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Slay a God to become a God.

Inside [City of Fiends], the rule was made known to the public following Perforation Sting's name but no one knew the exact details to ascend to divine status were.

Kieran didn't know either but it didn't stop him from speculating and experimenting.

The radiance transformed into the purest and unique energy, it entered Kieran's body and lit up the mystical runes hidden all over his body. It was consuming the relentless, boundless chaos and darkness like snow melting under the sun.

That wasn't the end! The radiance even transformed into a rapid light and was fired towards the chaos and darkness in Kieran's brain, but…

Unlike the rapidly vanishing chaos and darkness all over his body, those inside his brain were deeper and denser. The moment the rapid light reached the brain, it disappeared without a sign as though it never existed.

Despite being prepared, when he "saw" the scene himself, he still frowned.

"It's harder than I expected."


While muttering to himself, Kieran realized the radiance from the God of Forest City after his death started to vanish as well.

It wasn't depleted by any means but the remaining radiance turned into a stream of light energy and fused with the sunlight before flowing farther away.

Kieran instinctively followed the flowing light energy when he saw where it was headed.


Rassho Temple.

Tanya was looking at the crystal ball in front of her with a serious face.

Her eyes which were enhanced by contact lenses looked extra big and round through the crystal ball's cover.

She started to move her gaze up and down and her eyes together with her face started to distort because of the reflection of light.

Her features were twisted, rounded as she moved and even her serious face turned into a smile.

Kana who was beside her with her arms crossed saw Tanya and her little movements, she couldn't help but cover her forehead in frustration.

She really didn't know how naive and stupid Tanya's brain was for her to become a human being and how could a person like her catch the attention of the elder.

"The elder must be getting old, his eyes are getting blurry and his mind is getting useless!"

Kana couldn't help but criticize in her heart when she remembered the elder telling her to take good care of Tanya.

If it was possible, she would rather stay beside Jen.

Although her other good friend was also dull and in a daze almost every second of the day, she was much acceptable than Tanya.

"Ignorant peasant!"

"Kneel before your queen!"

"My myriad of armies will soon arrive from the M78 Nebula!"


"Seeing how sincere you are, I guess I'll lend you a head!"


"Where is my knight?"

"Where are you?"

"The wait for you is torturing."


Tanya was playing multiple characters alone while submerged in her own world. 

Her heavy eighth-grade syndrome caused Kana's mouth to twitch.

Kana instinctively wanted to walk away from Tanya but her little move obviously captured the fantasizing princess' attention.

"Target found: the evil lady from Bald Planet!"

"Ready the First Class Human Rail Cannon's firing sequence…"


The hot-tempered half-fiend presented a chop on Tanya's forehead and instantly, the half-assed 

Crystal gazer held her forehead while squatting down in pain.

The chop quickly knocked Tanya out of her fantasy and brought her back to reality.

"Sorry! Pardon me! I didn't mean it!"

Since she knew she couldn't challenge Kana, Tanya quickly apologized but similar to the previous times, she was apologizing while drawing circles on the floor.

"You are praying for 2567 again?"

"If you have the time to do that, I suggest you should spend more time in practicing the combat techniques I thought you—at least you won't become a burden to everyone else," Kana frowned.

"I am not a burden! I am helping 2567 with my best efforts!" Tanya looked up and argued.

"By poking voodoo dolls?" Kana laughed coldly.

"That is my heirloom treasure! Mother said it is to be used to help the one most important to me! Mother would never lie to Tanya!" Tanya said in a serious tone.

When she mentioned her mother, Tanya's youthful face shown a never before seen expression and when Kana noticed it, she opened her mouth slightly but in the end, she didn't argue further.

"As you wish then."

Kana was about to leave after leaving the word behind but before she moved her leg, a jade colored bird flew into the room and landed on her shoulder. The bird was chirping beside Kana as if it was speaking to her.

Kana was quickly taken aback by the chirps followed by an unbelievable cry of shock.

"What did you say?"

"2567 successfully slew the God of Forest City despite being ambushed?"

"How is this possible?"

"Even if the God of Forest City left his city and couldn't bring out his full power, he shouldn't be struck down by a mortal…"

The cry of shock from Kana didn't enter Tanya's ears anymore, all she heard was that 2567 had slain a God.

A joyful cheer later, the half-assed crystal gazer jumped up.

"As expected of my knight!"

"A knight who slew a God is a true knight!"

"The God of Forest City indeed had a relation with Perforation Sting, my methods were correct all along!"

"They are all evil bastards!"

Tanya took out the broken, beaten straw doll from her pocket. 

The piece of paper that had "Perforation Sting" written on it was poked into the straw doll with a silver needle and following her actions, a corner of the paper was lifted up.

The God of Forest City was written on it as well! Two names were written on the paper!

Aside from the voodoo doll not seeming to be a form of curse which was widely known by the public, even if the curse was real, how could two Gods fall to the curse?

More so, 2567 had succeeded in slaying a God, he will surely become a new God himself!

Kana couldn't help but breathe deeply when she thought about Kieran. 

She looked at Tanya who was presenting the straw doll in front of her like her valued treasure with a heavy heart. 

Some words couldn't escape her mouth because it will be too cruel but she had too, it was related to the stupid Tanya's life.


"Remember! From now on, you can't address 2567 as your knight anymore or other types of bullsh*t! He has slain a God and will eventually become a new God!"

"Gods are not to be insulted or diminish, despite not being a complete one."

Kana was looking at Tanya seriously. The crystal gazer jolted for a while and showed sadness on her face under Kana's gaze but soon, it vanished without a sign.

"As long as 2567 won, it will be all good! He will surely become a great God!" She cheered again.

Kana couldn't hold back her sigh when she saw Tanya jumping around in the room.

"What the hell am I being nervous for? You naive, stupid girl, how can you feel sadness? I must be blind!" Kana swiftly shook her head and continued her serious reminder.

"And you can't call 2567 by his name anymore, you must address him as Majesty."

Tanya who was jumping froze.

"Not even the name? I must call him His Majesty?" Tanya looked at Kana when she asked.

At that moment, Kana realized Tanya's eyes were already filled with tears.

Kana was stunned by the sudden tears.

"Well… You must call him His Majesty in public but you still can address him in his original name in private," Kana said quickly.

In Kana's point of view, Tanya had always been a cheerful girl and she would turn tears into a smile when she heard the answer. However, to her surprise, drops of tears rolled down Tanya's cheeks and fell to the floor.

"I want to call him by his name, 2567…"

"How can I do that?" asked Tanya in her tears.

"Unless… You become a God yourself, otherwise, it's not possible," Kana shook her head.

Kana was showing sadness on her face because she didn't think it was possible.

"Become a God, become a God…"

Tanya didn't care that much, she mumbled the term repeatedly as if she found her life goal before she suddenly clenched her fist.

"I want to become a God!"

"I want to call 2567 by his name!" 

The girl said like she was making a vow.


A pillar of light fell from the sky and entered her body.

She became a God.
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