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Back in the underground city, just as Pride went up close to the city walls, group after group of enemies appeared.

The enemies were a bunch of wood and rocks the size of grown men with all sorts of weapons in their hands; some were wielding swords while some were loading arrows onto their bows.


A laugh of contempt came from Pride, his arrogant look was his staple. Even before a swarm of enemies, his arrogance would never change.

It would only get more and more disdainful.

Black flames burned in his hand and quickly formed a sword.

The sword was black and its sharpness was without equal.

Stone and wooden dummies obviously couldn't resist such sharp attacks though.

With a single sweep, 4 to 5 dummies were sliced in half.

The dummies' attacks were easily dodged by Pride as well.

Pride was like a swallow flying in the rain, nimble and agile, none of the attacks landed on him and none of the dummies were able to stop his steps.

From outside the city walls to the city gates eventually to inside the city walls, all it took was around 20 seconds as Pride paved through waves of enemy ambushes.

He stood inside the city walls and looked at the empty streets. As he felt Kieran's successful infiltration and the presence moving away, Pride curled his lips into a smile.

His main mission was complete, now…

It was extra mission time!

Pride turned around and looked at the enemies giving chase. The smile vanished and was replaced by his ever-present arrogant expression and cold gaze.

Since they were enemies, they should all be dead.


Kieran was moving swiftly in the shadows.

Under [Tracking]'s vision, Great Swamp's steps were obvious.

In fact, after a mere two minutes, he already saw Great Swamp.

The Great Swamp who he assumed an "imposter" was engaging in a battle with a similar stone dummy

However, unlike Pride's slaughter-fest, Great Swamp and the dummy were evenly matched!

Correct! Both sides were evenly matched!

Kieran slightly frowned at the scene and obviously, it wasn't within his expectations.

Being able to disguise oneself as Great Swamp with an identical presence, in addition to the speed and power that he presented just now, how could this Great Swamp get stalled by an enemy that he could easily destroy?

Although the stone dummy was much stronger than the ones Pride faced, based on the imposter's previous performance, he could easily take them out, not fall into a stalemate.


It wasn't a stalemate anymore!

Under Kieran's gaze, the imposter swiftly fell into disadvantage and what surprised Kieran more was the imposter's current state, he seemed...

Anxious and angry?

"How is this possible?

"Why are my powers slipping away?"

Puzzled words came out from the imposter's mouth.

If the imposter didn't turn translucent at the next second and pop like a bubble, Kieran would have believed that he was seeing incorrectly.


Kieran muttered in his head before following the stone dummy. 

The stone dummy wasn't heading to the city gates but another corner of the underground city.

It wasn't in the direction of the castellan mansion either.

As for heading to the castellan mansion?

As long as Kieran was still sane, he would never go there.


At the same time, in a secluded corner of the underground city, Great Swamp and Kieran were standing side by side.

Great Swamp's face held unconcealable joy though.

"Much smoother than I expected," he said.

However, as his words subsided, the bangle on his left hand shined with a dazzling red light.

The bangle was a gift from his father. It wasn't just the key to the plan, it even provided him with some feedback about things that happened in the underground city.

Of course, it was impossible for it to display voices and pictures of the surroundings but at least it could notify Great Swamp that a battle just happened, like how it was reacting now.

"Maybe we will run into some accidents."

Great Swamp was stunned for a while before shrugging with a little awkwardness.

"That is why I am here in your plan," Kieran said softly.

"I'll leave everything to you! But remember, you only have 1 hour."

"After an hour, you must come back and touch this bangle, and you can't use transcendent level power," said Great Swamp in a serious manner.


Kieran nodded heading going off.

Great Swamp stayed back on the spot though, he saw Kieran off and when his figure went out of sight, Great Swamp turned around and walked towards the building before his eyes.


Less than 3 meters away from the building, a light suddenly shined bright and the blurry building before Great Swamp suddenly became clear.

It was a courtyard with tall white walls and black roof tiles.

White lanterns were hung over the lingering tiles one after another.

The candles in the lanterns were lit up already and the light that shined were indeed from the candles.

However, the lights only reached 3 meters outside the walls and not a single bit could seep out. Looking from the outside, the building was still blurry.

"Old geezers always have the heart to play tricks!"

Great Swamp couldn't hold back his soft mutters when he looked at the light in front of him and the darkness behind him. He quickly took a step back and merged into the darkness.

After Great Swamp disappeared, a figure appeared.

The person was hooded and the face was blocked, when the person saw the illuminated courtyard, he seemed excited.

The person went around the courtyard walls, hoping to find an entrance but after circling the structure quickly, he returned to the spot where he arrived.

There wasn't an entrance!

The person was stunned at the spot, he dashed around the courtyard again without believing in the heresy before his eyes yet there was still no entrance.


The person muttered.

He then circled the courtyard once again but unlike the previous sprints, this time he was careful and meticulous as he walked.

His careful and meticulousness was rewarded though, he finally discovered something.

The person didn't actually find the entrance but he noticed the courtyard had gotten bigger!

The changes made the person to slow down but a sudden thought in his mind made him move out quickly again.




The person was counting as he walked and suddenly, he heard another similar voice counting in his ears.

He turned to the voice instinctively and another figure was walking and counting just like him.




A careful look later, the figure wasn't just counting as he walked, it was using a walking posture and an outfit was very similar to his own.

The only difference was the figure was a little faltered, as if he was exhausted or aged.

The person drew his dagger and quietly approached the other identical figure.

Then, the dagger struck!


The whole dagger was plunged into the figure's back.

The person watched the figure fall on the ground and twitched without any sympathy.

"This place is mine. No one will...UGH!"

Before the person finished, he felt a pain in his back and as his life force slipped away rapidly, he fell.

At the last moment of his living breath, the person widened his eyes, trying to get a glimpse of who attacked him.

What he saw was another figure similar to his own with an identical outfit.

Behind his attacker was another figure with the exact physique and looks plus a drawn dagger, repeating his action from before.
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