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Kieran's target had always been the God behind Scotdery.

From the moment of his early arrival in Forest City to observe the situation from the dark, his target had been set since the very beginning.

Using the differences in time and borrowing the vision of Fire Raven, Kieran might not be able to capture every meticulous detail in Forest City under his eyes but he still managed to pay attention to a certain important point.

First: Hayden Ow's assistant Fergus.

Second: Scotdery whom Fergus met before.

Third: Neil, the archpriest who connected everything together.

Searching for truth amidst chaos was undoubtedly difficult but once an inkling was held onto, everything would eventually become easier.


All Kieran had to do was wait.

Of course, before that—


A chop from his hand knocked out the shoemaker.

Kieran didn't kill him because the shoemaker still had his uses.

"You are just a traitor who forsook principles for the sake of benefits. Now, I'll need to give you enough benefits to make you turn—what else is more tempting than becoming a God?"

"Didn't you people come for this?"

Kieran said softly.


Forest City, the temple.

The evening feast started.

This welcoming feast gathered all the big shots of Forest City.

There was no need for an invitation though, they knew what they should do and how they should act before the new God of the city.

Morden whose face was still suffering a bruise was wearing a festive suit while standing at the entrance of the temple, acting as an attendant in welcoming the guests.

He would welcome every one of the guests with a smile and despite the bruises making his smile look funny, no one dared to laugh at him.

The guests heard of Hermair's ending and no one wanted to be next.

After welcoming another guest into the temple, Morden strode over to Hayden Ow who was also welcoming the guests.

He said, "My lord, all of the guests from my side are here."

Unlike the surface level humble and polite that he showed the guests, Morden was truly humble before Hayden Ow.

Morden even considered himself as inferior before the branch manager because he knew how far their identities differed. Even though Morden was finally under the New God's command, his status was still quite far away from Hayden Ow.

It wasn't determined by strength or time but destined from the start and if Morden wanted to shorten the distance, he didn't just need to show his capabilities, he would need the push of luck as well.

As for before this, wagging his tail in front of the powerful was the true path for him.

Hayden Ow saw the humble-looking Morden, his eyes were showing a sense of disgust.

The branch manager knew exactly what Morden was scheming. 

If it was possible, he didn't mind kicking the clown away, unfortunately…

It wasn't his decision to make.

Whenever he thought about the order the owner of the city gave him, Hayden Ow couldn't help but take in a deep breath. He tried his best in being patient and said, "I still have two more guests who haven't arrive."

"Do you need any help?" Morden quickly asked.

"No need, just do whatever His Majesty asks of you."

Hayden Ow's disgust in his eyes got more obvious as he shook his head, rejecting the offer.

"Very well."

Morden didn't seem to notice the disgust, he was still being humble and polite and didn't forget to bow before leaving.

"Honey-mouthed and dagger-hearted bastard, he never stops changing like a weathercock." Hayden Ow said softly.

"But you have to admit these kinds of people usually do pretty well mixing around, with people or with fiends," a sudden voice was heard beside him.

"Lord Ren?!"

Hayden Ow turned around and was surprised by the arrival of the Fiend Exorcist and Huntsman Ditko.

"You've finally arrived! His Majesty has been waiting for you!" Hayden Ow said with excitement.

Of course, he has reasons to be excited.

Under His Majesty's "persistence", the new representative sent by Funeral Society was kicked out of the temple, so all they could do was wait for Ren's arrival.

'I made the deal with Ren, so let Ren come here and continue the work.'

'As for others?'

'I don't know them.'

Funeral Society was rendered speechless by Kieran's words and it was natural that the majority were angered but dared not say anything.

However, some of the old-fashioned, stubborn minority agreed to Kieran's words exceptionally, they thought his words were very correct.

"Is Mou all right?" Ren asked with a bitter smile.

As one of the Fiend Exorcists of the society, he knew very well how his colleague would react to such comments judging from their temper, if it didn't come from His Majesty, a war might have broken out.

In fact, the rest of the Fiend Exorcists weren't exactly good-tempered either, Mou was the best amongst them, otherwise, he wouldn't have been elected as a representative to discuss the future collaboration with His Majesty.

Even for Ren himself, he admitted he had some personality flaws.

"Lord Mou took it calmly, he didn't offend His Majesty at all," Hayden Ow reported honestly.

Obviously, Hayden Ow automatically omitted the part where Mou returned to his room and smashed a box of instant noodles.

"Good," Ren heaved a sigh of relief. 

He was really worried his colleague might cause some unwanted trouble.

Since Ren dealt with Kieran before, he had quite the understanding of Kieran's personality.

He might seem calm but he was extremely persistent.

A person like him would be fine when he wasn't angry but once angered, nothing would be spared.

The Fiend Exorcist who thought he knew a great deal about Kieran signaled his subordinates to enter the temple while his mind was preparing, simulating the upcoming conversation, what kind of questions would be asked and what he should answer.

However, to Ren's surprise, he was led to the side in the inner hall of the temple where he saw Tanya playing with a draw tube. Ren's eye twitched a little, he has a bad feeling about this.

"Hi, may I know where His Majesty is?"

Suppressing the bad feeling in his heart, Ren asked without losing his politeness.

"2567 told me to welcome you."

"Oh right, you must address me as Majesty as well!"

"2567 said he is sharing the temple with me," Tanya said with a serious tone.

However, her youthful face and petite body made the words sound like they were without substance, it could even be considered as outrageous.

Ren didn't laugh because he felt something different about Tanya.

She shared a similar aura with the Gods, yet was much weaker.

What is this?

Puzzled, Ren didn't stop and saluted at Tanya respectfully.

"Your Majesty!" said Ren.

"Em, em." 

"Draw a stick at your, let us see how is your fate… Oh, no, this is how should we work together in the future," Tanya nodded repeatedly and said happily.


Ren looked up from his salutation and looked at Tanya in shock.

The moment he laid eyes on her, he knew she wasn't reliable but he didn't think it will be to this extent.


"I am not used to drawing divination sticks!"

"Then shall we use the crystal ball? I am quite skilled with this!"

The sh*tty crystal gazer pulled out a crystal ball from under the tea table while praising herself.

As she touched the crystal ball, Tanya's face automatically showed a wide smile together with her dimples, her body was excited as she was eager to try.

"You're not joking right?"

Ren looked at Tanya for a long while before reacting to the scene.

"Do you think I am joking?"

Tanya pouted her lips and puffed up her face, acting angry.

"No, no."

"What should I do then?"

Ren waved his hands quickly, he scanned the surroundings and hoped to find Kieran's figure.

As for Tanya?

Ren purely took it as a farce.

However, even if it really was a farce, it was a God's farce.

He had to play along with it.

"Think about what concerns you in your heart, then place your hand on the crystal ball!" said Tanya.

When she saw Ren place his hand on the crystal ball as ordered, Tanya heaved a long sigh of relieve in her heart.

"It's not that hard, right?!"

"I'll be able to carry out what 2567 told me to!"
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