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The Devil is Cage 1176 I Choose To Be Strong Because I Have No Choice.

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The system notifications came up line after line—

[Discovered acknowledged Dawn power shards, fusion available, fusing…]

[Title: Blade of the Daybreaker leveled up!]

The starry milky way appeared once again above Kieran's head.

The leftover glowing particles from Ye Jing were absorbed by it, thus making it brighter.

[Name: Blade of the Daybreaker]

[Type: Title]

[Rarity: Unique]

[Attribute: 1. Sword Type Enhance II; 2. Sword Skill Increase II; 3. Dawn Amplification II; 4. Dawn Sword Veil; 5. Dawn Thrust]

[Special Effect: 1. Dawn Summon; 2. Dawn Descent]

[Prerequisite: Binds to player]

[Remark: Wherever your blade points, you will be invincible.]


[Sword Type Enhance II: When using any type of sword weapon, weapon attack level +1, weapon sturdiness +1]

[Sword Skill Increase II: Increase any kind of "sword" skill by 1 level (Is not limited to Transcendence level), 3 times per day]

[Dawn Amplification II: During Dawn, player gains a special effect of +3 to all attributes. Additionally, player can assign a certain attribute to receive an extra +2 buff]

[Dawn Sword Veil: Player can activate this skill during dawn. It will not be restrained by any other existence. This skill can make a copy of the sword type weapon that player currently has equipped, the copy of the weapon will have the all the original attributes, effects, and will attack and defend based on player's sword type skill. The number of copied weapons can be accumulated when the skill isn't activated during dawn, the copied number will accumulate to the next day (max 3 times), once per day]

[Dawn Thrust: During dawn, player can launch a shortsword formed by the Light of Dawn. The shortsword will auto-lock onto enemies within sight, has rank III attack and rank IV speed.


[Dawn Summon: During Dawn, player can summon the soldiers of Burning Dawn based on player's own will. They will answer the player's call and fight for them, once per week]

[Dawn Descent: Utilize the power to create a man-made "Dawn" scene no larger than 15 meters, once per week.]


Kieran's lips couldn't help but curl into a grin when he saw [Sword Type Enhance], [Sword Skill Increase] and [Dawn Amplification].

As his Unique Title, any kind of incremental increase was considered a core update. Despite it not increasing by a huge extent, it was worth celebrating.

Especially the newly added effect [Dawn Descent], it made Kieran's smile widen even more.

Time has always been [Blade of the Daybreaker]'s biggest limit and now with the new effect, the time limit was no longer the biggest obstruction.

As for [Dawn Thrust], it would become one of his ultimates as well.

"With rank IV speed, if it catches the enemy by surprise, it will surely produce unexpected results."

Kieran was thinking about the usage for [Dawn Thrust] in his heart.

His eyes, however, turned to that dark golden radiance on the floor.

It was a sheathed longsword.

Without even taking it out, Kieran already knew what it was.

"Extreme Night"!

The sword that Ye Jing wielded, relying on it for his offense and defense.

[Name: Extreme Night (Damaged)]

[Type: Sword Type Weapon]

[Rarity: II]

[Attack: II]

[Attributes: 1. Night Veil; 2. Night Slash]

[Effect: Night Protection]

[Prerequisite: Eliminate Ye Jing]

[Able to bring out of dungeon: Yes]

[Remark: As the longsword that Ye Jing gained in an accident before following him on his long conquest, its power is undisputed but it was damaged during the battle with you. Not only did its rarity go down, but its power was also weakened by a lot as well, although it is still usable, be careful when you wield it. Maybe you can find a master swordsmith to repair it.]


[Night Veil: Extreme Night transforms into a black moving light, blocking attacks that don't surpass rank II, 30-second duration, twice per day]

[Night Slash: Perform a black light slash with rank II attack on a single target with the range of 100 meters, twice per day]


[Night Protection: In the night/darkness, Night Veil's duration increases by 15 seconds, Night Slash's range increases by 50 meters.]


"Damaged weapon."

Kieran frowned when he saw the description of the sword.

When he saw [Extreme Night] dropped, he knew it would be different from the [Extreme Night] he witnessed.

Of course, even if damaged, [Extreme Night] had what it takes to fit a rank II rarity weapon but for Kieran who witnessed what it really could do, it was miles apart.

Repair it!

He must repair it!

The thought automatically came into his mind when Kieran unsheathed [Extreme Night] and saw the black blade with cracks.

He wanted to see what [Extreme Night] was like in its full form.

"A swordsmith eh?"

Kieran muttered. He laid his finger over the blade's tip before sheathing it softly and hanging it over his waist.

Perhaps a swordsmith in this current dungeon world might be a rare and difficult find.

After all, all the knowledge of smithing were hoarded by the Smith Fiends, but Kieran wasn't just limited to this dungeon world alone.

More so, in the big city, who could guarantee that there wasn't a player who leveled up forging and repairing to an extreme level?


Kieran took a deep breath to adjust his thoughts before he turned around to the palace behind him.

Great Swamp's mirage was hiding inside and when the palace caught Kieran's gaze, Great Swamp automatically appeared.

He was looking at Kieran with a surprised and complicated gaze.

He was surprised by how easily Kieran took out Ye Jing.

He also felt complicated because how easy Kieran took out Ye Jing.

"You are much stronger than I imagined, especially during dawn—after today, your names will be known by all the big shots in the world, you will become the new Night Vanisher and the new Dawn Slaughter," Great Swamp said slowly.

"Night Vanisher? Dawn Slaughter?"

Kieran shook his head and continued, "These titles don't suit me, I prefer Blade of the Daybreaker or Burning Dawn."

"Because you used a sword and… fire?" Great Swamp asked out of curiosity.

"I guess so."

Kiera shrugged without giving a solid response.

He would not tell Great Swamp what those titles meant to him, similar to how Great Swamp would not tell him what the palace was hiding.

Secrets, right?

It shouldn't be known yet were attractive.

Ways to reject the mysterious temptation were only a handful but important enough.

Respect, or understanding.

Great Swamp saw Kieran's calm and dull face, he couldn't help but sigh softly.

"Somethings will not change just because you will them to."

The sigh obviously came from his own expression, which seemed unparalleled and real.

"That is why we need to be stronger."

"My strength protects my heart, allowing me to stand up to anything and choose according to my own will."

"That's why I choose to be strong because I have no choice!"

Kieran's words sounded sincere because it was his own experience.

Sincerity would move people's hearts.

"Perhaps, I can try it??"

Great Swamp muttered.

"Of course," said Kieran.

System notifications popped up on Kieran's vision once more.

[Special Event: Mastermind Behind the Scene (Completed)]

[Special main mission: Bloodline Limits (Completed)]

[Special main mission completed, leaving dungeon in 10 seconds...)]

[Please take whatever items you wish to keep with you.]

[Note: Any items that exceed the maximum weight will be discarded!]
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