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Golden radiance gushed out from Tanya while it enveloped and dyed its surroundings including Kieran, Fire Raven, and Frost Wolf.


It felt like Kieran was soaking himself in a hot spring.

Tranquility from the deepest part of his soul was spreading in Kieran's heart.

Fire Raven slightly squinted its sharp eyes as if it was falling asleep while Frost Wolf was already snoring softly.

Kieran really wanted to take off his mantle, armor, and throw away his weapons in his backpack, he just wanted to lie down on the floor and didn't want to think about anything else.

But his extreme rationality told him it wasn't time to relax.


After a deep breath, Dawn Force, Plague Force, Cardinal Sins Force, Devil Force, and Saint Thorn Force in his body operated in unison.

Kieran was instantly woken up from the relaxed state but the system notifications that followed widened his eyes like never before.

[Absorbed special ruled energy, insufficient amount, unable to convert…]

[Absorbed special ruled energy, insufficient amount, unable to convert…]

[Absorbed special ruled energy, insufficient amount, unable to convert…]

[Absorbed special ruled energy, converting into 1 Golden Attribute Point…]


"Golden Attribute Point!?"

Kieran was stunned on the spot.

Almost out of instinct, Kieran turned his eyes to Tanya who was already intoxicated in her own completely relaxed state.

Tanya fell into a weird state similar to a deep slumber or trance.

She would smile or sleep talk from time to time but her relaxed, joyous expression didn't change.

Obviously, the thing that happened before her wasn't her own doing despite having reached a transcendent state.

"It wasn't actively triggered but passively instead? How is this triggered then?" Kieran wondered.

His Intuition was spreading outwards trying to sense something.

It was the second instinct that he trained through countless long battles.

His second instinct became exceptionally powerful through countless grinding and perhaps it wasn't stated clearly in his character tab but it was useful enough.

Soon, Kieran realized something different.

The ground! 

The underground of Forest City!

An energy which should be a stranger to him yet he felt extremely familiar at this moment was gathered by Tanya and entered his body through her, hence converting into Golden Attribute Points.

"Earth veins nodes? The city and its God supported each other but I am a slayer, I shouldn't have such a "buff". More so, this isn't just purely buff anymore and Tanya who got a "share" of the power from me should react the same as me also but this?"

Kieran drew a conclusion after slightly differentiating the energy.

The conclusion however confused Kieran even more but the special conversion didn't stop because of his puzzled thoughts.

After two more bonus Golden Attribute Points, the golden brilliance slightly dimmed down.

Following the dimming golden brilliance, Fire Raven opened its sharp eyes again and Frost Wolf pup woke up from its nap.

Both of them were enlivened, their presence became sharper as they moved.

"They gained benefits as well?"

Kieran looked at Tanya after another guess.

Tanya too slowly woke up under Kieran's gaze.

Her face changed from her curled up a smile to a full face of blushes in less than a second.

"M-my, knight, even if you look… look at me like this, I won't give you further rewards."

"I-I...Have… a myriad of… Knights..."

Tanya was stuttering hard but before she finished, Kieran put his hand over her hand.

Instantaneously, Tanya was lost for words and was robbed of the ability to speak.

Her mind was empty as she stood there, dumbstruck.

"You kept saying those weird things because you are nervous and shy?"

"You don't need to be, you don't need to feel nervous anymore now with your current status."

"Instead, they should be nervous when they see you," Kieran said softly.

Tanya heard it but she couldn't react.

She couldn't see the guard's eyes overflowing with frantic gaze outside the golden radiance.

She couldn't see the people's unconceivable eyes outside the sunlight which was less than 2 square meters.

She couldn't see her peer's awestruck expression back at the car further away also.

Of course, even if she could, she didn't miss anything.

She couldn't help but tiptoe, pushing her head against the hand and feel the warmth.

The warmth was something that she longed for… 

Family, or…

Something higher than family.

"Hold my hand tight," Kieran said.

"Ah? Oh, oh!"

Tanya jolted for a while before reacting to what Kieran said.

As the warmth of Kieran's palm left her head, she was lost at first but soon, the warmth reached her palm instead and it made her feel a warm feeling again.

It's great!

It's great to have this moment!

I want to always remember this moment!


For eternity!

Tanya's ears were echoing with the wind's whistles, she felt her body moving forward rapidly.

However, she didn't care where she would end up, all she did was look at Kieran.

Kieran, on the other hand, looked forward in a steadfast and dauntless manner.


The golden radiance was shot directly into the temple.

The people stationed around the place didn't reach the scene even after a while, including the old monk, the inspector, and the half-fiend in the car.

"What the hell happened?"

After a long while, Kana finally reacted to the situation and asked.

"I don't know but I feel like I've seen God," the inspector said with a bitter smile.


He saw God!

The golden radiance plus the holistic, inviolable presence and the almighty power that triumphed overall, it would create a confusion making people believe that they saw God.

As a matter of fact, everyone in Forest City shared the same thought.

Back in the day, the rumors that spread in the city together with the scene that happened was enough to cause an effect of qualitative change.

"Divine miracle!"

"It's a divine miracle!"

The people were chanting loudly as the knelt on the ground, praying in a devoted manner.

They were never as devoted as they were now.

They repented of their sins, they prayed for their well-being.

They… were willing to follow the footsteps of God.


"This is God!"

The old monk looked up and gazed the direction of the temple with his turbid eyes, his thoughts were wandering away.

The old monk obviously thought about a lot, to the point that he couldn't handle it and couldn't stay calm.

Hayden Ow felt the same way as well but unlike the old monk, he knew what he must do as his mind was clear.

"I must deliver the news to His Majesty!"

As the thought lingered in his mind, Hayden Ow strode into the temple.

Further away in a shadowy spot, a figure was anxious and restless at the scene.

"How is this possible?"

"How come?"

"This can't wait any longer!"

The figure clenched his teeth and merged into the shadow completely.
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