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"Forest City."

Kieran was speaking calmly but Ren was shaken.

Since he had some understanding of Kieran before, he instantly came up with a thought.

Ren started to look at Kieran with anxious and doubtful gaze, he tried to open his mouth to ask multiple times but when the words arrived at his mouth, they couldn't come out.

"Just like what you're thinking, I'll go take over Forest City but I won't manage it. Although I have a manager for that, I still need a representative—no matter individual or organization."

Kieran was still as calm as always but Ren's breath was hurried countless times over.

A representative of a city! 

Even if they wouldn't be the sole party, it was enough for him and the entire Funeral Society to fight for it with their best effort.

One needed to know such a representative wasn't like the branch offices Funeral Society had in over a hundred cities, those were similar to renting a room to stay where they had to be careful in observing the owner's emotion. Other than that, they had to be anxious about some secretive matters as well because it will directly affect the owner.

Why was Rassho Temple so special?

Wasn't it because Rassho Temple was independent and acted on its own accord?

If Funeral Society had the same…

The possible situation appeared in Ren's heart, it made him restless but he didn't lose his head over it.

"Is it what I think it is? The representative you mentioned, like Rassho Temple?" Ren asked again to confirm.

"Mhmm. Like Rassho Temple, on top of that, I can give you all more freedom than Rassho Temple. As long as you don't cross my bottom line, I won't ask too much," Kieran nodded and added more details.

"What do you need us to do?" Ren couldn't hold it anymore after Kieran explained slightly.

However, he knew there was no free lunch in any part of the world.

If Kieran could offer such a scrumptious condition, it was natural that Ren and Funeral Society had to pay a sufficient amount of cost, or in order words, present themselves with sufficient value.

"I want everything regarding Forest City! I want everything to be in place, being where they should be before I arrive!"

"Even the grasses and the trees, all will be mine. Anyone who dares touch my things, I'll let them know what the price to pay is!" Kieran emphasized each and every word.

Despite before Kieran even stated his condition, Ren knew the things Kieran wanted wouldn't be easy. However, after Kieran made it clear, Ren realized it was much harder than he expected.

But whenever he thought about having his own turf, Ren clenched his teeth hard.

"Very well, I promise you! I'll make the necessary arrangements!"

Ren then quickly picked up the office phone and dialed non-stop.

Kieran sat on the sofa and watched Ren get busy. His right fingers were tapping on the handle, producing a rhythmic sound.

Tak, Tak Tak.

Kieran shut his eyes in deep thought. He knew his journey to Forest City wouldn't be easy.

Destruction was always easy.

, however, was always harder, similar to how he was now.

During battles, Kieran was very good at deceiving his foes and fighting them to death, but he knew deeply he couldn't manage a whole city.

In fact, let alone a city, he didn't even have the confidence to manage a hundred-man organization.

He knew what his expertise was and he was never an idiot who tried to hit other specialties with a brick.

Therefore a real manager was needed, Funeral Society!

The organization naturally entered Kieran's sight since he had contact with them before and knew it quite well.

Funeral Society was running on a half private, half government basis, its influence spread over a hundred cities, thus stating how suitable such an organization was to be his representative.

Of course, the conditions Kieran offered were real as well.

He wasn't an idler that would ask someone to put in the effort before he knew how to appreciate the hard work. 

Kieran always chose to ignore those who would appreciate after hard work was poured in.

He didn't have the time to waste on such people.

Since the beginning, Kieran was hoping that Funeral Society could stop his "bleeding".

He knew what would happen to the city when the news about the God of Forest City "falling" returned. 

It was an understatement to say it would fall into chaos.

Kieran never dared be careless about special events.

Even more so when he thought about the precious treasures of the God of Forest City. Amidst such massive chaos, the treasures would surely suffer great losses from plundering and despite it has not yet happened, the thought of it made Kieran encounter difficulties breathing.

If it really happened, it would be like the end of the world for Kieran.

So, despite Kieran really wanting to be in Forest City this instant, he was still patiently waiting for Ren's answer.

Seconds turned into minutes.

When Ren hung up the office phone, his face was filled with sweat.

Half of it was exhaustion, half of it was excitement.

The Fiend Exorcist knew after today, Funeral Society would not be the same anymore.

"Everything has been arranged. You do not have to worry!"

"Do you need us to prepare a car for you to Forest City?" Ren asked.

"No need, I travel faster alone." Kieran shook his head.

Ren didn't argue with Kieran in terms of traveling.

Although technology was on the rise, the mystical realm hadn't reached its end.

The existence of Gods had far surpassed the common knowledge of men, the same went for those who could slay a God.

Anything absurd that happened regarding Kieran was normal in Ren's eyes.

"Godspeed," Ren bowed respectfully.

When Ren straightened his body, Kieran was no longer on the sofa, leaving only a phrase that was carried in by the wind.

"I'm looking forward to your performance."

"Please do not worry, I won't let you down!"

Even though Kieran was already away, Ren still replied with a bow.

When he straightened his back again, Ditko pushed open the office door and came in without a second thought.

"My lord."

As Ditko spoke, he was sizing up the office.

Obviously, he was looking for whether Kieran was still around but Ren didn't spare him the window to do so.

"Ditko, gather all the men. We are heading to Forest City."

"3 minutes! 3 minutes later, I want to see a fully prepared fleet downstairs!" Ren spoke quickly.

"Yes, my lord!"

Ditko didn't know what happened but he knew he had orders to carry out and whom to listen to.

After replying loudly, Ditko moved out swiftly and Ren also moved downstairs.

When he reached the entrance of the stairs, the sun was already up but the scene was like the rosy dawn.

It was red, like rumbling blood.

But it looked more like… Blazing flames.


Ren took in a breath uncontrollably as he looked at the rosy dawn on the horizon.

He mumbled, "Even if it will be strewn with dead and filled with corpses, we have to fight!"

"For… Freedom!"
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