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The Devil is Cage 1179 A Strange Feeling

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When Kieran saw the person that walked in, it reminded him of the previous encounter where Borl walked past him.

That last time when Borl struck a strangely familiar feeling in Kieran's heart left a heavy impression behind. Neither of them ever met before, yet Kieran felt like he knew the man.

This time, however, that strange, familiar feeling was missing, as if last time had been Kieran's own overthinking.

Could it really have been his mind playing tricks on him?

Kieran didn't think so.

Borl greeted the others in a familiar way before heading to the bar counter and requesting a glass of water. Kieran frowned at his action because the familiar feeling struck him again.

"Hey, 2567, this is Borl, a new guy. Borl, I don't think I need to tell you who this guy is, right? Believe me, both of you will surely get along very well. After all, it's the first time I've ever seen two extremely stingy people."

Rachel stood in for Lawless for the introduction since he was busy with the auction arrangements. However, compared to Lawless's sincere, friendly introductions, Rachel's introduction had more mocking to it.

"Points are hard to earn," Kieran shrugged and said while having his eyes glued to Borl.

Borl nodded in agreement.

The man wasn't much willing to talk to Kieran either; he maintained the coldness of a stranger and shunned off unknown players.

Kieran took another glance at the man before turning away.

It was true that Borl was a person of concern, but watching him like that was inefficient, as even a common man knew how to maintain alertness in front of strangers.

So, some special means were required.

After passing by Lawless, Kieran greeted him before leaving the inn quickly.

Borl then raised his head after Kieran went out the door. His eyes looked like they were troubled with doubts.

"What, curious about why a big shot like him comes to my place?" Rachel asked while wiping her glass.

"No, I'm just curious about other things." Borl was being honest.

As for what he had in mind?

He didn't spill many details and Rachel didn't ask any further, but their conversation continued revolving around Kieran; the topic, however, was less than pleasant.

"Did he really acquire a Unique Title?"

"Intel fee is 5000 Points."

"Rumour has it that he was still a newbie a few months ago, is that true?"

"Intel fee is 3000 Points."

"Is he really a lone wolf? No supporting team behind?"

"Intel fee is 3000 Points."

"Is there anything that's free?"

"Yes. His name is 2567."


Borl pouted his lips and didn't say anything else. After finishing his glass of water, he quietly went over to Lawless's side and fell into deep thought while watching the merry inn.

I see…

This isn't the era that I remember.

The Witch?

You are really something.

Borl was thinking about that name he could never forget.

His fist unconsciously clenched hard.

"Borl, want a drink? My treat."

Lawless, in the midst of his contacting, noticed something and turned to Borl.

"Thanks but I need some air."

Borl rejected politely before heading out the inn.

Lawless frowned at Borl's retreating figure. He unconsciously stood up and wanted to give chase but was held down by a slim palm on his shoulder that was pressing him down to his seat.

Lawless struggled a bit but it was fruitless. He then turned behind with a bitter smile.

"Rachel, I just…"

"I don't care what you notice or worry about, but don't forget the promise and assurance you gave me," said Rachel, angrily.

"I know you must have noticed something, just like me, but you need to trust 2567. If this matter is really related to him, I'm sure he will deal with it just fine with his abilities. If it has nothing to do with him, you don't need to be this nervous at all. Now, stay your ass down here and finish what 2567 asked of you."

Her fast words plus her angry tone made Lawless shrink and evade Rachel due to the guilt and debt he owed her in his heart. Lawless was like a small rabbit that crashed into the wall, as all he could do was nod and laugh bitterly.

"Fine, I know!"


Rachel then headed back to the bar counter.

As she walked, she shouted, "Hey, you bastards, if you don't clear the tab, you owe me. I'll add interest to your payment!"

The lone wolf players in the inn were stunned before crying and begging.

"No, you can't do this!"

"Yes, I can."

"Oh my dear Rachel, you are as beautiful as always."

"If you can see my face through the system blur, has your Intuition transcended beyond mortals?"

"Your mercy is like the holy saintess."

"I am the saintess of the dark."

The lone wolves felt Rachel's anger through the replies they got.

Likewise, they figured out that communicating with the lady owner like this wouldn't work, so some of the smarter ones altered their tactics.

"Oh Rachel, I bet what you said just now is only to vent your anger!"

"Please don't be angry."

"Right, did Lawless make you angry again?"

"Don't worry, leave him to us, we will vent your anger on him!"

The lone wolves quickly surrounded Lawless after the series of begging.

"You damn prick, quickly bow down to Rachel and apologize!"

"You good for nothing freeloader, how dare you piss off Rachel!"

"Do you know that you will end up dragging us to hell with you?"

Lawless smiled bitterly again when he saw his furious friends.

"Hey, guys, calm down! Is this how you treat your good ol' buddy?"

"What good ol' buddy? We are more concerned about Lady Rachel's feelings!"

"Go apologize and make her happy now!"

"Or else, you know what will happen."

The bunch of guys joked and pampered Lawless, pushing him to the bar counter before quickly returning to their seats with their glasses.

They were waiting for a good show.

Compared to the wine money Rachel mentioned, they were more eager to see the scene before them.

But soon enough, those bastards couldn't smile anymore.

"Double interest from now on," said Rachel.

The air froze for a second before a wave of crying and begging occurred.

Wu just then walked into the inn amidst the lousy farce and pouted her mouth and said, "Bunch of morons."

Wu then went straight to the small living hall behind the bar.

Inside the small living hall, a tall lady with a red mantle was standing beside the sofa. Swirling around her were brilliant gemstones that glowed beautifully.

When she saw Wu walk in, Blacksmith asked with her usual cold tone, "Did you ask Rachel to contact me?"

"Mm. I need to talk to you about something. It's about 2567." 

Wu then pointed at the sofa.

Blacksmith raised a puzzled brow. She tried to say something but nothing escaped her mouth, and in the end, she chose to sit down.

She was curious about what matters Wu had that concerned 2567.
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