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Donning a thick grayish-brown robe, Wu looked a lot more like those witches playing with crystal balls but Kieran knew the woman before him was much stronger than common witches.

Her clairvoyant abilities were one-of-a-kind even in the big city.

However, Kieran wouldn't purposely get close to her because of her abilities, especially when Wu showed exceptional friendliness that far surpassed common strangers, it made Kieran heighten his vigilance more than ever.

There is no unreasonable hate in the world, just like how there was no unconditional love.

Everything has a cause and effect.

Kieran didn't know what had caused Wu to act like that but he knew what he had to do.

"The seat is taken," Kieran said coldly.

"You mean Fisherman's? He and I are somewhat friends, I'm sure he won't mind me joining you."

Her pleasant voice came from behind her thick long robe.

Despite knowing her previous hoarse voice was a cover-up, Kieran was still jolted when he heard the extremely contrasting feminine voice.

Humans always liked the beautiful and disliked the ugly, Kieran was no exception.

He too liked good things and preferred a pleasant sweet voice but it would not change his initial decision.

"Well, I mind," Kieran was still acting cold.

"Even if I'm here to help you?" said Wu before initiating a trade with Kieran.

[Name: Lucky Card II]

[Type: Card]

[Rarity: Epic]

[Attribute: Use it and acquire more luck than usual before entering the next dungeon. Even if it is trivial, it will be enough to alter one's destiny]

[Remark: Creating this card requires extremely skilled techniques, expensive ingredients and a little bit of luck]

[Note 1: Usable only in the big city]

[Note 2: After usage, the effect will last till the start of the next dungeon]


[Name: Lucky Card III]

[Type: Card]

[Rarity: I]

[Attribute: Use it and the next special dungeon will grant the player more luck than usual. Even if it is trivial, it will be enough to alter one's destiny]

[Remark: Creating this card requires extremely skilled techniques, expensive ingredients and a little bit of luck]

[Note 1: Usable in special dungeon]

[Note 2: After usage, the effect will last till the end of special dungeon]


Two different numbered [Lucky Card]s appeared before Kieran, causing him to squint his eyes.

After witnessing the effect of the first [Lucky Card], Kieran had been wondering whether there were other types of [Lucky Card]s which were usable in the big city and special dungeons.

Now, [Lucky Card II] and [Lucky Card III] verified Kieran's guesses.

"They can help you."

"I bet after finishing the deal with Fisherman, you're are running low on Points?"

"You can pay me next time or…"

"You want to pay me in other ways?"

"Like buying me dinner?" said Wu in a casual way.

Compared to the Wu in Kieran's memories, the Wu before him now was much more energetic or could even be considered as… cheerful?

Kieran didn't know what caused her to change her mood but it didn't stop him from placing [Strange Little Finger] and [Titan's Blood] in the trading slots.


"If not, I still have some Points," said Kieran.

Wu was stunned. Obviously, she didn't expect Kieran to have other item collections to trade.

Aside from [Titan's Blood], which always would have a market in the big city because of its bloodline abilities, based on her judgment, [Strange Little Finger] was also a bloodline item, despite being a lower tier one. However, with [Titan's Blood] in the trade, an item of rank II rarity, it would very much balance out the value of two [Lucky Card]s combined.


Wu accepted the trade after coming back to her senses.

"I didn't mean anything," Wu added.

Kieran didn't answer, all he did was stay quiet towards her claims.

After the trade, J.Pearlman walked over with glasses of beverages in his hands.

"Oh, did I interrupt you both?" he asked.

"Nope. We just finished our trade," said Kieran while shaking his head.

"Um, yeap." Wu agreed but she didn't have any intentions to stand up; Kieran, however, did as he stood up and leave.

"Thank you for the juice."

Kieran then received the glass of juice from J.Pearlman and walked over to the bar counter.

"You should be more gentlemanly," Rachel said to Kieran while wiping her glasses as usual and stared at her friend's figure further away.

"Gentlemanly? From the place I came from, the word has other meanings to it."

Kieran took a sip of juice, the sweet and sourish taste then made him take another big gulp.

Rachel saw how Kieran reacted and shook her head helplessly, she then quietly sent her friend a message.

When Kieran was half-way through his glass of juice, he was surprised by Blacksmith walking out from the small living hall behind the inn.

"You've reached the Advance Ranks?"

Kieran was a lot more friendly towards a familiar acquaintance, thus allowing him to take the initiative to say hello.

"No, but soon."

Blacksmith was still as cold and few words as Kieran remembered. 

Kieran even felt Blacksmith react a little colder than before.

"Anything happen?"

"Need help?" Kieran asked.

Since Blacksmith helped him before, if she was in any kind of trouble, Kieran wouldn't mind lending a hand if it was within his reach, but Blacksmith rejected without even thinking.

"No need." 

Blacksmith was about to leave but…

"About the Advance Ranks, I…"

"You know, I know."

Blacksmith interrupted Kieran before ending the conversation prematurely by rushing out of the inn. 

When he walked past Wu, her never before shown face got colder.

Meanwhile, at the messaging tab where the public couldn't see, both ladies were secretly quarreling non-stop.

Blacksmith: You really think I'll give up?

Wu: It's your destiny, I've seen it already.

Blacksmith: To hell with your destiny, you are just a step ahead of me, I'll chase up to you soon.

Wu: Pitiful soul, always finding excuses.

Blacksmith: We'll see about that.

Wu: I'll open my eyes wide then.


"Isn't it a little cold around here?"

"Rachel, did you switch on the air-conditioner?"

"Turn it down a bit."

Lawless who was selling items to the crowd was shouting at Rachel.

"You idiot."

Rachel facepalmed when she heard what Lawless shouted, she really wanted to throw the glass in her hand at Lawless face but when she thought about the 0.1 Points that she would lose, she chose to throw the cloth instead.


The cloth landed on Lawless' face, covering his idiotic look.

Lawless felt wronged as he took the cloth away from his sad face, he quietly delivered it back to Rachel. He then saw his good friend walking towards the exit.

"Where' ya heading 2567?" Lawless casually asked.

"The mimosa asked me out for dinner,"

"Mimosa? Oh, his cooking is quite good…"

Kieran replied and walked out of the inn directly, leaving Lawless muttering to himself alone.

But before Lawless could finish his words, he noticed Rachel's unfriendly glare at him and he somehow felt the air around the inn… had gotten colder?

"His cooking is good? What about mine?" Rachel said with a cold smile.

"It's good also!" Lawless instinctively replied.

"Then which one of us is better?" Rachel asked.

"Hmmm. Rachel, you are better at brewing wine, so if it's cooking food, the mimosa is more meticulous, it's like some indescribable…"


A glass was slammed on Lawless' head before he finished.

"The glass is on you and a 10% increase in your interest."

Lawless stood there with a poker face.
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