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The room had more than a set of footprints from that alleged Ape Sect intruder.

Other than the footprints around the window where he entered and those he left behind during battle, there were other spots in the room that had the intruder's footprints.

In simpler words, it wasn't the first time the intruder had infiltrated Perry Kaner's room.

If the alleged Ape Sect intruder had left extra footprints, Kieran might have thought that the intruder was just testing the waters but right after that, Kieran noticed that the alleged Viper Sect concealer shared the same footprints as the former. Kieran squinted his eyes.

"They were... searching for something?" Kieran wondered.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After that, when he walked out of the room and saw more traces, his guess was verified.

"Concealing their identities to search for something."

With squinted eyes, Kieran unconsciously turned around and looked at the room where Perry Kaner resided.

Without second thoughts, Kieran, too, started his search.

However, in the time it took for Maxim and Celty to be brought over by Perry Kaner, Kieran hadn't found anything else.

"Not here?"

Kieran frowned slightly and looked at Perry Kaner. 

He didn't ask her directly though because he didn't forget the initial goal.

"Do either of the two of you recognized this guy?" Kieran asked the Raven Sect duo.

"Ackerman? Why is he here?"

Looking at the bloody head, Celty cried out in shock before looking at his also astonished friend.

"Ackerman was one of my rivals back then," Maxim said honestly after exchanging gazes with his friend.

"Rival? For Crown Raven?" Kieran asked.

"No, no, no. Not the rival to the Crown Raven seat but the position of Raven Sect recorder. Among all my rivals, he was considered as the strongest one," Maxim waved his hands and explained.

"Which means he is also considered as one of Raven Sect's core members?" Kieran continued.

Maxim and Celty nodded at the question in unison.

It was an undeniable fact but following the acknowledgement, both of them became scared.

Almost instinctively, both of them thought of the rumours about the Wolf Sect: the White Wolf moved alone, and other than that, he was always in a capricious mood.

When facing a person whose actions were based on his likes or dislikes and he was insanely powerful, everyone would face tremendous pressure.

Regardless of whether it was Maxim or Celty, neither of them wanted to be the fish caught in the molt fire.

Therefore, at the next moment, Maxim took the initiative and said, "My lord, please spare me a few days, and I will give you a satisfying explanation after a thorough investigation."

"En." Kieran nodded.

Right away, Maxim and Celty felt like a heavy burden was lifted from their bodies.

The Raven Sect duo then left and walked past Duke Zilin, who arrived a little later.

Both sides nodded to each other before walking away.

"Seems like I am really unfit for this job."

Looking at the dead body, the young duke couldn't help but smile bitterly since he was the one temporarily responsible for the security of the palace.

For a young man like him, after taking over the security responsibility, when unpleasant incidents occurred one after another, if his heart weren't strong enough, he might have been crushed beyond redemption.

"Can I know what happened?" The young duke looked at Kieran and Perry Kaner.

"Tell him," said Kieran.

Perry Kaner then quickly explained things but hid the part where Kieran suspected their identities, only voicing out her own guesses.

"Viper Sect and Ape Sect? They are here because of you?"

The young duke frowned when he heard what Perry Kaner said.

As the one responsible for the palace security, even if temporarily, the young duke really wanted to remove the unstable variable from the equation: Perry Kaner.


When he took a glance at Kieran, his heart sighed helplessly.

Aside from trying to ask a favor from Kieran, the fact that Kieran and Mary were so close rendered Duke Zilin helpless to his own thoughts.

"Fine, I know it now. I'll rearrange the guards around here. Well then, goodnight, Sir 2567."

"Goodnight, Duke Zilin."

After exchanging good nights, the young duke bowed to Kieran before turning away.

After Duke Zilin left, Kieran was left with Perry Kaner.

"How did you get in contact with Ape Sect in the first place?" Kieran asked suddenly.

"I can't contact any Ape Sect members directly. All I did was follow the news that the underground gang spread. Each sect has people that follow insiders or informants like this," Perry Kaner replied.

She didn't ask for the details of Kieran's speculation. She knew her position and identity, she also knew what she should ask and what she shouldn't.


Kieran didn't question what Perry Kaner said. He had confidence that the lady from the Viper Sect wouldn't lie to him from now on.

Of course, despite the confidence, Kieran didn't plan on sharing his speculations with her.

To Kieran, she was was a barely qualified collaborator.

Anything more?

It didn't even cross Kieran's mind. 

So Kieran asked directly, "I want to know some of the hidden knowledge of Viper Sect."

"Very well, my lord." Perry Kaner nodded without another thought.

If this was before Perry Kaner had discovered that she was an abandoned pawn, she would have hesitated and thought twice about Kieran's request, but now, she didn't even have second thoughts.

All Perry Kaner had towards the other Viper Sect that treated her as an abandoned pawn and slaughtered all her comrades was hatred.

Deep, blazing hatred!

She already had a plan for avenging her fallen comrades: borrowing Kieran's strength!

Correct, borrowing someone else's strength to achieve her goal.

Before she grew strong enough, she wouldn't mind borrowing external strength, just like how assassins habitually borrowed the strength of tools and the protection of shadows.

Therefore, Perry Kaner would unconditionally fulfil Kieran's request, no matter how ridiculous.

Unfortunately, throughout the night, Kieran only showed interest in learning the mystical knowledge regarding Viper Sect, not showing any bits of ulterior intentions and when Perry Kaner took the initiative to seduce him a few times, it sparked dissatisfaction within him, thus forcing her to focus on her teachings.

Perry Kaner was overwhelmed by Kieran's learning speed.

She was certain that he had never come in contact with the Viper Sect's mystical knowledge before, but a few hours later, he had already mastered the basics.

One needed to know, even for herself, she had spent about a few months to reach the basic level.

"So this is the differences between humans?" Perry Kaner muttered unconsciously. "We are not the same."

Of course, they were not the same. With Pro [Mystical Knowledge], Kieran was not only able to comprehend by analogy when learning similar mystical knowledge, but he could even study in a strategically advantageous position.

[Through learning and teaching, player has acquired a massive amount of Mystical Knowledge. Viper Sect…]

[Learned Mystical Knowledge. Viper Sect (Basic)]

[Name: Mystical Knowledge. Viper Sect (Basic)]

[Related attribute: None]

[Skill Type: Ancillary]

[Effect: You have a basic understanding of the mystical knowledge of this sect, able to reach basic knowledge from the sect records.]

[Consume: None]

[Prerequisite: None]

[Remark: Each sect has its own uniqueness, their knowledge vastly different, and this knowledge is always more useful than expected.]


Kieran nodded in satisfaction when he saw the newly appeared notifications. After ending the lesson with Perry Kaner, he stood up and left her room.

He wasn't going back to his own room though.

Although he was eagerly looking forward to using [Essentials of Viper Sect Technique Record], he hadn't forgotten why the two intruders in disguise had come the night before.

He himself might have no idea but he was quite confident that someone in the palace would know exactly why the two intruders had come beforehand.
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