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The darkness in the underground city didn't spread to the surface, to Flame City.

Nevertheless, some with sharp senses noticed the unusual phenomenon. 

Each of them was looking at the ground with inconceivable expressions.

"Creating darkness?"

"Giving birth to dawn?"

The changes between heaven and earth, even on a very small scale, were enough for these folks hiding in Flame City to feel that it wasunbelievable.

To them, Great Swamp was already the highest existence, but even for him, he couldn't cause such a drastic change.

As heaven and earth changed, time was lost.

Even Gods couldn't do anything about it.

Compared to those ignorant fools, some other folks who knew more were utterly shaken.

"What is this?"

"His Majesty used his hidden card?"

Astonishment shone in the people's eyes and soon turned into excitement.

'Night Vanisher'!

'Dawn Slaughter'!

The titles belonged to the powerhouse back in the fiend era. After the fading of the old era and the arrival of the new age, he had never truly engaged in a serious battle before.

But now, he utilized all his might in a fight?

Some of the folks wanted to quickly finish the tasks assigned by His Majesty and watch the true fight between Gods.

Thoughts of trying to peek into the fight appeared in many's hearts. They were eager to catch a glimpse of such a phenomenon.

However, before the folks could move, sleepiness assaulted them like beating waves.

Humans, fiends, half-fiends, and every being within sight yawned ceaselessly, and their eyelids grew heavy. Their minds were dozing off bit by bit, and yet they tried their best not to fall into slumber.

But four or five seconds later, snores resounded everywhere endlessly.

Sloth walked out from the shadow with saggy eyes.

"Trouble, trouble, troublesome."

Ranting, Sloth slowly walked towards his next destination.

It wasn't the first place that he had put everyone to sleep and it certainly would not be the last.

His task was far from complete.

If it was possible, Sloth would really like to sleep in a quiet spot but once he thought about Kieran's order, Sloth had to hold on with clenched teeth.

Soon enough, Sloth woke up because he heard something interesting.

"He wants to fight that guy during dawn…"

"Is this considered a fated meeting?"

"There can only be one Dawn."

Sloth exclaimed softly.

As he exclaimed, Sloth's face didn't show any laziness at all, as he was thinking about something deeply with full concentration before lowering his head to smile softly.

Sloth and Kieran shared the same face, their auras being extremely distinguished in the past, but at this moment, just for a second, Sloth seemed to feel a little closer to Kieran.

After that, laziness struck him again and he walked like a spineless snake, faltering with every step.


Underground city.

Inside the darkness, Ye Jing's voice slowly came from every direction.

"Do you know what I was called back in the days when fiends roamed? Night Vanisher! When night falls, as long as I am in hiding, no one will be able to find me, but compared to this name, I prefer the other one more… Dawn Slaughter! Reaping the life of a foe is the most intoxicating feeling to me, especially when the first light shines through the land. It feels like the first light pierced through my foe's body and soul, so beautiful. Of course, you wouldn't understand all this, but you can try to experience being hunted."

As the voice subsided, a dash of light appeared in the darkness.

It was dazzling and blinding, yet the coldness from it sent chills down one's spine.

When it appeared, it really did look like the first light of dawn but it lacked in its warmth.

All it had was killing intent, a pure killing intent caused by extreme speed.

What was it?

A sword?

A knife?

An arrow?

Or something else?

No one knew, for all that had seen it before had had their lives taken. The countless lives snatched were used to build the title Dawn Slaughter, thus its eminence.

The eminence wasn't just a self-compliment though. It was publicly acknowledged to the point that in this dungeon world, Ye Jing's eminence had almost become a certain truth.

However, it was just an almost, not the absolute truth, so it wasn't all that surprising if the light was broken.

Ye Jing looked at Kieran with a cold smile. He wanted to watch Kieran fall into a puddle of his own blood, but the cold smile quickly froze on his face and his eyes widened uncontrollably.

What did he see?


The first light that came to the land after breaking the darkness of the night, the light of dawn!

He then saw swords! Multiple [Arrogant Words] were produced in the light!

He saw the light clash, he saw the swords cross!

The extreme speeding light then clashed with the firm light.

The former was sharp and cold; the latter was warm and tenacious.

Both contrasting feelings were like a spear and a shield. When a strong spear clashed with a strong shield, both sides would suffer great loss.


There wasn't just a single shield!

There were three!

Three identical [Arrogant Words] were floating around Kieran, circling him at his will.

With [Sword Type Enhance] and [Sword Skill Increase], all three of the greatswords entered [Fury Slash] stance and slashed towards the incoming light; Kieran didn't even have to wield them to perform the attack.

Wung! Wung Wung!

Following the three heavy whistles, the three greatswords slashed furiously.

Dang! Dang Dang!

Three combined slashing sounds later, the truth behind the speeding light was revealed: a shining dagger.

But no.

It would be more accurate to call it a double-edged shortsword!

The shortsword was crystal clear as if it was really made out of crystal or clear frozen water; it was very beautiful. 

The shortsword looked like a beautiful young girl in front of three huge [Arrogant Words], which looked like three massive tough men.

Under the three destructive attacks of the greatswords, the shortsword was reduced to helplessness. Despite it trying to resist with all its might, it couldn't alter its final fate.

Cracks started to spread along the shortsword from the points of contact with the [Arrogant Words].

The cracks blanketed the blade, spreading across thoroughly, and in the end…


Broken! The crystal clear sword was broken, followed by Ye Jing's confidence.


The recoil from the broken sword caused Ye Jing to spit out a mouth full of blood. His powers were further restrained after utilizing his powerful transcendent powers, leaving him at the level of New Advance Ranks.

Ye Jing couldn't maintain his technique anymore.

Darkness started to fade and light bathed the land again.

At the same time, he was also helpless against Kieran's greatsword, which was swinging at him once more.

"Aaaargh! No!" Ye Jing shouted furiously.

The blade was faster though, and a lot more furious than his shout.

Blood splashed after the slash, limbs flying in different directions.

Ye Jing was split in half.

A dark golden radiance came afloat on his body.

The cold, rapid energy then gushed into Kieran's body, causing minor changes to his Unique Title [Blade of the Daybreaker].
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