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When Kieran transformed into a werewolf using [Wolf's Remnant Feast, Body of White Wolf], Duke Zilin, the temporary protector of Warren Palace, appeared at the very next moment.

When he saw the werewolf Kieran on top of the roof, he was stunned. His eyes then showed astonishment and his face smeared with anxiousness and doubts.

Even after Kieran removed his werewolf form and jumped off the roof, the anxiousness and doubts on the duke's face didn't go away.

"Sir 2567, what is…?" the young duke asked after some hesitation.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Kieran having the ultimates of Viper Sect was important to the young duke, but the Prairies King, who had a rivalry with his house, was just as important.

Were both of them to clash…

He would definitely choose the latter and his choice would not change even if it cost him his life.

To some people, the so-called duty of their family, the honor of their house, was a ridiculous joke but for some particular ones, the duty and honor were the values of their existence.

No doubt, Duke Zilin was the latter.

"Wolf Sect, the White Wolf," Kieran said calmly before walking past the young duke. His eyes were focused on Mary's room.

The young princess was looking at him through the window and when both of their gazes met, the young princess showed a smile. Kieran also replied in kind with his.

She then closed the window and went to sleep.

Kieran, on the other hand, returned to his room, leaving the young duke standing outside, staring blankly into the air.

"Wolf Sect, White Wolf? THE White Wolf? It must be correct, only the White Wolf would have reason to be there."

The young duke was first astonished before coming to a realization. In the end, his face showed a bitter smile.

If Kieran was the White Wolf, his plan for exchanging his house's collection of secret techniques for the Viper Sect ultimates would not work.

House Zilin might hold a lot of precious secret techniques but it was incomparable to a sect's teachings.

After all, the gap in time was too far apart.

"How could something like this happen? What should I do now?"

The young duke was frustrated.

If exchanging wouldn't work, he really had no plans left to execute.

But to give up?


Much like how the young duke never thought of acquiring the Viper Sect ultimates through tricks and deceit, he never thought of giving up either. 

Firm and indomitable, or should it be said, stubborn.

But wasn't it the special rights of a young man?


Inside his room, Kieran didn't care about the young duke's problems.

For Kieran, checking his spoils of war that he got from the two branch leaders was the most important thing.

Two Legendary rank items: a long dagger and an old, unsophisticated goatskin scroll.

[Name: Cunning Viper Sword]

[Type: Weapon]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attack: Powerful]

[Attribute: Cunning Sting]

[Effect: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Prerequisite: Sharp Weapon, Dagger (Grand Master)]

[Remark: One of the decent weapons forged specifically for assassins by the forging master of Viper Sect]


[Cunning Sting: While in shadow or darkness, launch an Extreme attack on a single target within 3 meters of seeing-range. When attacking, user will automatically gain an accelerated effect, 2 per day]


[Name: Essentials of Viper Sect Technique Record]

[Type: Book]

[Rarity: Legendary]

[Attack: None]

[Defense: None]

[Attribute: Able to level up any Viper Sect skill level after reading (The level of increment depends on the rank and level of the skill)]

[Effect: None]

[Able to bring out of the dungeon: Yes]

[Prerequisite: Mystical Knowledge (Viper Sect, Basic)]

[Remark: It isn't an orthodox book to read but was accidentally created to store special knowledge. However, it ultimately becomes another type of inheritance within Viper Sect, you will need special knowledge to read it.]


Looking at [Cunning Viper Sword], Kieran was calm.

Since he already had Advance Ranks attacks and much higher means, Extreme attack was barely enough to enter his sight.

Even from a certain perspective, [Dark Stream Dagger] was better than [Cunning Viper Sword].

The former's [Soundless] could allow Kieran to do a lot of things.

But when Kieran saw [Essentials of Viper Sect Techniques Record], his eyes lingered.

"Able to level up any Viper Sect technique and amount of increment depends on rank and level?"

Kieran repeated the description in mutters, his eyes shining.

Almost instinctively, Kieran thought of [Dormant Viper], which cost a hefty sum to level up!

"Viper Sect has such a way of passing down their inheritance."

When he saw the prerequisite [Mystical Knowledge (Viper Sect, Basic)], Kieran walked outside without a second thought.

It was time for him to learn some mystical knowledge and Viper Sect's heritage, and coincidentally, he had a decent candidate to teach him.


Meanwhile, in a dark, shadowy room with no light, Perry Kaner was leaning against the wall, holding a dagger in her hand and squinting her eyes.

Despite her resting state, the training she received since young allowed her to maintain sufficient vigilance.

However, her level of vigilance was only enough against commoners, not enough against some other special individuals. At least before her skin fell off.

After that "molting process" that Perry Kaner herself didn't know of, her heart, or more precisely, her Spirit, gained a qualitative change.

So when a black shadow slowly approached her from the window, Perry Kaner sensed it and opened her eyes.

When the figure pushed the window open softly and snuck in nimbly, Perry Kaner fired an arrow at the target without any courtesy.



The fired arrow was easily blocked by the intruder but a surprised voice came.


It seemed like the intruder had not been prepared to be noticed, but a moment later, he sighed when Perry Kaner dashed forward.

"Accident?" the intruder said before making his move.

With his nimble and quick movement speed, before Perry Kaner could even react properly, the dagger in her hand was disarmed and sent flying.

She was then pressed to the floor by a pair of hands.

The intruder had a special method to deal with Viper Sect's speciality of escaping any kind of constraints, thus the pinning down of Perry Kaner.

Though she never heard of nor experienced this kind of constraint before, that didn't mean she couldn't understand how big of a gap in strength there was between them.

Perry Kaner gave up on struggling.

"Good. I like people who know how to cooperate. Now then…"

The intruder laughed lightly, but before the laughs could fade, he quickly retracted his hands and backed away rapidly.

The moment the intruder got off Perry Kaner's body, a faint mist appeared around her. The faint fishy smell told the intruder than the mist wasn't something to be messed with, just like Perry Kaner herself.

She had given up on struggling but not resisting.

A dagger appeared in her hand.

"You are really a troublemaker. I wasn't thinking of hurting you before but now it seems like…"

The intruder muttered when he saw this reaction but his mutters were halted abruptly.

Sweat instantly beaded his forehead because a dagger was somehow placed against his neck without his notice.
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