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Brains splattered.

As the bone-crushing noise echoed in their ears, the blazing flame was already burning hot.

The blazing flame devoured the panicked and lost fiends.

The moving traveler wasn't stopped by the sudden attack, only a bright red aviary figure dived down from the sky and grabbed the green glowing item on the ground with its sharp claws.

When the red aviary figure soared once more, the night at the outskirts swiftly returned to its peaceful state.

All that was left were some panicking evil spirits trembling in fear.

As for the rest of the wandering souls attached to the evil spirits, all of them were crawling on the ground without the courage to look up.


The sun rose like every other day.

The warm sunlight expelled the cold darkness of the night and brought light to the land.

The most hard-working bunch in Flame City were already on their way to work.

Kairi and Kray were definitely not included though.

The two who thrived in the past had prepared backup plans for themselves a while ago, even after leaving 'Ethan Hunt', they were still living a lucrative life.

From a certain aspect, without the boss on top of their heads, the two of them were living a better, delightful life.

However, from the depressed looks on their face right now, it wasn't that much of a good life.

Inside a hidden room of a certain location, both of them were sitting face to face in silence.

The silence had been prevalent for quite some time now, both of them took cigarette after cigarette, the ashtray on the table was stuffed with cigarette buds already and yet both of them seemed to want to continue.

After another 10 minutes, the hot-tempered Kray couldn't hold back anymore.

"Today is the last day!"

"What now Kairi?"

"Are we going to do it or not?" Kray's brows were furrowed together.

"I don't know."

Kairi shook his head, he threw the cigarette on the floor grumpily and stepped on the cigarette angrily, his mouth was also ranting non-stop. "The boss went missing and now every damn thing is on us! Damn it! Damnit! God freaking dammit!"

A series of cursing later, Kairi took another cigarette out but he didn't light it. He crushed the cigarette box angrily also and slammed it on the floor.

"How the hell do I know what now?"

"I've always followed the boss' orders and gave my best in carrying out the orders given!"

"Now the boss is missing! How the f*ck do I know what now?"

Kairi was like a crazy beast roaring in the room, he took the ashtray in front of him and smashed it on the wall beside him.

His rage fueled him further in throwing things, anything he could get his hands on was thrown at the wall as if the person that troubled his mind was standing right there.

Kray opened his mouth and tried to stop Kairi and his rampage but nothing came out from his mouth in the end, he couldn't find any words of comfort for the situation.

They had to face a bunch of people who tried to push them to their death and yet they couldn't afford to oppose them, what words of comfort could cease the rage and helplessness in their heart?


Two minutes later—

Kairi was panting heavily, his chest was moving up and down as he breathed, his eyes were ferocious and terrifying.

"If they want us dead, I won't let them live a good life either!"

"Kray, are you ballsy enough to do something big with me?"

Kairi squeezed his words out of the seams of his clenched teeth.

"Why not? Why am I not ballsy enough? You want to teach those sons of b****hes a lesson?"

"Tell me, what are we going to do?" Kray asked straightforwardly.

"Teach them a lesson? Those sons of b****hes want us dead, how is it enough for us to "teach" them a lesson? We are taking them out!" said Kairi coldly.

Kray curled his lips into a killer smile.

He didn't mind killing those bastards.

Maybe he might feel guilty of killing others, but not those bastards.

All he would feel is delight and joy.

Killing those bastards who came up with such a crazy plan was like saving humanity, with every one of them dead, the world will be a better place.

"Hurry up and tell me, what should I do?"

"I'm anxious now!" 

Kray moved his robust neck, his muscles and bones were cracking loudly.

"We are definitely being watched right now. If we want to take them out, we must move their attention away from us, only then we can move."

"So, we need a "bait"."

Kairi returned to his calm mind after venting his anger at the wall as he spoke in an orderly fashion.

"Bait?" Kray was stunned.

His mind was not exactly smart, so he couldn't imagine where can he find a "bait".

"Remember our boss' cousin?"

"Dig him out, find him."

"He will be eye-catching enough," Kairi said softly.

"Footer?" Kray's mouth squelched before his eyes started to shine.

He kind of understood what Kairi wanted to do, so he immediately gave a thumbs up.

"You need to take care of this yourself!"

"Remember, we cannot afford to trust anyone other than ourselves," Kairi reminded him.

"Understood," Kray nodded and walked out.

After Kray left, Kairi sat back at the sofa and started his own preparation.

Similar to Kray, he knew what kind of character Footer was. Once Footer knew what was going on, he would certainly, absolutely lean towards those bastards, there would be no second outcome!

So, Kairi was running short on time.

He had to acquire more weapons in the meantime to oppose those bastards.

Of course, before he carried out his plan, he must fire more smokescreens to cover himself.

Kairi adjusted his emotions and made phone call after phone call.

Throughout the phone calls, he was acting like his old self, joyful and delighted as he was pretending to invite every other boss he knew to participate in his dinner with extravagant reasons.

"I've found another new supporter?"

"Of course!"

"I am Kairi!"

"You are saying Boss Ethan is the Bird of Death?"

"What kind of joke is this?"

"If Boss Ethan is the Bird of Death, I'll eat the phone in my hand right now, right here."

"I know right!"

"It's just some unreliable rumors."

"Boss Ethan was caught up in the mess, a fish caught in troubled waters, thus his current status."

"He is and always has been a respectable boss, but that's that, didn't I just get a new boss?"


"Come join the party tonight!"

"Be on time, I'll give you guys a surprise!"

"No, no no, not introducing, just a little surprise."


Such conversations went on many times throughout the phone calls.

Each time, Kairi would show disdain towards those rumors he heard from other bosses.

It wasn't that he didn't want to believe, its that he dared not believe!

But deep down?

Deep in his heart, Kairi had fantasized more than once that Boss Ethan was the Bird of Death, so when he stepped out and fought those bastards, his boss would appear behind him as support and beat those bastards into nothing.

His mind was imagining that particular scene, thus causing him to daze off with the phone in his hand.

"If Boss Ethan was the Bird of Death, how great would that be!"

"Too bad…"

Fantasy is always a fantasy.

The reality was what he needed to face.


After a deep breath, he dialed another number on his phone.

His extravagant tone came out from his mouth once again.
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