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A golden glow appeared on the body, emanating a radiance that only Kieran could see.

But Kieran didn't pick it up right away, similar to the other golden glow in the crumbled ruins.

Before the battle truly ended, all he had in his eyes were enemies and not enemies.

Kieran looked up and stared at a shadow in the corner.

A figure slowly walked out in response to his stare.

Perry Kaner!

The leader of Viper Sect was looking at the giant [Spirit of the White Wolf] in shock. She looked at the young man in front of the white wolf and the white wolf itself, which bit off the neck of one of the eight Viper Sect branch leaders. Despite its ferocious manner a moment ago, the white wolf was kneeling down tamely, using its body to shield the young man from the night wind.

Her body was trembling, as fear was drowning her uncontrollably.

In fact, Perry Kaner's heart was drenched in fear the moment she saw that eight-headed, single-tailed viper tattoo that vaguely matched her blurry memory.

As the leader of the Viper Sect herself, she clearly knew what that represented.

The eighth branch under the Prime Viper. Eight leaders.

From the strongest eight-headed, eight-tailed to the eight-headed, single-tailed, each leader was a fearsome assassin on their own and each claimed to be a powerhouse that could rival an army.

The moment that first branch leader appeared, Perry Kaner almost lost herself in despair.

She thought she was doomed because these leaders wouldn't spare a single "pawn piece".

Especially when the "pawn piece" went out of control, then they would show no mercy.

To Perry Kaner's thinking, Kieran couldn't even rival the leaders, let alone herself.

Relying on her undercover techniques, she evaded detection in order to escape the branch leader's sight. She knew what she was capable of and knew her limits.

While she squeezed her brain juice, thinking of how to escape, the eight-headed, single-tailed branch leader was defeated before her eyes, and before she could react to the situation, the eight-headed, two-tailed branch leader was bitten to death by the white wolf.

Those leaders were powerhouses that could rival an entire army on their own! 

How could they die just like that?!

The scene felt like some unbelievable illusion.

Perry Kaner rotated her gaze to the young man and the white wolf, the fear in her eyes getting denser when she suddenly recalled a sect that was forgotten by the people.

That sect was different from the rest.

Throughout the said sect's history, there was only one man in the sect at a time, no branch sects, no followers.

They associated themselves with wolves and referred to themselves as such, the leader of each generation being known as—the White Wolf!

When she thought about how the legendary sect handled matters, Perry Kaner's body trembled more fiercely. She muttered while shivering, asking, "W-Wolf Sect, White Wolf?"Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Perry Kaner wanted to verify the guess in her heart by asking, but Kieran didn't care about her mumbles.

He turned away and when he made sure the area was temporarily safe, the dirty Frost Wolf pup crawled out from the corner and went straight towards the ruins, digging for spoils of war.

The pup soon dug up what Kieran had sought after since it was much stronger than it looked.

Sprinting away, the pup held the spoils of war in its mouth and went straight up to Kieran, wagging its tail beside Kieran's feet and waiting for its rewards.

Kieran received the two items before carrying the pup in his arms. He didn't mind the filthiness of the pup at all, similar to how to pup was willing to wade itself through a mess just for the sake of Kieran.

He touched the pup's head and the pup moaned in satisfaction, squinting its eyes.

The soft moans from the pup sounded like thunder in Perry Kaner's ears though. It shook her, causing her to step backwards in fear and even falter.


A wolf pup!

Perry Kaner could still distinguish between dog and wolf!

Looking at how close the wolf pup was with Kieran, Perry Kaner finally verified the guess in her heart.

The young man before her was the White Wolf of Wolf Sect! 

Only the White Wolf would be so close to a wolf pup and only he could tame a wolf pup like a rabbit!

"As I thought, the Prairies King wasn't the Wolf Sect! The extravagant looks and followers that he had, his style didn't even fit Wolf Sect's style at all! This man here…"

Thinking about his vigilance and constant alertness, the way he abided by his code, Perry Kaner easily merged Kieran with the image in her thoughts due to her prejudiced first impression.

On top of that, she even provided herself with a reasonable explanation.

"No wonder he helped Mary unconditionally! No wonder he joined the battle of Duke Zilin, he himself wanted to kill the Prairies King! Killing the guy who impersonated him! This is the way of the Wolf Sect!"

The more Perry Kaner let her imagination run, the more certain she was and the more terrified she became as well.

Because she thought she had discovered Kieran's hidden identity.

The Wolf Sect was now facing a potential risk and given how they worked…

As the thought bloomed, Perry Kaner unconsciously looked up.

She saw the white wolf on guard following Kieran's order.

Looking at the judgemental and indifferent gaze towards all life in the white wolf's eyes, Perry Kaner tried her best to adjust her emotions by taking deep breaths.

Panic wasn't any good to her at the moment.

She told herself that she was his collaborator, someone who he was working with, there were still ways to turn this around.

However, after suffering multiple shocks and still being in a state of fear, even Perry Kaner, the leader of the Viper Sect, couldn't calm herself down suddenly.

Her excitement was mixed with a messy presence. Her messy presence instantly alerted [Spirit of the White Wolf].


The giant white wolf howled.

Unlike the tender moans from the pup or even a huge explosion, the loud and sonorous howl was truly an explosion in Perry Kaner's ears.

The short, rushed howl echoed throughout the streets of Riverdale in the night.

The empty city further enlarged the short howl, producing a longer echo.

Echo after echo, howls louder than the previous howls.

It went on for quite a while without stopping.


Maxim, who stayed back in the palace, aiding Duke Zilin in guarding, heard the howls as well. He frowned.

"Impossible! Stop overthinking! That sect along with the Dragon Sect and Tiger Sect are all gone. Otherwise, those rumours wouldn't have gone into the wind. Moreover, that guy is dead!" said Maxim with a laugh.

Celty, who had been enjoying his meatballs, saw his friend frown and instantly knew what was going through Maxim's mind.

"Yes, that guy is dead," Maxim mocked himself with a smile but his furrowed brows didn't loosen up.

"That guy was killed by Lord 2567! If the Wolf Sect hasn't vanished, chances are that Lord 2567 is the White Wolf himself, but he had the Fire Raven all this time, not a wolf," Celty said.

Celty shrugged when his friend's worries didn't fade and continued enjoying his home-cooked meatballs.

He knew what kind of personality his friend had, further talking wouldn't do him any good, so he might as well enjoy the food and let Maxim calm down on his own.

Seconds turned into minutes, and Maxim along with Celty and the 10 Raven Sect members formed a stable, hidden watchpoint, guarding a corner of the palace.

Why not the whole palace?

They didn't even think about it with this handful of men.

"Wanna have a drink?"

Celty suggested after the mission was completed.

"Sure." Maxim nodded.

Just as the duo turned around, they saw Kieran returning with a cleaned Frost Wolf pup in his arms, sleeping soundlessly.

Maxim was stunned.

At the next moment, the Raven Sect recorder widened his eyes and even Celty's jaw dropped, the meatballs falling from his hands.
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