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The Devil is Cage 1172 Massive Offensive

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Rage twisted Ye Jing's already vicious face beyond recognition.

He furiously looked at the gigantic white wolf, and the remaining black light swirled again. It was much slower and weaker than before, yet it managed to slash at the white wolf.

The white wolf wasn't as big as Creature of Desire, however, the slash from the black light wasn't as big as before either.

Thus, the white wolf easily dodged the slash with its nimble reflexes, which didn't match its body size, and then bared its teeth at Ye Jing.


It turned around and ran for it!

Ye Jing wanted to give chase, but the Devil Flame that followed made him stop.

Boom! Boom!

Two explosions later, the remaining black light retreated further and Ye Jing's presence grew only slightly weaker.

Notwithstanding, the outcome was enough for Kieran to be delighted.

He knew that after the combo attack, Ye Jing had suffered much more actual "damage" than he let on.

Not only did his black light "shatter", but his strength also dropped further as well.

With Kieran's senses, he was able to tell that Ye Jing's presence had lowered from an extremely dangerous state to just dangerous.

Although he was still a foe not to be taken lightly, he was no longer that powerful enemy whose aura alone could cause endless Spirit authentication and force Kieran to wobble no more.

"Not only is Transcendence power restrained, but it's even related to the level of usage? The stronger the power, the heavier the restraints!"

A thought quickly followed the conclusion.

Devil Flame burned again and was hurled at Ye Jing once more.

Kieran was glad to weaken his enemy, especially when his enemy was in a tough position because then he didn't mind giving a kick and sending them to the bottom of the abyss.

Ball after ball of Devil Flame was hurled out from Kieran's hand. He was like a turret on top of the stairs. Not only was he powerful, but he also had an infinite amount of ammunition as well!

Boom! Boom!

Two more explosions later, "Extreme Night", which shattered, couldn't shield Ye Jing from the attacks anymore, and he was forced to use his own powers.

Each time he used them, Ye Jing's powers would grow weaker. Even if it was a minor amount, he knew how severe it would be once it all piled up.

Quantitative changes incited qualitative changes.

If that happened, he would crumble as well!

Ye Jing was perfectly clear about that, and because of that, it only fueled his rage further.

"You vermin! You really think your lousy, off tricks can defeat me? I'll show you how naive you are!"

Amid his raging roar, Ye Jing swiftly shortened the remaining distance between him and Kieran.

150 meters wasn't very long for a common man and for a special existence like Ye Jing, it was almost instantly reachable.

After withstanding multiple Devil Flame attacks, Ye Jing stood in front of Kieran and showed a vicious smile on his horrifying face.

"Got you! I'll crush your throat!" he declared.

Even though he was still behind his black light, Ye Jing reached out his hand to Kieran, trying to make his declaration come true.

However, Kieran was faster!

He didn't dodge, but rather attacked!

[Arrogant Word], with precision, was swung down at Ye Jing with a scalp-numbing whistle.

The huge blade was of incomparable length and would surely hit Ye Jing before he could grab Kieran.

But Ye Jing laughed at the strike, laughing at Kieran's overestimation of his strength.

"You really think you can engage in close combat with me?"

After attaining "Extreme Night", Ye Jing had never feared any battles, especially close combat, which he was most passionate about because "Extreme Night" could deal with any kind of melee attack.

Just as Ye Jing expected, despite Kieran's speed and viciousness, the powerful greatsword was blocked by the black light before it could truly swing down.

The broken black light flashed before the huge greatsword like a shield, blocking Kieran's slashes.


The blade came in contact with the black light.

The black light shook for a bit as it withstood the power of the greatsword. Ye Jing's smile showed even more contempt, and his palm moved faster than before, trying to get to Kieran.

The palm was going for Kieran's throat but…

Ye Jing saw Kieran switch from two-handed wielding to single-handed wielding.

The switch in wielding postures, however, didn't affect the greatsword's power, as Ye Jing was still withstanding the same amount of pressure. There seemed to be no difference in strength regardless of how many hands Kieran wielded the greatsword with.

But how was that possible?


Ye Jing instinctively hesitated when the term came into his mind.

When his palm that was reaching for Kieran's throat was less than 20 cm away from its target, it slightly paused.

But that had been Ye Jing's last chance to ever target Kieran's throat with his hand because a double-barreled hunting rifle next appeared in Kieran's other hand.

The rifle was then pointed at Ye Jing's face and fired.

Bang! Bang!

Two gunshots later, pellets appeared before Ye Jing's face almost instantaneously, but they didn't blast his head off.

The formless black energy blocked the bullets, and at the same time, Ye Jing was restrained again.

It wasn't the end of Kieran's attack though.

Kieran then let go of the double-barrelled rifle, and his empty hand, or rather, his hand with the fingerless glove and multiple rings on, moved forward.

[Seattle's Right Hand]!

[Wilco's Redemption]!

[Spectre's Grip]!

[Ring of the Serpent King]!

Two ice cold javelins were launched from the blue frost.

A 60° cone-shaped blue frost energy gushed out as well, covering five meters in range in front of Kieran.

When the two ice cold javelins broke, they also released the freezing energy all over a three-meter radius, covering everything within the range, including Ye Jing.

Of course, the ice attacks were useless against him, but the only function of the attacks was to force him to use his transcendent power again, thus making him face further restraints.

It was what Kieran was going for.

Kieran's powerful senses weren't affected by the frosty mist as he locked on to Ye Jing's location. A negative energy chain was fired from a vacant space, binding him down for a second. In that split second, the 20-meter, twin-headed serpent spirit materialized from its illusory form and swung its thicker-than-water-vat tail at Ye Jing.

Ye Jing, who had arrived before Kieran, was slammed down the stairs before he could even stand properly on his feet.

As he was struck away, the Devil Flame followed.

Boom! Boom!
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