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The blood tainted glass was held by a long hand.

The owner of the hand didn't mind the blood on the glass at all, he drank all of it and even licked his lips to savor the last bit as if he was trying to recall the bitterness of the wine.

However, the moment was broken soon by a formless blade slicing through the glass.


The glass was cut in half neatly.

The person who held the glass didn't escape as well but despite the fearful cut, the person didn't care at all.

Or in other words, he didn't care about his body at all, what he cared more was the glass with the unique wine fragrance and now, it was sliced in half.

The fragrance floated in the air and was soon overpowered by the bloody stench.

"Do you know what you've done?" 

Amidst the heavy growling, Gluttony was looking at the God ferociously, as if he was going to eat him.

"Bird of Death?"

"Disappointing. I originally prepared a lot for this but it seems that I won't be needing it."

The God who controlled everything behind the scenes finally saw the target he had to eliminate for his plan, hence he couldn't hold back his cold laughter.

Then, he waved his hand!

The formless air blades appeared again.

It was quicker and more plentiful than before!

The sharp blades flew past their targets.

This time, the target wasn't spared and was cut into a dozen chunks of meat.

But, there was no blood that came out, nor life force which should be slipping away.

What the sliced body had was the most cardinal evil.

Two more bodies then took form and reappeared.

"You dared destroy my things!?" Wrath roared.

"Why did he come out first and not me!?" Envy roared.

The opponent that the God just killed was like the legendary Hydra—cut off one head and two more would replace it. It surprised the God slightly but he quickly curled his lips.

The God never believed in any kind of legendary Hydra, nor would he believe Kieran had similar powers.

"Pretentious!" said the God arrogantly.

The formless blade shone again, Wrath and Envy fell after the blades sliced and diced them.

However, Greed, Sloth, Lust, and Pride slowly took form from the remains of the body.

"Mine! Everything is mine!" Greed laughed loudly.

"S-Sleepy," Sloth mumbled with his eyes closed.

"Not bad, not bad."

Lust saw the God in front of him and eagerly loosen up his collar. 

The God's eye twitched at Lust, what exactly did he see?

Damn it!


"You little…"


Before the God voiced out his anger, he was interrupted by a cold term. Pride was looking down at the God with utmost arrogance and contempt for his existence.

"What did you say?"

The God's face turned gloomy, the blade-like aura around him started to show as if he was an agitated hedgehog—sharp and dangerous.

Pride looked at how agitated the God was, the arrogance in his eyes didn't decrease one bit, instead, the prideful expression on his face got denser, he said, "A loser that barks."

Rage spewed out from the God's heart as it went out of control.

The God who should be high on top was looked down on with contempt?

The huge difference in treatment caused the God to not hold back anymore.


The God's sharp aura materialized a moment later.

Hundreds of translucent longswords appeared out of the void and gathered around the God.

A moment later…

Sou Sou Sou Sou Sou Sou!

Hundreds of longswords were fired at Pride and the other cardinal sins.

Unlike the forces from the mortal realm, the longswords sliced Greed, Sloth, and Lust's body wantonly and almost instantaneously, the three cardinal sins were filled with cuts and holes.

However, Pride easily dodged the swords.

He didn't just dodge them, he counterattacked!

Dark flames burned in Pride's hand and they were transformed into a…Greatsword, a black, dark mattered greatsword with a bewitching presence.

With a suffocating wind, the greatsword was swung viciously towards the God's face.

The counterattack enraged the God even further.

The wrath in his heart was like a wild vicious beast biting away at his sanity.

The calmness followed by logic crumbled in an instant and vanished without a sign, all that was left was recklessness.


"You WILL die a graveless death!"

The God boomed, hundreds of translucent longswords were thrown towards Pride like gushing water from a geyser.

Pride laughed, the very calm yet arrogant kind of laugh.

He lifted the black greatsword in his hand and performed a vicious slash like Kieran.


The flying longswords were smashed away by the greatsword.




With a single slash, all will be destroyed by devastating force!

With a single slash, all will be looked down on with contempt!

The torrential waves of a hundred swords were like the rising tide crashing onto a big rock, other than causing a splash, they would move away but the sword wasn't as soft as water.

All of the swords were crushed to bits and the broken swords were brought into the blast pressure by the violent wind from the greatsword as if a black sea monster was devouring small fish in the sea.

Then, the monster, with an insatiable hunger, threw itself at the God!

"How is this possible?!"

"How is this possible?!"

"How did you reach this level?"

The rage was awoken by the assaulting killing intent but it wasn't replaced by calmness, instead, envy and greed took its place.

The God looked at Pride without the intention of moving or dodging.

His body then started to undergo some changes as a metallic luster appeared all over him.

He stood there like an unsheathed sword.


The glaring longsword and the black greatsword clashed.

There wasn't a hard clunking sound though before upon contact, the glaring longsword turned into a sticky liquid form and wrapped around the black greatsword.

"It's mine now!"

The God's voice came from the unknown liquid and through an unknown way, it started to devour the black greatsword.

Pride raised a puzzled brow, his eyes showed a dash of disgust.

Instantaneously, the black greatsword reverted back into its flame form.


The black flame burned fiercely, the unknown liquid was rapidly boiled and began to evaporate.

Pain stimulated the mad God. When he wanted to escape out of instinct, he realized all four of his limbs were seized by Birds of Death with a hungry, anger, jealous, and greedy face respectively.

"What the hell happened?"

"How is this happening?" The God questioned himself but no answer would come.

The cardinal sins were dividing the food that was hard to come by but not all of them joined the fray.

Sloth was lazily leaning on a chair and looking in a further direction.

Pride stood there with a scowling face.

"A little more."

"It's not the same."

"Still not the same." 

Pride muttered to himself.

While he muttered to himself, at a farther point—


A scorching sulphuric aura blasted to the sky.

The Devil's mirage was roaring at the moon under the night sky.

The battle wasn't over.
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