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Perry Kaner only nodded at Mary's uncourteous words.

"Um." No arguments and no refutes at all.

When Perry Kaner decided to seek Kieran's help, she was prepared to lower her identity and position in the first place, so Mary frowned again.

It wasn't the first time meeting Perry Kaner and yet compared to the first time where she was showing her skills off, Mary felt Perry Kaner was much harder to deal with now.

A visible venomous snake wasn't that scary, what was scarier were those that hid in the bushes and shadows.

I have my eyes on you! 

Mary warned Perry Kaner with her fierce glare.

Perry Kaner didn't reply. At that moment, she didn't have the heart to care about squabbles, she knew she had to concentrate on leading the way for Kieran.

Warren Palace wasn't big by any means. Compared to the other palaces Kieran had been to in the past, Warren Palace was more like a manor of a noble in the rural area compared to other nobles' houses. It was still immensely big compared to commoners with one or two wooden cottages though.

Following Perry Kaner, Kieran arrived at the destination after around five minutes given how fast she walked.

"This is where the royal attendants stayed."

"Ah? Mr. Tenar?!"

Mary introduced the place to Kieran but after Perry Kaner opened the door, she screamed in shock when she saw that body lying on the ground.

Then, Mary explained before Kieran even asked.

"Tenar is my father's chief attendant, he started serving my father since he was 10 and had more than once he saved my father by blocking ambush arrows from the dark. Later in his service, he was forced to slowly move away from sight because of the wounds throughout the years that restricts his movements. Otherwise, he would still pay frequent visits to my father.

"Based on what my father told me, they were very good friends privately. Mr. Tenar had no reason to harm my father! Besides, Mr. Tenar was very kind, a lot of people in the palace liked him and loved him. At least four to five visitors came a day after he retired. He can't be the culprit!" said Mary.

Kieran took it all in quietly; his eyes were already in [Tracking] mode.

He wouldn't think that the dead person before his eyes was the culprit who tried to kill King James VIII just because of Perry Kaner's words, similarly, he wouldn't take the dead man as innocent because of Mary's claims. Everything had to be proven.

Fortunately, the things leftover in the room weren't too few nor too many to deduce a theory.

Tenar was killed in his room, the killer used a knife and sliced his throat. However, since Tenar was able to become King James VIII's chief attendant, he wasn't someone who would allow himself to be seized without a fight.

Even though he had many wounds on his body, causing difficulties in moving, he still struggled till his last moment.

Kieran lifted Tenar's calf and looked at the bottom of his shoes.

The shoes were slightly dusty but there was a single spot that was exceptionally clean.

It seemed that Tenar had controlled his body to land a kick on the killer. The kick was powerful though, to the point that when the killer left, he staggered—the many footsteps of the killer made it very obvious.

Kieran stood up and followed the footprints and soon, he reached the outer walls of Warren Palace.

"Your Highness, my lord."

The patrolling soldiers greeted and saluted respectfully when they saw Kieran and Mary. When Mary waved to dismiss them, Kieran had already jumped over the wall and headed towards a certain direction.

Perry Kaner followed tightly behind. Her eyes showed astonishment once more when she looked at the dark figure in front of her. She knew Kieran must have noticed something but she was also sure in that room where Tenar died, there weren't any valuable leftover clues.

The traces were wiped clean, even the scent was removed.

As for the killing method?

Slicing the throat might be brutal but it wasn't a secretive way by any means. Any disciple in Viper Sect had to learn the technique during their early days of training.

In simple words, other than the core branch of Viper Sect that Perry Kaner led which numbered around 20 people, there were around 200 more outer ring members of the sect able to achieve the kill.

But right away, Perry Kaner's face turned gloomy, there wasn't anyone left in her branch anymore, except for her.

The sudden assault from her foe was vicious, despite her full preparation, she was still careless with the details.

She didn't just underestimate her foe's strength, she underestimated their numbers as well.

That defeat was her fault!

Her mistake!

Regret and hatred were all she had left!

The feelings were like a twin-headed snake, tearing Perry Kaner's heart apart. It made her breath hurried and her eyes started to see visions of her comrade dying before her.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.




When all those negative emotions intertwined, Perry Kaner started to stagger as she moved forward.

"I've said it before, just because you can't find anything doesn't mean 2567 can't."

At that very moment, Mary's voice entered her ear and it shocked her. When she regained her senses, she realized Mary was helping her to stand properly.


Listening to those words that mocked her abilities, Perry Kaner shook off Mary's hands first before thanking her seriously.

"I am not purposely helping you."

"It's just that you are coincidentally beside me," said Mary before hastening her steps, giving chase to Kieran.

Perry Kaner looked at Mary, she slightly shook her head.

Of course, she wouldn't expose Mary. Given the young princess' speed, if Mary didn't notice something was wrong with Perry Kaner, she wouldn't have walked side by side with her.

As for the young princess' kindness? 

If it was a few days ago, Perry Kaner would mock and show disdain.

But now?

She covered her chest and felt that sudden warmth in her heart. She didn't seem too cold now. A glimmer of light shined through her darkness.


A deep breath later, Perry Kaner quickly caught up to them both.

Mary who caught up beside Kieran saw Perry Kaner following tightly. Her furrowed brows eased up slightly but were tightened once again the next moment.

She couldn't figure it out!

Why would that culprit who wand to harm her father choose Mr. Tenar as a target?

Because of the war, Warren Palace indeed had gotten quieter but there were still many attendants around!

Among hundreds of attendants, picking the most obvious target, Tenar, didn't seem reasonable to her!

If it was just a common attendant, the incident would be rashly dealt with despite happening in the palace because of the recovery period after the war. But since the target was Tenar, things were different.

Given Tenar's identity, it was almost certain that a great commotion would break out upon discovery of his death.

Besides that, the wide social network of Tenar had determined that he would be discovered shortly after!

"You are curious about why that culprit choose Tenar as a target?" Kieran suddenly asked as he moved forward.

"Um. It doesn't make sense, Mr. Tenar is too eye-catching!" Mary nodded.

"Because… Tenar is also one of his targets," said Kieran calmly.
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