner.

He saw the furious face of…'Kieran'!

"How is this possible?!"

Unable to understand what happened, the "Yuarl" was astonished.

He still wanted to say something but was punched to the ground by Wrath and was turned into a pile of meat within a breath's time.

Wrath still didn't calm down after the servant's death, he continued swinging his punches, to the point that the floor of the meeting hall broke.

Looking at the arrogant 'Kieran' and the furious 'Kieran', Duke Eldar unconsciously widened his eyes in awe.

"D-Dragon Sect?" The elderly duke muttered.

Pride didn't even care about the mutters. He grabbed the elderly duke by the collar and threw him out of the meeting hall, together with Mary.

Unlike the rough and direct way the duke was thrown out, Mary was carefully, slowly sent out by Pride.

Gak Tsssk!


Once the two of them were expelled out of the meeting hall, the doors were heavily shut again.

Mary, who landed on her feet firmly, and the duke, who fell like a ragdoll, causing pain to burst all over his body, watched the door shut. Their faces swiftly changed because…

King James VIII hadn't come out!

The young princess looked at the elderly duke.

"No! It can't be!"

As if he understood something, the elderly duke shook his head at Mary.

Mary didn't say anything; she instead frowned hard.

Meanwhile, inside the meeting hall, King James VIII sat on his chair and looked at the pile of meat before him calmly.

Then, he tried his best in sitting straight and looked at Pride before him.

"You found it?" King James VIII asked after a deep breath.

Pride didn't even care for him but the contempt on his face seemed to cause some misunderstanding in the king's mind.

"Life is really unfair! It always favours some nonsense people! And yet it turns a blind eye towards those who work hard and have a sincere heart…"

When the last word subsided, King James VIII vanished from the chair, and when he re-appeared, he was behind Wrath, hurling a punch at the cardinal sin.


After a sharp, air-breaking sound, Wrath had his chest punctured and vanished into thin air.

'King James VIII' looked down at his fist. He slowly released his fist and clenched it hard again, as if he was savouring the sensation of going through someone's chest.

"Just as legend has it, it's identical to a real human being," he muttered.

The king suddenly looked at Pride, glaring at him fiercely.

"Hand over the secret to Dragon Sect!" he said heavily.

"Hmph." Pride laughed lightly.

Greed then appeared behind the king and jumped on him like a wild beast.


Another sharp, air-breaking sound came.

The king didn't even turn around. His arm whipped up a series of afterimages in the air with his motion, and Greed, who jumped on him, was split in half and vanished into nothingness again.

"Why him? Why him again?"

After the sharp, twisted voice, Envy appeared like a lunatic.

He bared his teeth and claws, looking absolutely ferocious, but it still didn't change his fate of being beaten into dust the moment he appeared; Lust shared the same fate as well, his appearance not even lasting for a second before being punched.

"Each of you is an independent entity. Each of you controls different techniques. The legend is… real?"

'King James VIII', who destroyed Wrath, Greed, Envy and Lust one after another, wasn't at all impatient. On the contrary, he looked a little delighted.

At first, his face had been just slightly flushed, now his face was as red as a tomato.


The excitement quickened his blood circulation and even caused his body to tremble.

However, it didn't lower the king's guard, as he dished out another punch at the black flame fired at him. As if he was cutting a cake, after the sharp air-breaking sound, the black flame was split in half, then…

The edge of his fist clashed with the edge of a blade.


After a loud, thunderous bang, a faint wave appeared at the point of contact between the fist and the blade, and with unimaginable speed, it spread around the meeting hall.

A powerful cyclone was caused by the clash and it ravaged the meeting hall.

The carpet, chairs and all other decorations were instantly disintegrated into powder within the blink of an eye.

The seemingly sturdy floor and stiff pillars couldn't escape being destroyed either.

Dust and pebbles flew, and air-breaking sounds sounded everywhere like arrows being fired like a downpouring rain.

As the wave rippled, Pride's body was forcefully sent flying backwards and crashing into the walls of the meeting hall, forcing an abrupt stop.


A heavy crash later, Pride, who was deeply embedded in the walls, pushed himself up with a powerful thrust and threw himself at 'King James VIII' again. 

The black greatsword in his hand was swung down from a high point at his target.


'King James VIII' saw the falling black greatsword and couldn't help but shake his head.

"When you inherited Wolf Sect, didn't your teacher tell you that the expertise of a Wolf isn't in dashing out recklessly?" As he spoke, 'King James VIII' hurled out another punch.

Pride was struck and sent flying backwards again. His last crash had created a big hole in the wall and now the hole got deeper.

Pride struggled and got up again, only to once again dash toward the king.

"It's useless. You should know by now that you and I have a gap in strength that you can't neglect, it's like…"

Before he could finish, he was stopped abruptly because Pride was trying to crash his chest into the king's punch.

Pride's action was very inconceivable to the king because, in the king's point of view, Pride was Kieran himself.

If the clones disappeared, they just disappeared, but if the host died, it would mean real death.

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When the thought came into his mind, the king twisted his punch away and aimed at the black greatsword in Pride's hand but…

His punch missed.
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