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The indescribable glow that turned into radiance felt like it materialized and stuck itself on the seam, it even refused to budge before Devil Kieran and forced him into a stalemate.

Undoubtedly, if this extended into a contest of strength, the confrontation from both sides would continue until one side was exhausted.

However, this wasn't a contest of strength and Kieran wasn't alone.

The wicked aura rumbled.

The cardinal sins appeared one after another.

Other than Pride and Sloth, the rest of the cardinal sins threw themselves at the radiance without a second thought.

Greed, Envy, Lust, and Wrath acted completely out of instinct, they couldn't control themselves, so any slight temptation would cause them to go wild.

But Gluttony was different!

It had completely merged with its instinct which meant, in Gluttony's eye, nothing was non-edible.

It wouldn't care about others as all it wanted was to… eat!

So when Glutton appeared, he opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out and tried to lick the materialized radiance.

The radiance was as firm as Mt. Tai under the attack from the four cardinal sins, it even crushed Greed, Envy, Lust, and Wrath into dust and yet when Gluttony charged towards it, the radiance showed a little delay. The little slight window of delay gave Gluttony the chance.

It licked the radiance!

The moment his tongue touched the radiance, the radiance shivered as though it was being violated and it continued trembling.

Gluttony didn't attack further, he stood there, looking satisfied with the taste as though he had eaten some exotic delicacy.

Pride who was standing further away didn't even care what happened, more precisely, he didn't care about the life and death of other cardinal sins.

Sloth was different, he was paying attention at the battle with half-closed eyes.

When the satisfaction, savoring look appeared on Gluttony's face, Sloth's half-closed eyes opened instantly.

"This fella, is he trying to…"

A thought came into Sloth's heart but before he verified it, the trembling radiance burst into sharp arrows and perforated Gluttony from top to bottom.

The scattered light arrows even went after Sloth and Pride.


Sloth grunted as he raised his hand at the arrows and instantaneously, the explosive light arrows which naked eyes couldn't even see slowed down to a snail's pace.

Then, it slowly vanished into the air.

While Pride who didn't care grunted coldly at the attack as well.


The explosive light was like eggs thrown at an iron wall, shattering into pieces.

The box, on the other hand, lost the support from the radiance and it shut itself up after a "pak".

Devil Kieran reverted to his human form and quickly locked the box.

He didn't know what was in the box but he knew how dangerous it was. The aura alone was enough to strike fear in his heart and the remaining radiance could even match his Devil Form power.

"What is inside?"

After further Speculation, Kieran took another glance at the box before instinctively trying to put it into his backpack.

What place was safer than his game lobby?


In his game lobby, Kieran believed he would get the advantage and the initiative against the box.

However, when Kieran hugged the box, he frowned hard.


It was so heavy that it went out of his expectations!

Even his current SS+ Strength couldn't move it at all.

After multiple attempts, he temporarily gave up.

According to the system rules, the things that he couldn't move could not be brought out of the dungeon, despite still having an extra 3 Golden Attribute Points he gained from Tanya's light.

However, aside from his plan of "raising Spirit to its maximum in a short period", there was also the unknown factor of whether he could move the box if he raised his Strength from SS+ to SSS+ with the Golden Attribute Points.

Given the circumstances, Kieran didn't act recklessly.

Watching Kieran and his expected decision, Sloth shrugged uninterestedly.

Pride, however, showed a slight sense of praise.

Nothing and no one would never catch Pride's attention, except for Kieran.

However, his attitude had destined that he would never express his emotions, even the praise appeared only in a flash.

Of course, Sloth caught a glimpse of the expression but he was too lazy to care. It was too troublesome.

Therefore, when both of them received the sign to return from Kieran, Sloth didn't even resist and went back to slumber.

Pride wouldn't resist either, Kieran's difference had determined how Pride would respond and decide.

The cardinal sins vanished one after another, leaving Kieran alone in the vault.

After another glance at the box, Kieran turned around and left.

Staying in the vault wouldn't do him any good, might as well go back and settle some unfinished business. Kieran didn't have time to sink into melancholy without a solid reason.

"Frosty, guard the place."

With an order from Kieran, the Frost Wolf pup who had been following beside Kieran quickly stood at the vault's door.

Perhaps Frost Wolf pup's power might not be sufficient but other than the puppy, Kieran had no better options at the moment.

The high demon Bloody Mary also joined guard duty shortly after just in case.

After leaving the two behind, Kieran went back to the side hall in the temple.

He saw an interested Tanya and Ren whose face was twitching non-stop.

"Your Majesty!"

When Ren saw Kieran, he felt like he saw his life's savior, he stood up and ran to Kieran for a salute.

He had enough of the divination games.

What drawing lots?

What crystal balls?

What tarot cards?

To hell with all those!

He swore for the rest of his life… no, even his next life, he will never touch those things again.

After all, her Majesty had foreseen the rest of his remaining life, she even started to foresee the destiny after Ren reincarnated in the next life.

According to Tanya, everything went downhill for Ren but it was her own words, he wanted to ignore it but he couldn't turn away from what she said.

He knew the outcome would not be good and yet he had to wait for them to arrive.

The feeling…

Was the worst!

After seeing a conflicted Ren, Kieran smiled at Tanya.

Tanya reacted with a sweet smile before being very cooperative by going out.

"Ren, remember what I told you yo. Your destiny!"

Before Tanya walked out of the side hall, she didn't forget her reminder to the Fiend Exorcist.

Ren's face twitched again.

Thank you for your reminder, I'll never forget it for the rest of my life, I suppose.

His heart was criticizing but it didn't stop his body from saluting and seeing her off.

"Rather than being conflicted at destiny, might as well change it," Kieran said calmly.

He never believed in things like fate and destiny nor would he submit to them.

In the past, the present or in the future, it would be the same.

"Change of fate?"

Ren bitterly smiled and didn't follow up.

His position rendered him speechless.

He didn't have the qualifications to agree, or the status to disagree.

Similar to now, he didn't even dare to take the initiative to discuss the promise Kieran made with him, all he could do was wait for Kieran to speak.

Fortunately, Kieran wasn't a varlet, a big surprise was waiting for Ren.
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