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"I know, but a few."

"At the end of the fiend era, the humans and half-fiends slowly learned this special knowledge from the less hostile fiends but even between humans, they couldn't teach selflessly and wholeheartedly, let alone the fiends who survived through the fiend era. Besides…"

The old monk paused for a while and didn't continue after that.

Kieran didn't press the question either because he knew of the history of the current dungeon world.

Some fiends after that period continued to call themselves fiends, some, however, became Gods.

Great Swamp was one of them.

Among the Hundred Gods, more than 80% were similar to his existence.

As for the remaining 20%?

Half-fiends occupied most of it.

There was only a handful of humans who ascended to a divine status.

"Is there someone like that within Rassho Temple?" Kieran asked.

"Yes. I and Jen can craft simple treasured tools and basic potions respectively," the old monk nodded.

"Just the simple kind?" Kieran raised a puzzled brow.

The answer obviously didn't fit his expectations.

The reason why a faction with a long history could withstand the trials of time, other than the faction's own regulations, it was the systematic inheritance.

While such a systematic inheritance would pay attention to all sides of a matter other than the core inheritance. 

"That's because Rassho Temple is no longer the Rassho Temple that people know of."

"After that fierce battle, we not only had to seek help from His Majesty Artitelgar, but we also lost the Smith Fiend and Lady Med, as well as all sorts of inheritance and legacy skills."

"In fact, the current Rassho Temple is nothing but an empty shell bearing its former glorious name," said the old monk slowly.

"That battle?" asked Kieran.

The old monk didn't answer, instead, he kept quiet.

"Then what about a Smith Fiend and Lady Med? They should be general designations, right? Can you contact them somehow?"

Kieran wasn't a person who would dig the meaning out by the roots, he respected other's secrets, especially when that other party was an ally.

"Given Forest City's current resource scale, it's hard to produce a Smith Fiend or a Lady Med. Even if Your Majesty had Leaf City and Many City under your command, at most you can produce one or two."

"Other than that, the current Smith Fiends and Lady Meds are all under other Majesties' command and it will be quite hard for you to hire them directly."

"Which leaves us with the option of some hidden Smith Fiends and Lady Meds, but likewise, it's hard to hire them as well."

"I can't guarantee anything, all I can give is my best," the old monk was being reserved in his comments.

His reserved attitude towards the matter rung a bell in Kieran's head, allowing him to understand how simple his initial thoughts were.

At the start of any plan, Kieran would automatically plan it out comprehensively and tried his best to be absolutely safe, relying on the city to produce treasured tools and potions was no exception either.

Kieran had prepared his mental state enough for this, he knew it wasn't a simple task but the difficulty he was facing right now far exceeded his imagination.

However, Kieran didn't give up just yet.

After thinking for a while, he continued. "The treasured tools and potions that you and Jen make, how many can you produce each week?"

"Each week?"

"Given my abilities and Jen's, being able to craft one every year is considered a fortunate event."

"I don't have much talent in this particular area but Jen is different, she has some gifts."

"If Your Majesty can invest in her and groom her, maybe she can produce two within a year."

The old monk, who had been staying calm throughout the conversation with Kieran finally showed a bitter smile.

Jen was different?

Following the conversation with the old monk, Kieran thought of the girl who could utilize the Dawn Force-like energy.

Because of Dawn Force, she struck quite an impression in Kieran's mind.

However, after that one encounter back in the last dungeon, Kieran never met her again, even in Rassho temple.

Plus the old monk's words…

"Is she currently under protection?" 

A thought came up in Kieran's mind.

Any faction would give their efforts in protecting their own special talents, Rassho Temple was no exception, despite its current state.

If it was before, it would be hard for Kieran to request a meeting with the girl.

But now?

Following his change in identity, Kieran didn't even have to mention it himself, the old monk was already giving his suggestion.

"Jen is currently completing her rank cultivation in a certain place. She may require another 3 to 4 weeks before completion and after that, she and the rest of Rassho Temple will make haste to Forest City—with 7 or 8 more of them."

"7 or 8 more of them?" Kieran squinted his eyes.

The old monk didn't give a precise number and it was enough to prove that the cultivation was not safe.

But what's absolute safety?

Accidents may happen at any time, even the accumulated experience couldn't catch up with sudden occurrences.

Kieran agreed to that statement though, after all, he'd always been through life and death in exchanges for sufficient benefits.

"I'll be looking forward to it."

"At the same time, I am also looking forward to you with the news of Smith Fiend of Lady Med," said Kieran.

"I'll try my best," the old monk put his palms together.

The conversation after that revolved around topics about Forest City's safety and management.

Kieran, of course, wouldn't stick his finger in and criticize profusely.

In the end, Kieran directly summoned Ren and Mou in, allowing them both to discuss with the old monk about the management of the city on behalf of Funeral Society.

Kieran was acting as an observer throughout the discussion.

The discussion finally ended at a quarter before dawn, the few participants also left for their respective duties.

After the plans were decided, all that was left was to execute them.

Naturally, the execution had nothing to do with Kieran as he left Funeral Society and Rassho Temple in charge.

As for Kieran himself?

When his backpack was tidied up, he departed on a journey back to Flame City.

The promise he made with Great Swamp wasn't just based on the contract between them, it was related to his main mission as well.

Kieran, of course, knew what his priorities were.


Outside Forest City where the night veil shrouded the land, a couple of ferocious figures were gathering for a whisper.

"Is God of Forest City really dead?"

"Dead of course!"

"Bird of Death has held the evening feast!"


"Our chances are here!"

"Kill Bird of Death and Forest City will be ours!"

The whispering became cheers following the last sentence.

However, the cheers weren't absent of logic, some of the fiends voiced out their worries.

"But since Bird of Death killed God of Forest City, he must be very strong, even if the few of us come together…"

"What are you afraid of?"

"We have the lord descendant of a Grand Fiend as a supporter!"

The worrisome words were interrupted by another fiend.

The fiend then pointed at a further spot along the road.

A monster in the size of a rhinoceros was crawling around a torn open car, chewing on the innocent travelers.

Blood splashed and organs splattered.

The scene in common eyes was extremely terrifying but in the eyes of the fiends, it was a symbol of strength.

The Grand Fiend's descendant didn't mind showing off its power, so when a lonely figure appeared at the end of the road, the monster jumped up without further thought together with a furious roar.


It was crushed by a foot.
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